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10 DIY Solar Ovens-Utilize Sun Energy To Cook Your Food

A DIY solar oven will allow you to capture the heat generated by the sun to cook food. A solar oven is eco-friendly, uses renewable energy as its heat source and does not cost you anything to use. You can have a hot, homemade meal wherever your off-grid adventure may lead. Fishing, camping, hunting or hiking, create an efficient and useful sun oven to take along with you for hot meal preparation.

  1. Pizza Box Solar Oven

Use this simple recycling idea to create a DIY solar oven from a used pizza box. The heat of the sun can be trapped inside the cardboard pizza box and used to heat food. This oven design costs virtually nothing to build.

Pizza Box Solar Oven

  1. Breadbox Design

This solar cooker design uses a simple breadbox design to create a large, efficient oven powered by the sun. There’s a box inside a box, along with a couple of other components, that will transfer heat and cook the food placed inside.

solar cooker design

  1. Big Box Oven

These instructions will show you how to build a homemade solar cooker that is capable of cooking a large quantity of food at once. Great for use on a family camping trip where there will be a lot of hungry mouths to feed at once.

homemade solar cooker

  1. Windshield Protector

Use this unique idea to transform a reflective windshield protector into a portable DIY solar cooker. Just one item can serve a dual purpose by protecting the interior of your car from the sun and harness the power of the sun to cook dinner for you.

DIY solar cooker

  1. Cheap Solar Oven

This solar oven design is attractive and highly functional. It’s also cheap to build. You can build this solar cooker for around $5 and it will last weeks (longer if it doesn’t get wet). This is a great design to use as a slow cooker for a family dinner when spending the day outdoors. Place prepared raw food inside solar oven in the morning, enjoy the day, return to the oven in the evening to find a hot and ready meal to feed your family.

Cheap Solar Oven

  1. Reflections

Learn how to build a solar oven with these detailed instructions. This oven is attractive and reflective inside and out and will cook food without using fossil food.  Low cost, high efficiency, great for off-grid living.

solar oven

  1. Hot-Box Oven

This hot-box solar oven is built from scrap lumber and created to reach a high internal temperature. When the need for high heat is needed, this homemade solar oven design is the one you need to build. Great for bread baking or oven roasting.

Hot-Box Oven

  1. Cardboard Box Oven

Hard to imagine how a cardboard box can be transformed into a cooking vessel, but these detailed instructions will show you how to do just that. This cardboard oven is made cheaply and quickly in 5 easy steps.

Cardboard Box Oven

  1. Box Cooker

Minimum effort, maximum cooking power. This simple box cooker is easy to build, cooks food efficiently and saves money on the utility bill. Great for use at home or anywhere an outdoor adventure may lead.

Box Cooker

  1. Woden Box Cooker

Build to last, these easy to follow instructions will show you how to build an inexpensive wooden box cooker that uses solar power to cook a variety of food. The wood construction of this solar oven ensures it will last for years and save you money on the utility bill.

Woden Box Cooker

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