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Tips and ideas to plant and grow your own food to get fresh vegetables and fruit from your backyard for self-sufficient living.

15 Different Types Of Pine Trees To Grow In Your Garden

different types of pine trees

Small pine trees make a great addition to your home garden and with so many different types of pine trees to select from there is one just right for your landscape. The small size of these trees makes them easy to maintain and their evergreen nature will provide living greenery …

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12 Homemade Bug Spray Recipes You Can Make Using Natural Ingredients

Homemade Bug Spray Recipes

When you make homemade bug spray you will know the exact ingredients that go into the product. There will be no fear of harmful chemicals that may cause illness to your children or pets, or cause damage to plants and/or furniture. The recipes for these homemade bug sprays contain natural …

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17 Popular Indoor Vine Plants That Are Easy To Care For

Indoor Vine Plants

Indoor vine plants make the inside of your home more attractive and healthier, plus they are easy to care for. A home that has house plants, especially indoor climbing plants, will look more lavish and expensive. Living plants help to purify the air and an indoor vine plant can extend …

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10 Low Light Outdoor Plants To Grow In Your Backyard

Low Light Outdoor Plants

Not everyone has a sunny backyard, and that’s an ideal location for low light outdoor plants. A shaded area can be transformed into a lush, green growing oasis if the right plants are selected. If you don’t have sunshine in your landscape all day, that’s not a problem. You can …

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20 Cool Indoor Hanging Plants You Will Love To Grow

indoor hanging plants

Indoor hanging plants are a great way to add living color to your home without taking up valuable surface space. Hanging house plants can be suspended in front of a window and used as living curtains, or suspended from the ceiling and used as room dividers. Brighten up a corner …

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15 Best Low Light Indoor Trees You Can Grow Easily

low light indoor plants

Low light indoor trees are ideal plants to grow inside spaces that receive very little natural light. Live greenery indoors adds a touch of warmth and beauty to an indoor room, plus the green leaves help to purify the air in the room. Large, empty corners of a room are …

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13 Homemade Mosquito Trap Ideas To Get Rid Of Mosquitos

Homemade Mosquito Trap

A homemade mosquito trap is an inexpensive and easy way to make outdoor summer activities more enjoyable. One of the main issues that keep people indoors during summertime is the abundance of mosquitoes. Not only are the tiny creatures annoying as they buzz around the head and face area, their …

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37 Cool Hanging Herb Garden Ideas To Grow Your Favorite Herbs Indoors

hanging herb garden

Hanging herb garden is the modern way to grow herbs all year long, they are essential in a home as you need a variety of herbs for your cooking, and also beautifies your home. Hanging herb gardens are simple to build. However, most persons are unable to do it, because …

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23 Popular Heirloom Tomatoes To Grow For Rich Taste And Diverse Colors

Heirloom Tomatoes

Heirloom seeds are the best way to preserve the flavor of history. Each one of us grew up with certain types of vegetables that we would like to enjoy as adults and pass down to our children. The simplest way to do that is to grow out own vegetable favorites …

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8 Homemade Wasp Traps To Get Rid Of Wasps

homemade wasp trap

The trend of homemade wasp trap is growing at a high pace in the recent times, as more and more people are opting to use them instead of buying a wasp trap. The homemade wasp trap can be highly effective in getting rid of the wasps, as you can simply …

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