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11 DIY PVC Greenhouse Plans You Can Build On A Small Budget

Greenhouses can be a great way to help gardeners gain some extra time at the beginning or end of the growing season. DIY PVC greenhouse design plans can range from very complex to extremely simple. My goal is to give the average gardener the ability to create a greenhouse design that is both inexpensive and easy to build on their own.

Simple greenhouse PVC frame designs that feature PVC pipe construction are lightweight, easy to assemble, and the supplies are easily found at any hardware store or big box store. There are many DIY PVC greenhouse plans that can be recreated by any gardeners. Cutting the PVC pipe can be done with a hand saw or a squeeze-type pipe cutter for fast and simple construction.

Here we have collected 11 DIY greenhouse plans featuring PVC pipe and plastic sheeting construction.

1- DIY Moveable PVC Greenhouse

Looking for a way to extend the growing season for your garden crops or starting the season early? Building a PVC greenhouse by Instructables that resembles a high tunnel like we have in this plan can be the solution you need to extend the life of your green house plants. This tutorial and video shows how to build a DIY PVC greenhouse.

This five foot by five foot DIY PVC greenhouse can be built for under $25. Using PVC plumbing parts and plastic sheeting, this greenhouse can be built in less than one day. This tutorial has a list of required supplies. PVC connections are secured using PVC primer and cement.

The small size of this moveable indoor greenhouse creates the ability to use it on the lawn, on the patio, to cover containers from nightly frost, etc. The plastic sheeting is inexpensive and easily purchased, making replacement if damaged a simple fix. Give this DIY PVC greenhouse a try and you will not be disappointed in the results.

DIY Moveable PVC Greenhouse
DIY PVC Greenhouse, Image via: Instructables

2- DIY Large Walk-in PVC Greenhouse

This twelve foot by thirty foot DIY PVC greenhouse by Ladylees Home would be a great option for many gardens. Everyone who owns a greenhouse will tell you that they should have made it bigger. This tutorial’s design was created for a farm but can be used in a yard as well.

The materials needed to construct this DIY walk-in PVC greenhouse come out to approximately $360. Prices can be reduced if you are using or recycling some of the supplies from other uses such as scrap wood and extra plumbing supplies. The base of the greenhouse is made of wood screwed together like a raised bed.

The PVC pipes are connected to rebar staked into the ground around the wood foundation frame. This tutorial tells an unfortunate detail about using PVC pipe and plastic sheeting in snowy weather. The weight of the snow can collapse the plastic sheeting. Plan to remedy this if it remains in use year-round.

DIY Large Walk-in PVC Greenhouse
DIY Large Walk-in PVC Greenhouse, Image via: Ladylees Home

3- DIY Raised Bed PVC Greenhouse

A raised bed greenhouse is a great option to use in place of a cold frame. Having a raised bed means that the ground may not freeze. The plastic on the frame can also heat the soil as well as provide a humid environment for water retention.

Here we have a video tutorial that goes through the benefits of using a PVC raised bed frame as a greenhouse by GNH Lumber. The best thing we like about this DIY PVC greenhouse frame is that you can make the plastic removable so that you can control the heat and avoid rain or snow destroying the plastic on the frame.

Building this DIY PVC greenhouse, the frame is built out of two foot sections that are connected. In the tutorial, it is explained that the sections are not glued together so that it can be easily deconstructed and stored when not in use.

DIY Raised Bed PVC Greenhouse
DIY Raised Bed PVC Greenhouse, Image via: GNH Lumber

4- DIY PVC Propagation Greenhouse

Constzucting a smaller, walk-in greenhouse with more permanent front and back panels is a good option. In this tutorial you will see additional resources including PVC greenhouse plans in pdf that they found while in the planning stage. This greenhouse tutorial by web.archive is aimed at helping gardeners start seeds earlier in the season for earlier harvests.

The low budget and smaller size of greenhouse is great for many DIY gardeners with room to grow. The supplies are readily available. In the tutorial they offer many considerations for the size of the plants, the weather (rain/snow), and the budget. This tutorial is very well thought out for other DIYers to follow.

The best thing  we like about this DIY PVC greenhouse is that it also utilizes crossbars that go across the PVC hoops. The addition of crossbars helps distribute the weight of water or snow and makes damage less of an issue. This tutorial also implements a system of ceiling braces to support the top of the greenhouse from collapsing in on itself.

DIY PVC Propagation Greenhouse
DIY PVC Propagation Greenhouse, Image via: web.archive

5- DIY High Tunnel PVC Greenhouse

This pvc greenhouse on youtube is constructed to cover garden beds as long as fifty feet in this in-depth walkthrough video tutorial. This tutorial explains why they went with a different PVC pipe material. The grey electrical PVC pipe is apparently more resistant to UV damage by the sun.

The hoops are made of 2.5-inch diameter PVC pipe. There are two sections of ten foot lengths connected at the top of the greenhouse to make twenty foot hoops. The larger hoops greenhouse allow for a taller design. This tutorial is loaded with a lot of good knowledge and information for the DIY gardener.

The standard plastic sheeting is supposed to last up to four years of use. One thing this tutorial shares is that the PVC can react to the plastic sheeting. There are many remedies to fix this issue, including painting and covering the PVC with duct tape where it touches the plastic sheeting.

6- DIY PVC Arch Greenhouse

This Youtube video tutorial is a quick guide to constructing a PVC greenhouse that is simple yet effective. The four minute tutorial shows all of the supplies needed and how to put them together to create a simple design. The tutorial comes as a kit but the design is easy to follow and the supplies can be found at any local hardware store.

The structure of the DIY PVC greenhouse on Youtube is built entirely with PVC pipe and PVC fittings making for a seamless and simple design. No worry about using wood on the ground or securing the hoops to stakes in the ground for added support. The tutorial is easy to follow and also comes with door frames built into the structure for added benefits.

The plastic sheeting can be secured to the PVC frame using snap clamps. This design is also light enough to be moved around and can be moved over garden beds. For securing the greenhouse so the wind is not able to move it, you can use rope tiedowns with stakes.

7- DIY PVC Greenhouse with Printed Plans

If you want a greenhouse design that is simple and provides easy written assembly instructions, we found this tutorial an awesome for you. This project features DIY PVC greenhouse plans by Pvc Plans in printable pdf format. Simply print the pdf version of the plans and take the supply list to the hardware store.

Different from other tutorials, this version uses smaller one and one-fourth inch diameter PVC pipe for construction. The smaller diameter pipe allows for more bendability in the construction. This printable pdf design features a door frame for access and reducing heat and humidity buildup in the sun.

DIY PVC Greenhouse with Printed Plans
PVC Greenhouse with Printed Plans, Image via: Pvc Plans

8- DIY Low Cost PVC Greenhouse

Creating a low cost greenhouse design that provides the effectiveness you need is what this tutorial provides DIY gardeners. The design of this greenhouse can withstand high winds and rain. This tutorial is designed to be used in many different parts of the world to enhance gardening and food crop growth.

The larger base foundation helps this DIY PVC greenhouse frame by Den Garden be sturdy and stand up to weather conditions. Cutting the PVC pipe material just needs a hack saw available at any local hardware store. The greenhouse tutorial instructs DIYers to secure the joints of PVC and use snap clamps.

The total cost of materials for this project will be about $250 which creates a fourteen by twenty foot greenhouse. This tutorial also uses electrical conduit PVC pipe for the low cost. This tutorial features a cost and estimated costs list for easy shopping and budgeting.

DIY Low Cost PVC Greenhouse
DIY Low Cost PVC Greenhouse, Image via: Den Garden

9- DIY Gable Greenhouse Design Plans

This tutorial differs from other greenhouse plans as it features more of a house design. A pitched roof makes rain and snow less likely to be able to collect on top of the plastic. Featuring the construction of a six foot by nine foot DIY PVC greenhouse design by Little Green House, there are many clear instructions to this design.

This written tutorial uses one-inch PVC pipe for construction of the gable design. The gable design also features a door. The website for this greenhouse design features several other greenhouse designs and kits with free printable plans for easy construction.

DIY Gable Greenhouse Design Plans
DIY Gable Greenhouse Design, Plans Image via: Little Green House

10- DIY Collapsible and Portable PVC Greenhouse Frame

Rejecting the notion of spending a lot of money on greenhouse kits, this tutorial aims to create an inexpensive option for the average gardener. This tutorial aims at getting to the basics of being a good option at the lowest cost possible. Going green should not mean adding more money to the budget.

The greenhouse plan design by Homemade Hints will only cost $35 to recreate on your own. It is best to use this design over the top of a raised bed, especially in colder climates. This greenhouse design attaches the PVC pipes with zip ties.

The greenhouse will also deter pests from infiltrating your garden plants. It holds up to weather well with its pitched roof design. It can be taken down simply by detaching the connections just like camping tent poles. Try this tutorial out for a simple and easy solution.

DIY Collapsible and Portable PVC Greenhouse Frame
Portable PVC Greenhouse Frame, Image via: Homemade Hints

11- DIY PVC Small and Simple Walk-in Greenhouse

This DIY PVC greenhouse on youtube features a five foot by five foot frame with five foot high walls and an even taller roof. The frame design features one inch PVC pipe construction. The plastic sheeting used is sold at the store as drop cloth for painting purposes.

Modifications to the PVC construction are simple and easy with a hand saw and additional joint connector pieces. The design is small and easy enough to pull apart and store away for winter months. Total cost of supplies for this greenhouse design is around $25.

With lumber prices being so high following the pandemic and home-building supplies at limited quantities, using PVC pipe from plumbing or electrical supplies is a great solution.

DIY PVC greenhouse designs are an inexpensive option for many gardeners to fix weather conditions that cut growing season short. The lightweight and low cost construction of PVC greenhouses can make these DIY greenhouses a simple and easy solution for any gardener.


Pvc greenhouses are light, easy to make and a low budget option for small gardeners. By building one of the above pvc greenhouse you can extend your growing season and start earlier before spring. We hope the above pvc greenhouses we have shared with you can help you in making your own custom design pvc greenhouse.

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