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12 Hoop House Plans to Enjoy Gardening Throughout Winter

Plans for building a hoop house can change the most difficult time of year for a gardener into an exciting time of year. Nothing grows naturally during the cold winter months, but with a little gardening know-how and a DIY hoop house, you can manipulate the seasons and grow fresh produce even when there’s snow on the ground.

Look over these photos and plans for building your own high tunnel greenhouse so you can extend the gardening season throughout winter.

1- Build 165 Square ft Hoop House Just Under 50$

Use this plan for building your own PVC hoop greenhouse for less than one dollar per square foot. Cheap, easy and enabling you to grow food and flowers all winter, this greenhouse is a winner.

Build 165 Square ft Hoop House Just Under 50$

2-Try This Winter Proof Hoop House(300 sq.ft)Under 300$

When a lot of indoor growing space is needed during the winter, but you live in a region that has high, blustering winter winds, try these plastic greenhouse plans. The design makes it windproof and perfect for year around garden use.

Try This Winter Proof Hoop House(300 sq.ft)Under 300$

3- Constructing A Simple PVC High Tunnel (30’ long by 18’ wide)

How to build a hoop house are given in step-by-step details for this high tunnel hoop house.

With 18 feet of width and 30 feet of length, you can grow anything you want in this protected garden space. Easy, low-cost design makes this a great DIY hoop house when you are propagating plants for a retail business.

Constructing A Simple PVC High Tunnel (30’ long by 18’ wide)

4-Use Concrete Reinforcing Wire To Make DIY Hoop House Cold Frame

Perfect plan design to fit right over existing raised beds. Wire used to reinforce concrete is used instead of PVC pipe for the construction of this cold frame.

Use Concrete Reinforcing Wire To Make DIY Hoop House Cold Frame

5-Portable Hoop House Plan

Very simple, yet very effective. This design allows you to quickly construct a portable hoop house over existing raised garden beds to protect plants from an early frost in fall or late frost in spring. A great way to keep your plants warm in fall so they can ripen their final produce of the season.

Hoop House Plan

6-Get Instructions To Make DIY Hoop House Over Garden Bed

The perfect fit for a small raised garden bed. This DIY hoop house design is slight bigger than a cloche, but smaller than a plastic greenhouse and is a perfect solution for small garden beds.

Get Instructions To Make DIY Hoop House Over Garden Bed

7-Retractable Hoop House Plan

When days are warm and nights are cold, garden plants need part-time protection from the elements. This plan for a retractable hoop house that can be built to fit an existing raised bed is the perfect solution for those in-between seasons of fall/winter and winter/summer.

 Hoop House Plan

8-Standard Hoop House Plan

More vegetables and blooms can be had with this standard hoop house design. PVC pipe, plastic sheeting ayu7nd a little wood is all that’s needed to create the standard DIY greenhouse and extend the garden growing season.

Standard Hoop House Plan

9-Mini Hoop House Plan

This mini design of a basic 3 foot by 3 foot hoop house is perfect for herb gardeners who want to have fresh herbs all winter.

Mini Hoop House Plan

10-Low Hoop House

Not every gardener wants or needs a plastic greenhouse in which they can walk inside and work. If you just need a  simple, easy to assemble design that will protect your plants and extend the growing season, this DIY low hoop house is right for you.

Low Hoop House

11-Simple Greenhouse

These DIY plans will enable you to build a simple greenhouse in your backyard and extend your garden growing season with minimal effort and monetary investment.

Simple Greenhouse

12-Quick Mini Hoop House

Need a DIY plan for a hoop house that you can build in a day? This one’s for you. The instructional video will walk you through the quick build so you be done in less than a day.

Quick Mini Hoop House

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