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16 DIY Playhouses Your Kids Will Love to Play In

A DIY playhouse is a simple and inexpensive way to provide your children with a safe environment in which to play. A backyard playhouse will provide your children with years of fun and will increase the value of your property should you decide to sell your home. Creating a DIY indoor playhouse will provide kids with fun regardless of the weather outdoors. Look through this variety of playhouse plans and pictures to find one that is right for your family.

  1. Two Story Outdoor Playhouse

Two story playhouse like this one by diynetwork provides children with multi-levels of fun and entertainment. The triangular shape is also more fun than a traditional square box shape.

Two Story Outdoor Playhouse
Image via: diynetwork
  1. Star Wars Playhouse

Elaborate and spectacular and perfect for the Star Wars lover in your family. Step by step playhouse plan like this one by instructables will enable you to build this masterpiece children’s playhouse.

Star Wars Playhouse
Image via: instructables
  1. Playhouse with Slide

If you have the space in your backyard, consider this large DIY playset plans. Build a playhouse for your kids like this one by builtbykids that has a slide, steps, swings, a bridge, fort and plenty of room to hide and play. You may also like to see how to build a treehouse for your kids.

Playhouse with Slide
Image via: builtbykids
  1. Indoor Playhouse

Transform a bed into a kids playhouse like this one by ikeahackers that will provide hours of indoor fun. Perfect size for a bedroom and will make both playtime and bedtime fun.

Indoor Playhouse
Image via: ikeahackers
  1. Luxury Hideaway

This garden playhouse by thehandmadehome is actually a luxury hideaway for kids and adults. Complete with furniture, a slide, hanging baskets of flowers and curtains for privacy, use these detailed instructions for creating this backyard oasis.

garden playhouse
Image via: thehandmadehome
  1. Adorable and Easy

What little girl wouldn’t love this adorable playhouse ana-white? Easy to build, pretty to look at and fun to play in.

adorable playhouse
Image via: ana-white
  1. Wild West Cubby House Plans

Here’s a great playhouse for the cowboy (or cowgirl) in your family. The plans will enable you to build a wild west DIY cubby house by project.theownerbuildernetwork that looks like a home from the 1,800‘s old west. You may also like to see cubby house plans.

Wild West Cubby House Plans
Image via: project.theownerbuildernetwork
  1. Pallet Playhouse

Inexpensive and earth friendly. Use these plans to create a fun-filled diy playhouse from recycled wood pallets like this one by builtbykids.

Pallet Playhouse
Image via: builtbykids
  1. Fabric Teepee Playhouse

A simple tee pee is made colorful with the use of scrap fabrics in varying prints. Use bamboo poles and old bed sheets to create this simple diy teepee style playhouse by craftingagreenworld.

Fabric Teepee Playhouse
Image via: craftingagreenworld
  1. Mini House

Follow these playhouse plans to create a mini house like this one by ronhazelton in your backyard. Complete with front porch, windows, furniture, flower pots and a mail box, it looks like the real thing, not a playhouse. You may also like to see diy climbing walls.

Mini House
Image via: ronhazelton
  1. Log Cabin

It’s possible to build an adorable log cabin playhouse like this one by instructables for less than $300 with these detailed playhouse plans. Using Stockade fencing for the faux log walls is a brilliant and inexpensive idea. See also diy log cabin house.

log cabin playhouse
Image via: instructables
  1. Play Fort

More than a play house, this is a play fort by buildeazy that will provide your kids with hours of imaginative fun. Tire swing, slide and a secure hideout await all those who are willing to traverse the climbing wall to get inside the fort.

Play Fort
Image via: buildeazy
  1. Multi-Level Tree Playhouse

This is one design that you have to see to believe. Imagine the hours of fun your children would have in this multi-level, multi-space play house by realitydaydream that has a tree growing in it. You may also like to see diy cornhole boards.

Multi-Level Tree Playhouse
Image via: realitydaydream
  1. Playhouse Plans

Simple, yet functional, these playhouse plans by howtospecialist will enable you to construct a basic DIY playhouse that will provide years of fun for your kids.

Playhouse Plans
Image via: howtospecialist
  1. Recycled Swing Set

Use this plan to recycle an old swing set into a new playhouse like this one by smallworldland.blogspot. A thick painter’s drop cloth and a little imagination is an inexpensive way to give an old swing set new life.

Recycled Swing Set
Image via: smallworldland.blogspot
  1. PVC Pipe Indoor Playhouse

So simple to build, yet so much fun for the kids. Use PVC pipe to create the frame for the indoor playhouse like this one by indigoamethyst.blogspot, then use fabric panels to create some privacy for the little one who will be playing in this fun playhouse. Light weight and portable.

PVC Pipe Indoor Playhouse
Image via: indigoamethyst.blogspot

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