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13 DIY Climbing Walls To Do Healthy Exercise At Your Home

If you’re looking for a fun way to exercise, consider a DIY climbing wall. You may have seen families climb on them at indoor playgrounds, but a climbing wall is not limited to occasional use. There are may people who have a climbing wall right in their own home.

You can build a DIY climbing wall in areas such as the playroom, garage or backyard. Now, it’s important to take the precautions to keep everyone safe while using the wall. This includes a sturdy hangboard and climbing holds, as well as thick padding at the bottom. There should also be enough room to fall without hitting any other parts of the wall.

Are you looking for an exciting way to stay active without a gym or club membership? Check out the following ideas for building a climbing wall at home.

1. Budget-Friendly DIY Climbing Wall

If you’re looking to build a DIY rock climbing wall like this one by growingslower on a budget, then these are the plans for you. You’re going to build your wall with materials such as wooden panels, T-nuts and climbing holds. Plywood and lumber are great choices because they’re affordable and durable. Remember, when you’re shopping for supplies, reach out to your local manufacturers to see if they offer any discounts. When building, the walls should be at an angle to offer a bit of a challenge and different movements. For padding, you want to use several thick mattresses to create a safe landing.

Budget-Friendly DIY Climbing Wall
DIY climbing wall Image via: growingslower.com

2. DIY Climbing Wall With Storage

When building a home climbing wall like this one by awesomeinventions for your family, you want to be sure the storage area is easy for everyone to access. One idea is to install cubbies, hooks and lower shelves for their shoes and climbing gear. This way, their gear is already in the same room when they’re ready to climb. On the other side of the room is your climbing wall, which includes a mixture of angled walls and one vertical wall. If you can find seat materials from old cars, they’d make great padding for the floor. Whatever you use for padding, cover it with carpet for an extra layer of protection.

DIY Climbing Wall With Storage
Image via: awesomeinventions

3. DIY Climbing Wall With Loft Bed

A climbing wall with a loft bed is a great option for building a kids climbing wall like this one by instructables in their bedroom. This way, they always have a reason to use their climbing wall. You’re going to build the wall out of thick plywood and wood pieces, with the loft bed behind the top section of the wall. Placing the loft bed behind the top section keeps it hidden if they’re entertaining guests, but it also keeps them secure in bed as they sleep. It never hurts to build or invest in a ladder or small staircase for the nights when your child doesn’t feel like climbing up and down the wall. A diy climbing wall with a loft bed is sure to be a hit with your child and their friends! You may also like to see my other kids fun projects such as diy tree houses.

DIY Climbing Wall With Loft Bed
Image via: instructables

4. DIY Climbing Wall For Less Than $100

That’s right, these plans allow you to build your own climbing wall for less than $100. This DIY climbing wall by garagegymreviews is made of birch plywood, spare plywood, climbing holds and T-nuts. Of course, you have the option to buy additional materials if needed. Wood glue, a power drill and clamps are the only other supplies you may need. Remember to install the T-nuts in every hole you create in the wall, as this allows you to change up the layout of your holds whenever you want. You can place a small climbing area above a lengthy door way, or you can designate an entire room to angled and vertical climbing walls.

DIY Climbing Wall For Less Than $100
DIY climbing wall Image via: garagegymreviews.com

5. Freestanding Indoor Rock Climbing Wall

A freestanding climbing wall works like this one by instructables if you have limited space, live in a rental or want a portable wall. You want to use plywood for the wall and a strip of plywood for the top area, as well as climbing holds, T-nuts, connectors and other supplies. The sides are going to hold the climbing wall at an angle while making it easier to move it, so you don’t have to worry about a permanent location or damaging the walls. The hangbar is going to be secured on the top part of the wall. Don’t forget to place some padding under the wall, as you’re still going to need a soft landing.

Freestanding Indoor Rock Climbing Wall
Image via: instructables

6. Cave-Design DIY Climbing Wall

If you’re looking to build a DIY rock wall outside like this one by chockstone, but you’re worried about the weather, then consider a cave-design climbing wall. It’s built inside a structure of vertical and angled posts, horizontal slats and marine board walls. The marine board and corrugated roofing iron offer weather protection. The final step is to install the climbing holds in a layout of your choice. You can give yourself a challenge, but make sure you can see the course inside the climbing area. You may also like to see my other kids fun projects such as diy playhouses.

Cave-Design DIY Climbing Wall
Image via: chockstone

7. Backyard Climbing Wall

You can build a DIY backyard climbing wall like this one by impatientlycrafty on the back of your home. It’s going to be made of pressure treated plywood, pressure treated wood, wood screws and Philips head screws, all for exterior use. If you want to create a fun design for your children, such as a forest or city, you can use spray paint for your design. Once the paint dries, attach your screw-on climbing holds to the board. Since your climbing wall is in the backyard, you can use rubber mulch as your padding, just as you may find on the playground.

Backyard Climbing Wall
Image via: impatientlycrafty

8. Outdoor Climbing Wall

Here is another DIY climbing wall by makezine to consider for your backyard. If you have children, you may decide to build a small playground on the back of the wall. The materials include, but are not limited to, posts, plywood sheets, wooden pieces and T-nuts, as well as primer and exterior paint. As for the climbing wall itself, you want to include vertical and angled walls to keep your layouts interesting, as well as a slide, monkey bars and ladders for your little ones. Your whole family can enjoy playing and exercising in the backyard.

DIY climbing wall
Image via: makezine

9. Outdoor Climbing and Training Wall

Another backyard climbing wall idea by instructables, this plan allows you to design a wall that gives you everything you need to train. If you’re looking for a fun challenge, you can build a structure with a wall that is angled at 36.6 degrees, which isn’t too steep or vertical. In addition to your climbing holds, you’re also going to install campus rungs on one side of the wall as another source of climbing. The wall is semi-permanent, so while it may be difficult, it can be moved by at least two people.

Outdoor Climbing and Training Wall
Image via: instructables

10. Garage DIY Climbing Wall

With this DIY climbing wall plan by instructables, you’re going to build your own climbing wall right in your garage. This way, you have easy access to the wall without making any major changes to your home. If you’re looking to create a fitness plan, you want to include a 90 degree overhang with a 25 degree lead out, 45 degree overhang, Jacobs ladder and pull-up bar. You can also add a vertical wall, angled portion, bulge and top anchors just for leisure activities. The climbing wall is made of pine plywood, pine boards and climbing holds with the usual tools and supplies. You may also like to see my other kids fun projects such as diy swing sets.

Garage DIY Climbing Wall
Image via: instructables,

11. Home Climbing Wall

A home climbing wall by rei.com can be built in areas such as a storage room, basement or garage, as long as you consider your lighting, ventilation and access. Remember to use angles and features that are not going to get boring quickly. One idea is to built flat, overhanging walls between 20 degrees and 45 degrees, as this keeps the layout interesting and full of moves. If you’re building walls steeper than 20 degrees to 30 degrees, be sure to include a small, vertical kicker panel at the bottom of the area. Build a climbing course that is a challenge, but not impossible to complete.

home climbing wall
Image via: rei.com

12. DIY Kids Climbing Wall

If you’re an active parent, this kids climbing wall by thecreatedhome allows your children to be active right along with you. You can build this climbing wall in the playroom, their bedroom or even the living room. You’re going to cut and attach smaller pieces of plywood boards with climbing holds onto the wall, which forms different sections to work with the room and create age-appropriate courses. Use thick mats to double as padding when climbing and a wall cover when there’s no adult supervision.

Kids Climbing Wall
DIY climbing Wall Image via: thecreatedhome.com

13. Portable Kids Climbing Wall

When building this portable DIY climbing wall for kids like this one by sim.plified, consider building it at an angle that points upward, rather than an overhanging wall, but remember to adjust it according to their age and skill level. You should also cover the wall with indoor/outdoor carpeting to avoid splinters, plus it serves as weather protection if you want to move the wall outside. Remember to invest in padding to give your children a soft landing.

Portable Kids Climbing Wall
Image via: sim.plified


The layout you use not only depends on your space and budget, but it also depends on what you want to get out of your climbing wall. You may be active in climbing competitions, or maybe you’re looking for a way to change up your exercise routine. It’s also a great way for children to release their energy.

Whether you’re building for yourself, your children or the whole family, you’re sure to build a DIY climbing wall that keeps everyone active.

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