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21 Smart DIY Tool Storage Ideas for Your Workshop or Garage

Power tools such as battery powered drills, saws, and nail guns can take up a lot of space. Additionally, the rechargeable batteries and charging cords can create clutter where you do not need it. DIY tool storage projects are a great way to think about organizing and decluttering the workshop or garage.

Storing tools away so that they are both organized and accessible can be a challenge sometimes. Luckily, there are many great DIY tool storage solutions out there made by DIYers that we have shared with you. Here we have prepared a list of the top twenty-one DIY tool storage project ideas.

1- Vertical Tool Storage System

With more tool companies turning to battery powered tools, the benefit is that not every power tool needs to stay in their own dedicated storage case. Building a vertical tool storage system like this one by instructables is a fantastic idea for being able to organize the tools that are used most often. Plans for the wooden construction are included in this DIY tool organizer project.

The storage system is primarily constructed with five-eighths-inch plywood. Pegboard makes hanging tools much easier and there are a wide variety of hanging accessories that can be purchased at the hardware store. Customizing this DIY power tool storage can be as simple as adding some paint or stain.

Vertical Tool Storage System
Image via: instructables

2- Tool Storage Shelf

Every workroom where tools are being used needs storage shelving, which makes this storage shelf project a great DIY project using leftover scraps of wood. This shelf requires a saw and a drill to complete the construction. This DIY tool storage shelf by thisoldhouse can be completed in less than one day with easy-to-follow instructions.

Depending on how much extra wood there is lying around, this storage shelf can be created without spending any money. There is a shopping list for easy reference to the dimensions used in this tutorial. Not only is it essential to organize tools but the accessories like nails and screws that can be accessible near their corresponding power tool. Related: DIY garage cabinets.

DIY tool storage shelf
Image via: thisoldhouse

3- Tool Organization on The Wall

Rather than relying on a pegboard for the organization of hanging tools and accessories, why not customize holders and shelves to make an eye-catching tool storage system on the wall like we have in this video? Using a large piece of plywood, planning out the organization of tools and how to best access them can be customized.

This DIY tool organizer project on youtube can be completed in a day or a weekend depending on the number of shelves that are needed to hang all the tools. This ten-minute video tutorial is easy to follow with simple instructions. The end project looks amazing.

4- Tool Storage on Wheels

Digging around for the tool you need is always a hassle, which is why having narrow tool storage on wheels, like a rolling display case is a fantastic idea. Tall and narrow storage systems with the added benefit of being able to move them around can be great for a garage where things need to be moved around constantly. Think of it as a vertical DIY tool box.

This DIY tool storage by createandbabble is made using plywood and a shelf pin jig which makes it easy to adjust the height of the wooden shelves to fit all your tools. Attaching casters to the bottom of the shelf unit is easy. Casters can be found at any hardware store. This project features pictures that make the instructions easy to follow.

Tool Storage on Wheels
Image via: createandbabble

5- Expandable Tool Storage Cabinet

Buying dedicated tool storage chests can be expensive. Why not build the perfect DIY tool storage cabinet like this one by rogueengineer for expandable and fully customized tool organization? Pegboard and plywood create this space-saving tool storage cabinet to keep tools off the ground and accessible when needed.

The three foot by five-foot DIY tool organizer features doors that can hang tools on both the inside and the outside with more versatility. The construction is strong enough to hang drills and other battery powered tools. Completing this project would be a great weekend project with a saw, a drill, and a friend to help hang and install the cabinet on the wall. Related: garage workbench plans.

Expandable Tool Storage Cabinet
Image via: rogueengineer

6- Rolling DIY Tool Box

With limited space, having tool storage and organization is important. Constructing a simple tool storage box like this one by myrepurposedlife that can move around in a small space is exactly what this tutorial aims to create. With plywood construction, wood shelves on the interior and pegboard organization all over the exterior.

The materials used in this tool box tutorial are a large furniture dolly, some two-by-four inch boards, and one sheet of white pegboard. The remarkable thing about this project is that it is simple, and the dimensions follow the size of the furniture dolly.

Rolling DIY Tool Box
Image via: myrepurposedlife

7- Folding Tool Storage System

This tutorial features a five-minute video from an experienced craftsman showing a beginner how to build this DIY-friendly tool storage system on youtube. By screwing cleats on the wall, commonly used to hang cabinets, you can add blank cabinet doors using attached entry door hinges. This DIY tool storage cabinet option provides thirty feet of storage space in an eight-foot span on the wall.

Every aspect of this tutorial can be customized to fit your needs. Many hardware stores sell plywood panels that are small enough to be used without cutting with a saw which would be great for this project.

8- Wall Pegboard Tool Organization

Looking for DIY tool storage ideas? Try this modern pegboard tool storage idea with a touch of feminine appeal. No need to worry about having a shed, save space, and store tools without the time and effort. This DIY tool organizer tutorial by sugarandcloth shows how to organize tools without feeling overwhelmed.

All the items needed for this project can be found at the hardware store. Pegboard, hangers, some paint, and screws to attach the pegboard to the wall. Pegboard is easy to paint for fitting in with a color or design theme.

Wall Pegboard Tool Organization
Image via: sugarandcloth

9- Pallet Wood Tool Storage Shelving

Looking for a beefier, heavy duty DIY power tool storage option? Using pallet wood to create a tool shelving unit is another fantastic opportunity. Using pallet wood saves money by salvaging pallets that have been thrown away. This tutorial could also be great for DIY garden tool storage in the shed or garage.

This pallet wood tool storage idea by funkyjunkinteriors requires a saw and a drill to put together. With the pallet wood being free, this a fantastic way to add storage to the garage or shed without spending any money. The shelving can be as tall as your area allows and can be customized to fit any space.

Pallet Wood Tool Storage Shelving
Image via: funkyjunkinteriors

10- Charging Station Power Tool Cabinet

With handheld power tools, comes battery packs and charging cords. Why not create a space where you can store your tools but also charge them at the same time! This fantastic DIY power tool storage video tutorial on youtube is so simple to follow and provides excellent construction tips.

This power tool storage cabinet gets installed on the wall using a French cleat, which is what is used to hang heavy mirrors. This entire unit is constructed using simple plywood sheets cut to size. Mounting this unit on the wall makes access to tools easier and gets rid of the mess of charging cords in the way.

11- Hand Tool Wall Organizer

Having hand tools tucked away where they can not be seen can be annoying when wanting quick identification and access during a project. Putting tool storage and organizing on the wall can save time and frustration. This DIY tool storage project by wilkerdos can be completed in a few hours.

Constructing this hand tool organizer, it is important to start by planning how you want the tools to be organized once they go up on the wall. Laying out sockets or wrenches and figuring out spacing for pegs is a key step. This project uses wooden pegs to hang tools but there are other hanging items that can also be used and purchased at the local hardware store.

Hand Tool Wall Organizer
Image via: wilkerdos

12- Mobile Power Tool Storage

Arranging power tools on a display unit with wheels can be a wonderful way to stay organized in a small space. With printable plans and an organized materials list, this DIY power tool storage mobile organizer by learn.kregtool is easy to build with a saw and drill. A few pieces of plywood and 2×4 lumber and this project can be done in a day or a weekend.

The wooden shelves can hold heavy and awkward shaped power tools while the sides of the mobile unit are constructed with pegboard for more organization solutions. Drilling shelf pin holes using a jig helps to customize the height of the tool storage shelves.

Mobile Power Tool Storage
Image via: learn.kregtool

13- DIY Tool Storage Stool

What is better than having quick access to the tools you need? Being able to access them while also sitting on the tool storage unit while you work! Create this amazing tool storage stool as a weekend project. This tool storage stool by home-dzine.co.za is made up of pine plywood, drawers, and wheels.

Creating storage drawers for this DIY project may require purchasing some metal drawer slides or drawers can be added without slides the old-fashioned way. Creating the seat for the storage stool is the most important part of the project. If the stool is not comfortable, then it will not be useful so find fabric and padding that will suit the work area.

DIY Tool Storage Stool
Image via: home-dzine.co.za

14- Air Compressor Storage Cart

Air compressors are heavy and bulky which makes storing them and moving them a frustrating task. Why not keep the compressor off the ground and moveable, while adding some tool storage space? This DIY tool storage cart project by shanty-2-chic allows for the air compressor to be kept off the ground and always moveable to exactly where you need it most.

The storage cart design even allows for a flat base where a miter saw can be positioned, making it a fantastic all-in-one tool storage station. The rolling cart is built using plywood and nails as well as a set of casters for the bottom.

Air Compressor Storage Cart
Image via: shanty-2-chic

15- Power Tool Storage Locker

A storage locker for power tools is a great DIY project for organizing and storing tools like this one by nation.ryobitools for quick access. This DIY project features repurposed wooden crates found at hardware stores or craft stores. This project is truly customizable and simple at the same time.

Needed for this project are eight crates in small, medium, and large sizes as well as some hinges, and some screws. Purchasing casters makes the storage locker moveable. You can use a continuous hinge to attach all the crates together so that the storage unit can be closed or opened all together.

Power Tool Storage Locker
Image via: nation.ryobitools

16- DIY Wooden Tool Chest

Why not build a custom wooden tool like this one by lumberjocks chest to DIY a more expensive metal one seen at the store? This project allows for custom drawer widths and the number of drawers needed to store all your tools in one space. With upper smaller drawers and lower larger drawers, a tool collection is sure to fit in nicely with this tool chest.

This wooden tool chest has dimensions of four feet tall and three feet wide. You can use metal or wooden drawer slides depending on the budget. The whole tool chest is made from plywood. Adding storage on the side of the tool chest is a great way to add charging cords and extra rechargeable batteries.

DIY Wooden Tool Chest
Image via: lumberjocks

17- Power Tool Organization Shelf

What better than constructing a useable tool storage shelf like this one by mrfixitdiy? Having to only use a four-foot by four-foot piece of plywood to construct it! A true DIY project that can be done in a day with a saw and a drill. The great thing about this project is that rechargeable drills can hang rather than sit.

Everyone knows that drills are top heavy, so hanging them is more practical. Shelves above hanging power drills allow for rechargeable saws and routers to be stored away when not in use. A jigsaw would be useful for cutting out the kerf cuts where the drills hang.

This project also features use of the French cleat for hanging the shelving to the wall so that it is easily moveable.

Power Tool Organization Shelf
Image via: mrfixitdiy

18- Workshop Tool Organizer

Moving away from the use of wood and pegboard, this power tool organizer tutorial by heatherednest uses wire closet shelving and PVC pipe for storing power tools. Drills can easily fit and be stored in notched-out PVC pipe cut to size while also attaching them to the bottom of useful storage shelving.

An inexpensive and simple storage solution for a workshop or garage with the addition of shelving for reducing clutter. Wire shelves and shelving brackets make up the bulk of this DIY project while adding PVC pipe pieces for added storage. Cable ties can be used to support the PVC attached to the metal shelving. Store drills and rechargeable batteries while keeping power tools organized.

power tool organizer tutorial
Image via: heatherednest

19- Rolling Pegboard Power Tool Box

Rather than walking over to a wall mounted tool storage unit, why not move the vertical storage to where your project is? This DIY power tool storage project by nation.ryobitools takes vertical pegboard storage and creates a rolling cart with the vertical walls of tool organization.

This rolling pegboard storage system is constructed using pegboard, plywood, drawer slides, and casters. This project can be simplified by adding pre-made plastic drawer organization units that can be purchased at any big box store.

Rolling Pegboard Power Tool Box
Image via: nation.ryobitools

20- DIY Garden Tool Storage Rack

Want a simple and effortless way to store garden tools in the shed or garage in five simple steps? This DIY garden tool storage rack by stanleytools makes clutter disappear. Find a good space on the wall where rakes and shovels can hang vertically without bumping into them as they hang.

Decide how long or wide you want the storage rack to be for hanging on the wall. Also determining the height of the storage rack so that the garden tools will be off the ground in a comfortable and easily accessible height. Use a two-inch hole saw drill bit to drill out holes on the edge of the rack for hanging garden tools.

DIY Garden Tool Storage Rack
Image via: stanleytools

21- DIY Rechargeable Drill Holder

A DIY project like this one by sawsonskates with free printable plans and step-by-step instructions is always a win-win. Storing away rechargeable drills in a power tool storage rack is a terrific way to stay organized. Make use of existing tool storage by hanging power drills on the bottom of storage shelves.

Creating hanging dividers for drills and adding shelves requires plywood, a saw, a drill, wood screws, and wood glue. If you have drills and other rechargeable tools that are from assorted brands, this DIY project is a lifesaver. Each brand has their own rechargeable battery that is only interchangeable to other specific name brand tools.

Organizing and creating better storage solutions for power tools is something that is needed more these days. With all the accessories and cords that come with each tool it can be hard to stay organized. Fortunately, there are plenty of amazing DIY power tool storage ideas out there to try out for yourself.

DIY Rechargeable Drill Holder
Image via: sawsonskates

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