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21 Cheap DIY Sauna Plans With Tutorials    

Constructing your own sauna is not just about creating a warm space; it’s also about embracing a plethora of health benefits. Saunas have been known to provide relief for sore muscles and induce sweating, but their health benefits go beyond that. When I delved into building a DIY sauna, I was intrigued by the idea of improving my health while enjoying moments of relaxation.

Regular use of a DIY sauna can significantly enhance cardiovascular health, reduce the risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease, alleviate stress, and promote better sleep. Exploring these potential benefits fueled my motivation to embark on the project. I envisioned creating a sanctuary where I could unwind and rejuvenate after long days.

One of the most appealing aspects of DIY saunas is their affordability and accessibility. Despite initially hesitating due to concerns about costs, I discovered a range of 21 inexpensive DIY sauna projects with tutorials. This discovery reassured me that building my own sauna was not only feasible but also practical. It empowered me to take charge of my well-being without breaking the bank.

With all the health benefits in mind, constructing a DIY sauna seemed like a wise investment of both time and resources. It offered a chance to prioritize self-care and embrace a holistic approach to health. Armed with the knowledge from tutorials, I embarked on the project with enthusiasm, eager to create a space that would not only warm my body but also nourish my mind and spirit.

21 DIY Sauna Room Plans

1- Wood Burning Sauna

The first one I am sharing with you is an attractive DIY sauna that is small enough for a backyard in the city, yet large enough to seat four people comfortably.

I recommend this diy sauna to build if you have small outdoor spaces and small families, this cheap DIY sauna project by instructables is quick to build and inexpensive to maintain. Apply a natural wood exterior and ‘Z’ door or barn door for curb appeal and to increase property value.

This small sized sauna can also be portable with skids or wheels placed under under it. Light weight enough to be pulled behind a truck to your favorite camping or fishing spot.

DIY Sauna Plans
Wood Burning Sauna, Image via: instructables

2- Barrel DIY Sauna

Exploring the realm of DIY projects has been a fulfilling journey for me, and stumbling upon the DIY sauna design by gibbonswhistler has been nothing short of exhilarating. What immediately caught my attention was the innovative barrel design, promising both rapid and cost-effective construction without compromising on durability. The unconventional shape of the sauna barrel adds a touch of uniqueness and elegance, especially when nestled in a serene natural setting like alongside a river or at the edge of a woodland. The prospect of immersing myself in the soothing heat of the sauna while surrounded by the beauty of nature is truly captivating.

One aspect that I particularly admire about the DIY sauna by gibbonswhistler is its eco-friendly approach. By utilizing recycled materials, the cost of building this stunning sauna is kept remarkably low, making it accessible to a wider audience of DIY enthusiasts like myself. Incorporating a couple of windows into the design not only enhances the aesthetic appeal but also allows for breathtaking views of the surrounding landscape while indulging in the detoxifying benefits of sauna bathing.

Moreover, the proximity to woodlands offers the convenience of sourcing dead wood for burning in the stove to heat the sauna, further aligning with the project’s sustainable ethos. The idea of harnessing natural resources to create a sanctuary for relaxation and rejuvenation resonates deeply with me, reflecting a harmonious relationship between human innovation and the environment.

Overall, my personal experience with the DIY sauna by gibbonswhistler fills me with excitement and anticipation. It represents not only a creative outlet for constructing a functional and beautiful space but also a holistic approach to wellness that prioritizes sustainability and connection with nature. I look forward to embarking on this DIY adventure and reaping the benefits of a homemade sauna retreat in the comfort of my own backyard.

DIY Sauna
Barrel sauna design, Image via: gibbonswhistler

3- Shed To DIY Sauna

It’s easy to convert an existing shed into a diy sauna with this tutorial by dengarden. Many people have an old shed on their property that is no longer needed for its original purpose, so why not convert it into something useful?

Step by step instruction and pictures will show you how to add insulation, a moisture barrier, cedar wall broads and all the other needed components. Transform an unused shed into a health improving homemade sauna in just a couple of days with these plans.

 DIY Sauna room
Shed To Homemade DIY Sauna, Image via: dengarden

4- Trash Bag Sauna

Here is an idea for creating a diy sauna by instructables from things you have on hand, and the total cost is almost nothing.

Use a tall stick and a couple of plastic trash bags to form a teepee, securing the outside bottom of the trash bags to the ground. Build a fire and heat a few large rocks. Place hot rocks inside trash bag sauna, then get in and close the opening so the heat won’t escape.

Cheap, functional portable and recyclable. An ideal sauna for camping trips.

Trash Bag Sauna
Trash Bag Sauna, Image via: instructables

5- DIY Sauna and Hot Tub

This free tutorial will show you how to build a sauna by imgur on a wood deck large enough to hold the sauna and a hot tub. A great design that will incorporate two favorite things next to each other.

There is extra space on the deck for seating or a small changing room, if desired.

Detailed tutorial will take you through the entire building process so you can construct one just like this one on your property.

Sauna and Hot Tub
Sauna and Hot Tub, Image via: imgur

6- DIY Sauna With Wood Box

A wood burning sauna like this one by instructables is going to need wood to keep the fire going. Having the cut wood in a convenient location makes it easy to use on those cold winter days.

Building a diy sauna and adding a wood box on the outside is simple when you use this free tutorial. The wood box also doubles as an outside bench, so this building design could easily be incorporated into a backyard recreation spot.

Place it near the kids play area, outdoor kitchen or pool area to make it easy for the entire family to be outdoors and active year around.

wood burning sauna
DIY Sauna With Wood Box, Image via: instructables

7- Portable Sauna Plan

For people on the go, this is a sauna design that can go with you. These sauna plans will show you how to build a portable sauna by treehugger that can easily be transported behind a bicycle to any location.

Don’t let the small exterior appearance fool you, this portable sweat pod can seat up to six people comfortably. The tiny wood burning stove heats the interior of the pod efficiently and cheaply, and the small chimney in the front of the sauna keeps all the smoke removed from the pod.

The semi-clear side panels allow the portable sauna to be bright on the inside from natural light. Ideal for downtown business meetings or other meetings that might benefits from being heald in a relaxing environment. You may also like to check out diy solar pool heater.

how to build a portable sauna
Portable Sauna Plan, Image via: treehugger

8- Finnish Sauna

Recycled materials are often the best design inspiration for a DIY project. This DIY sauna by motherearthnews was inspired and created with silo staves that were being discarded.

A tradition Finnish design, this cheap to build sauna is in the shape of a mini silo and will last for many years. The wood burning stove that heats the sauna is also a DIY build from a recycled 55 gallon steel drum.

Most people don’t use their saunas during the summer months, so consider placement before starting construction. The right location will allow you to use the sauna as a storage shed for garden tools, fishing equipment or pool accessories during the summer months when the structure is not being used as a s sauna.

DIY sauna
DIY sauna created with silo staves, Image via: motherearthnews

9- Build A Sauna In 20 Minute Build

This quick build will appeal to many people who are not so handy with a saw and hammer. This cheap, functional and efficient homemade sauna by johnrpederson can be built in 20 minutes and provide a health benefiting steam just like a more expensive model.

It’s a tent within a tent design that heats quickly, dries quickly and is portable so you can tent the sauna with you on camping, hunting or fishing trips. The tents are easy to find in any sporting goods store, inexpensive and easy to assemble and take down.

homemade sauna
Build A Sauna In 20 Minute Build, Image via: johnrpederson

10- DIY Infrared Sauna

Infrared saunas are popular with people who don’t want to cut fire wood or be bothered with a wood heater. Infrared heating for an indoor sauna is clean burning, easy to use and cheap. An entire DIY sauna like this one by infrared-light-therapy.com can be built for under $100 using infrared heat.

Any indoor space that is at least five feet square will work perfectly for this DIY project. Follow this easy tutorial and build yourself one this weekend. You may also like to check out diy solar water heaters to reduce your energy bills.

DIY Infrared sauna
DIY Infrared sauna, Image via: infrared-light-therapy.com

11- A DIY Sauna In Backyard

This tutorial will show you how to allow your creative side shine while showing how to make your unique sauna by insteading.

Follow this tutorial and build your own style and size of sauna in your backyard. it will improve health and make the neighbors jealous.

how to make your unique sauna
A DIY Sauna In Backyard, Image via: insteading

12- Recycle Outhouses Into DIY Sauna

This free tutorial will show you that even old outhouses can be given new life as a recycled sauna. Two outhouses can be joined together to create one roomy place to take a steam bath.

The wood heater in this recycled DIY sauna by motherearthnews was made from old scrap metal parts, making the total build cost almost zero. The foundation for the building is a few recycled cinder blocks and a few river stones were used to help create the inside steam heat.

DIY Sauna
Recycle Outhouses Into DIY Sauna, Image via: motherearthnews

13- DIY Electrically Heated Sauna

If you don’t like wood or infrared heat, how about trying electric heat? It burn clean and efficient, and will quickly heat up the interior of a DIY sauna by hackaday

This free tutorial will show you how to be an electrically heated sauna cheaply and quickly. Pictures go along with the detailed instructions to help guide you through the project.

DIY sauna
DIY Electrically Heated Sauna, Image via: hackaday

14- Homemade Barrel Sauna

Build this attractive and efficient homemade barrel sauna by following this YouTube instructional video. The total cost is under $200 and the finished product will last for years.

The YouTube video is entertaining as well as informative, well worth watching.

15- Outdoor Sauna Room

Learn how to build an outdoor sauna in this YouTube video. The style is different that the previous one, but just as functional. This YouTube video promises to show you how to build this attractive DIY sauna in 10 days. Experienced builders can probably even build it in less than that amount of time.

16- Converting a Room to a Sauna

Easy to follow instructions and photos will show you how to convert an interior room of your home into a relaxing sauna by cedarbrooksauna.

This is a great idea for empty nesters who have found themselves left with too many rooms after the kids grew up and went off to college. Also a great way to use empty basement or attic space.

Just a few easy to obtain components and a couple of days works, and you’ll have your own indoor sauna.

relaxing diy sauna
relaxing diy sauna, Image via: cedarbrooksauna

17- Lake Side DIY Sauna

A beautiful view and a cold lake to dip into after a steam bath in your own DIY sauna by instructables. That’s what this free tutorial will show you how to build. Instructions will guide you through the build from the ground up.

This sauna is large enough for three interior benches, so the whole family can enjoy a stem bath together at the end of a long day.

Lake Side Sauna
Lake Side Sauna Image via: instructables

18- Backyard Sauna

A perfect addition to any home backyard, this DIY sauna by instructables is attractive, affordable and easy to build. These detailed instructions and photos will take you through the building process with ease.

The windows are not only attractive and allow natural light to flood into the homemade sauna, but also allow sauna users to watch the birds feeding outside. All your stress will melt away while soak up the heat and watch the birds.

Backyard Sauna
Backyard Sauna, Image via: instructables

19- Outdoor Sauna Plan

Unlike other sauna plans this plan by instructables is for building an electrically heated sauna. You can order an electric sauna stove to run on a normal wall socket. There are even electric sauna stoves that feature a countdown timer and temperature control.

Outdoor Sauna Plan
Outdoor Sauna Plan, Image via: instructables

20- Cordwood Masonry Sauna

Authentic cordwood masonry sauna will last for years and help to keep you and your family warm and healthy, even in the most severe climates.

Old style of structure building, this DIY build by motherearthnews involves stacking lengths of cut wood and filling in the gaps with masonry. This tutorial will walk you through this time honored building process and show you how to install the door, window and all the other authentic components so you can build this cheap and sturdy sauna on your property. See also diy clay pot heaters that provide you an inexpensive way to warm your room.

Cordwood Masonry Sauna
Cordwood Masonry Sauna Image via: motherearthnews

21- Large DIY Sauna

This tutorial will show you how to transform a large outside structure into a multi-room sauna by dengarden.

Having multiple rooms is ideal for a large family that will be using the sauna together. A changing room, a storage room and a sauna room are all under one roof for convenience.

The more convenient something is, the more often you will use it. And in the case of a sauna usage, the more you use it the better you feel.

Having extra space is also an asset – it will add to the property value and can be used for overnight guests if needed.

Large DIY Sauna
Large DIY Sauna, Image via: dengarden


Improve your health by building a diy sauna. So these are some of the diy sauna projects we have shared with you. Hope you like our article!


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