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20 Creative DIY Garden Markers And Labels 

Do you love labeling plants and other decors of your garden? How about having some simplest, DIY garden markers and that even made from items like corks, shells, pebbles, containers and cans. You can use the broken pots and wooden pieces too. If you are interested in getting some plant markers for low cost, be creative and play with these stunning ideas and inspire your living.

1: Adhesive Aluminum Board Garden Marker

With the help of Aluminum duct tape, you can fulfill your desire easily. With the help of a pen, you can write the name of the herb, shrub or vegetable on the backside. It would give an embossed effect when turned right. Stick it to a plastic stick and have fun. See the tutorial at auntpeaches.

Adhesive Aluminum board
Image via: auntpeaches

2: Gaudy Vegetable Garden Markers

For this kind of an idea, you would need:

  • White clay
  • Floral wire
  • Paint marker
  • Gold leaf
  • Wire cutter

Put one end of the wire into the garden pots and other end on card on which the name of the vegetables in written. It looks simply wonderful and stylish. Get the directions at stylemepretty.

Gaudy vegetable garden markers
Image via: stylemepretty

3: Twigs As A Garden Markers

Use any wooden pieces, but make sure they are cut into pen like shapes. Add paper to it or cardboard, and write the names of your garden mates. They look lovely when lying over the pots or bushes. Get the detail at cathiefilian.blogspot.

Twigs as a garden markers
Image via: cathiefilian.blogspot

4: Standing Alphabets Plant Marker:

In your pots, you can place the shinny, painted alphabets and keep them as markers. It is a fun an activity, but moreover helps you in making your garden more appealing. Get the instructions at julieblanner.

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Standing Alphabets
Image via: julieblanner

5: Polymer Clay Markers:

Making these types would be real fun – where is your scrabble by the way? The things that you would need are:

  • Polymer clay – you will have to make a stick shape out of it.
  • Butter knife
  • Letter stamps

Get the details of this garden marker at thecraftyscientist.

Polymer clay markers
Image via: thecraftyscientist

6: Metal Stamped Spoon Marker:

The painted silver spoon with names of the herbs and vegetables, when placed in the pots look mesmerizing. Materials needed include:

  • Spoon
  • Stamps
  • sledge hammer
  • Steel Stamping Block
  • Concrete slab (for making the base)
  • Impress Art Stamp Straight Tape
  • Paint
  • Cotton swab
  • towel (paper)

Get the directions at icanmakemetalstampedjewelry.

metal stamped spoon marker
Image via: icanmakemetalstampedjewelry

7: Wine Bottle Garden Stakes:

Cut the wine bottle cap with a cutter and than flatten it up by beating with hammer. Make two holes in the center and insert the pipe/stick for the support. Get details of this bottle garden stakes at instructables.

Wine bottle garden stakes
Image via: instructables

8: Keyword Keys As Markers:

You must be having old, rejected keyword in your store room. Pick out that and use the buttons as lovely markers. Simply attach them to stick or even toothpicks. Check out details at instructables.

Keyword keys as markers
Image via: instructables

9: Feast Cans DIY Marker:

Simply grab four feast cans, create flower out of the body and use wire hanger to place it. Get the tutorial at instructables.

Feast cans DIY marker
Image via: instructables

10: Concrete Markers:

The name may suggest that it is all about a tiresome process, but reality remains way different from it. You would find it a fun activity which coloring the concrete pieces and making the garden flooring. See the Details at instructables.

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Concrete Markers
Image via: instructables

11: Chalkboard Spray Paint Marker:

This is one of the easiest type of diy plant marker – look for old gift or business cards and paint it with Chalkboard spray. With grease pencil, write whatever you have too. Your plastic plant labels are ready to be put into fork stands. Get the tutorial at farmhouse38.

Chalkboard spray paint marker
Image via: farmhouse38

12: Cork And Fork Markers:

Use forks as stands, and put named corks over them. It would be a lovely homemade garden marker for any type of garden. See the tutorial at artsyvava.blogspot.

Cork and fork markers
Image via: artsyvava.blogspot

13: DIY Garden Markers

You can use wooden spoons and color them in special way so that you can relate them to different herbs and vegetables. Have a look at ready-set-read.

DIY garden markers
Image via: ready-set-read

14: Pebbles Garden Labels:

You can use the over-sized, round stones and name them so that you can use them as markers. Get detail information at lubirdbaby.

Pebbles Labels
Image via: lubirdbaby

15: Vintage Spoon Ideas:

 Use spoon of any kind and draw a sketch of herb on some paper with led pencil and then fill it with some colors or you can use clip art of computer.After pasting it on spoon,it will look stunning plant marker. See the details at artsyvava.blogspot.

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Vintage spoon ideas
Image via: artsyvava.blogspot

16: Picture In Bottles:

If you think writing down names is common, you can differentiate your garden by adding pictures into jars. Have a look at this idea at marthastewart.

Picture in bottles
Image via: marthastewart

17: Pictured Stones Marker:

If you are not good at drawing, add some pictures to sand stones and fill them with color. These would allure your gardens’ charm. Check details at lubirdbaby.

Pictured Stones
Image via: lubirdbaby

18: Wine Cork Plant Tag:

From a decent wine cork, you can have cute name tag for garden. Make sure it is attached to the thin bamboo well. Get the details at thechicsite.

Wine Cork plant tag
Image via: thechicsite

19: Broken Pot Markers:

It is not strange that garden areas come across lots of broken pots. Use them for the purpose of markers by adding picture or wording over the top.

Broken pot markers
Image via: markers

20:Paint Pebble Plant Markers:

You can write names on pebbles and place them around your favorite plant. All these activities are more than fun and excitement. Tutorial: housetohome.

Paint pebble plant markers
Image via: housetohome

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