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13 DIY Plant Wall Ideas to Try in Your Home Garden

With the hotter summer weather and getting back to some type of normal daily activity, it is a great time to get back to some DIY projects to enhance outdoor and sustainable living. Planning a garden these days can require many steps and hours of preplanning, creating garden beds and getting soil conditions exactly right. Combine these laborious duties with having to try and keep pests such as squirrels, moles, rabbits, and deer away from your plants as well.

Going vertical with your garden is a great option for getting the most out of your limited space. A DIY plant wall can give you the garden space you need. Vertical green walls or living walls can be found in many major cities and can be both an environmental installation or an artistic display.

The sight of natural greenery against a wood or cement structure, especially in an urban environment is a welcome sight. Save time and money while taking your gardening skills and DIY project hacks to new heights with a look at some DIY vertical plant wall projects.

Let’s look at 13 DIY vertical plant wall projects you can create to enhance the efficiency, yield, and appeal of your garden and landscape.

1- DIY Vertical Planter Ladder

In this first DIY plant wall project by angelamariemade, building a simple DIY wall planter ladder design out of wood can provide a great way to add a DIY garden wall to an existing property or privacy fence. The great thing about this project is not only is it a simple design, it also allows you to use some existing planters instead of making your own planters.

The best part of this project is it should only cost about $25 to buy materials to make it. The simple design also allows for winter storage if needed in colder climates. Fix a boring fence panel in your yard with this hanging planter ladder.

DIY Vertical Planter Ladder
Image via: angelamariemade

2- DIY Vertical Arbor Plant Wall

The next DIY project is a great architectural way of incorporating a DIY vertical planter like this one by homemadelovely to your outdoor garden space. Encompassing the use of some cedar fence boards and some chicken wire, this garden wall arbor can provide you with a touch of privacy while still maintaining an open, airy effect. Constructing this arbor design is sure to elevate your gardening space.

Combining the use of terra cotta pots and handmade wire pot hangers is also a great use of available resources that you may already have around the shed or garage. This vertical garden wall design can hold around 35 small pots which is a great space saving method for adding even more plants to your yard.

To enhance the strength of the vertical chicken wire mesh, you could replace it with wire mesh rebar. Using a solid wire mesh rebar would make it look great if you decided to take the pots off for the winter months.

DIY Vertical Arbor Plant Wall
Image via: homemadelovely

3- DIY Rebar Wire Living Wall

Repurposing items from the local hardware store is a great way to get your motivation going to take on DIY projects like this DIY living wall by curbly. With repurposing some wire mesh rebar made for setting inside concrete to provide structure, this simple DIY design can be used outdoors or indoors.

What is great about this project is how light the overall structure is so you can simply hang it from hooks on the wall or an indoor ceiling. Using some spray paint on the wire mesh provides even more opportunities to seamlessly integrate a green wall into your home design. For cutting the wire mesh rebar to fit your space, all you need is a small handheld hack saw which can be found at any hardware store.

If you add a grow light to this project, you can even enhance and reclaim a once dark area of the home into a bright and useful space all year long. If you want to move the living wall to another area of the home or garden, just add a fresh new color of spray paint to go with your design aesthetic.

DIY Rebar Wire Living Wall
Image via: curbly

4- DIY Pallet Green Wall

Moving on up into the realm of using reclaimed wood from shipping pallets, here is a DIY vertical planter by beersnbeans.blogspot to secure to the wall. This DIY design can be completed in less than one day and will cost less than $100.

The project design eliminates the need for separate containers for each plant. By using a shipping pallet that you can literally pick up off the curb, not only can you save money but you can save space as well. Go vertical with a little patience and creativity by recreating this DIY recycled vertical planter!

For this project, some tools are required, such as a staple gun and a hammer. Properly securing garden fabric and plastic sheeting will be essential to making sure that soil and water do not spill out of your new DIY plant wall.

DIY Pallet Green Wall
Image via: beersnbeans.blogspot

5- DIY Lattice and Leather Vertical Garden

Imagine a leather and wood trellis structure that incorporates design and function into your home or patio area? This DIY green wall by vintagerevivals is the best of both worlds. By using leather strips found in the furniture reupholstery section of a craft store, this DIY teaches you to create leather plant holders that attach to the latticework design of the wood trellis.

With a little bit of math and figuring out how to cut and create different angles, this diamond trellis design will add dimension and design to a once sparse wall. Spacing the plants at each intersection of wood pieces creates an airy, uncluttered effect. Try this plant wall project out and get creative with the paint color and plant variety possibilities.

DIY Lattice and Leather Vertical Garden
Image via: vintagerevivals

6- DIY Multilevel Hanging Planter Wall

Boasting more of a gutter style plant wall design, this tutorial encompasses wood, rope, and terra cotta pots in its design. Creating levels of vertical garden space is a smart idea while still allowing plants to grow up perpendicular to the ground the way they most often prefer. This DIY plant wall at buzzfeed allows for up to twenty plants.

This project would be perfect for an herb garden on the patio or right near an entry door. In this tutorial you will need to have access to a drill, a saw, and a hole saw for the pot holding holes. You can purchase all the tools and supplies you need at the local hardware store.

With the terra cotta pots, water drainage will be a mindful issue to address as well as making sure the DIY vertical garden is at a height that can be watered properly throughout the week. Enhance the durability of this DIY project by staining and protecting the wood from water as well as putting felt pads on the wood where it comes in contact with the wall surfaces.

DIY Multilevel Hanging Planter Wall
Image via: buzzfeed

7- DIY Broomstick or Branch Hanging Plant Wall

Want to focus your DIY living wall like this one by gardenista on indoor houseplants? Then this tutorial is the one for you! This DIY plant wall project is a great way to spruce up an apartment or dorm room that will not allow a lot of personalization.

Utilizing a wooden broomstick, dowel, or wood branch purchased or repurposed, you can create another hanging plant holder for your indoor living space. The project is as easy as using curtain rod hardware to attach a wooden dowel to the wall and then using rope or jute pot hangers to hang plants from the dowel attached to the wall. This would be a great idea for plants that need more air in their root systems like orchids or plants that you can simply mist throughout the week to maintain their watering needs.

You could toughen this project up a bit by purchasing thicker wood dowel. Use thicker sized wood such as the kind used for hanging clothes in the closet and add some closet shelf brackets with hooks to hold the dowel. This project is perfect for cactus, succulents, or tropical plants.

DIY Broomstick or Branch Hanging Plant Wall
Image via: gardenista

8- DIY IKEA Hack Vertical Living Wall

Moving on up in the DIY expertise game, this amazing DIY plant wall by thegardenglove shows off some special wall hanging garden pots on a specially designed vertical wall system. If you are making a trip to IKEA or are fortunate enough to live near a location, you can purchase the suggested kitchen storage containers repurposed as vertical wall pots. It’s a DIY project with an IKEA hack all rolled into one.

Don’t fret if you can’t access an IKEA, you can find similar potting containers on Amazon. The design features a modern horizontal slat wall effect for hanging pots vertically off a wall or fence. In the tutorial, they utilized a concrete block wall but the same method could be used against a fence or on the exterior of a home wall.

For supplies, there are 4×4 posts and 1×4 lumber to purchase for the construction of the vertical plant wall. To complete this DIY project, you will need access to a power saw, a drill, and a sander. It is also helpful to ask a friend for help as well. With the horizontal slats secured by 4×4 posts, you can make this project as small or large as you would like by buying more or less supplies.

DIY IKEA Hack Vertical Living Wall
Image via: thegardenglove

9- DIY French Cleat Vertical Wall Garden

For a smaller sized DIY hanging plant wall project by thefrugalhomemaker, this wall mounted living wall is made with wood boards and uses hanging buckets as planting containers. Other versions of this DIY vertical green wall cost more than $100 but this project focuses on keeping the price down to a more reasonable budget.

This DIY project also utilizes the wonderful technique of a French cleat. A French cleat is commonly used to securely hang heavy items on a wall such as mirrors. This roughly three feet by three-foot square design can be expanded for additional supply costs.

This DIY plant wall project requires access to a drill and saw for construction. You may want to ask a friend for a few hours of their time to assist. The buckets used in this tutorial can be found at the dollar store or Walmart for an inexpensive price.

DIY French Cleat Vertical Wall Garden
Image via: thefrugalhomemaker

10- DIY Tin Can Vertical Planter Garden

Specifically designed as the simplest and least expensive of the DIY vertical wall planter projects by cieradesign, this tutorial shows you how to recycle and repurpose tin cans from food storage to plant pots. With simple steps of spray paint, drilling holes in the bottom, and attaching it to a fence, this project can really spark some creativity with color on a new or aged fence.

Want a theme for the fourth of July? Maybe repurpose the plant wall in the colder months with a Halloween theme or add some candles or battery-powered lights for an evening display. Let your creative juices flow with this simple DIY vertical planter wall project.

DIY Tin Can Vertical Planter Garden
Image via: cieradesign

11- DIY Kid Friendly Vertical Green Wall

Ready to get the kids interested in gardening and actively participate in the DIY project creation? This DIY plant wall by chicagobotanic will definitely spike the interest in kids of all ages. A project focused on covering foam boards with burlap and attaching burlap plant holders (wrapped plant in burlap) to the covered foam and attached to a wall or fence.

A unique twist on the plant wall theme, kids can even use unconventional items such as shoes, toys, and recycled plastic bottles as vertical planters. Let the creativity run wild with this project which is perfect for a daycare or kindergarten class project as well. Be sure to put the plant sacks at a kid height to continue engagement as the plants grow on the wall.

Use plants with bright colored flowers, leaves, or herbs that have good smells like mint or basil. Starting with some simple herb seeds would be a great way to include the children in this DIY project. If you don’t have kids, bring out the kid in you and try this tutorial in your own garden.

DIY Kid Friendly Vertical Green Wall
Image via: chicagobotanic

12- DIY Fabric Pocket Plant Wall

Looking for another fabric type pocket planter wall idea like this one by rootedingreenlove? This interesting DIY tutorial is an easy project that can be done in less than one day. Using a few simple supplies like picture hanging hooks and pre-made cotton pockets, you can create a cotton pocket collection on the wall.

Terra cotta pots are inserted into the cotton pockets which takes the potential mess out of soil and water soaking into the white cotton like a wicking material. You will need access to a drill or hammer to put the hooks in the wall. The cotton pockets in this DIY plant wall are from a Japanese store.

Alternatively, you could use fabric pockets commonly used for hanging shoes behind a door. The polyester or felt of the shoe pockets would do well with the durability needed. A pro tip is to take the pots out of the pockets, water them, let them dry a little and then place them back in the fabric pockets.

DIY Fabric Pocket Plant Wall
Image via: rootedingreenlove

13- DIY Indoor Garden Trellis Green Wall

Are you tempted by the promise of a DIY plant wall like this one by melissafrusco for under $100 and done in less than two hours? Follow this DIY vertical plant wall tutorial for some great inspiration. The hardest part of this tutorial is finding a plant that is long enough to be able to weave through the lattice work you created on your own.

Take an inexpensive bamboo trellis from a garden center, a cool plant hanger, and an artistic plant pot for your plant. Put them all together and you have a great idea waiting for your DIY hacks and improvements. Maybe you want to paint the trellis or go for a more metallic look.

Get creative by designing and customizing this project around your interior design style. Try to recreate a current design trend for a modern appeal. Pick up a new houseplant and see what you can achieve with this DIY inspirational tutorial.

DIY Indoor Garden Trellis Green Wall
Image via: melissafrusco

Looking for even more inspiration and ideas? Check out this Youtube video about an IKEA hack using a polyester behind-the-door shoe holder as a plant wall. THE MOST AFFORDABLE VERTICAL GARDEN – IKEA HACK – YouTube Its sure to help you think of more ways you can add creativity and interest to your love of all things gardening and DIY.

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