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24 DIY Stepping Stones To Make Great Looking Walkways

There’s nothing like creating a beautiful walkway out of DIY stepping stones to boost your curb appeal. You’re not only showing off a gorgeous exterior to your neighbors and guests, but you’re also increasing your property value if you ever decide to sell your home. Plus, it’s nice to just admire a charming walkway in your front yard, backyard or around your garden.

You may be wondering how you can create a walkway with DIY stepping stones. There are many projects that make it easy to create your own landscape stepping stones. The best part is you can customize your stepping stones to fit your exterior. Use the following guide to learn how to make stepping stone for your walkway.

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DIY Stepping Stones For A Beautiful Walkways

1. Pebble Mosaic DIY Stepping Stones

A pebble mosaic is perfect for adding a pattern to your walkway. You’re using pebbles in different shapes, sizes and colors to create an amazing design. One idea is to create a walkway of waves to represent the water, or you can use the stones to create small circular shapes instead of a traditional path. The materials for a pebble mosaic walkway include sorted drain-rock pebbles, crushed gravel, premixed dry mortar and lumber and stakes.

Pebble Mosaic DIY Stepping Stones

2. Stained Glass DIY Stepping Stones

You can add a gorgeous design to your yard with stained glass garden stepping stones. Why not use the stained glass to create a sun or flower pattern in warm colors? You’re celebrating the start of spring or summer as you restore your garden. There’s something about stained glass that adds an elegant or classic touch, and it’s sure to look great with your colorful flowers.

Stained Glass Stepping Stones

3. NES DIY Stepping Stones

How would you like to create concrete stepping stones that look like the Nintendo Entertainment System? You’re going to remove the top half and create a mold of the design, so you can create as many NES stepping stones as you need. Use cement to create the actual stepping stones for your path or garden. One idea is to arrange the stepping stones in your front yard and see how many people realize it’s a Nintendo Entertainment System.

NES Stepping Stones
4. DIY Wooden Stepping Stones

You don’t have to stick with stone, concrete or pebbles when making stepping stones. Why not create your DIY stepping stones out of wooden pieces? There’s something about wooden stepping stones that add a warm touch to your exterior. If your home has a rustic, country or farmhouse interior, a wooden path is a great way to bring your theme to your exterior.

DIY Wooden Stepping Stones

5. Colorful DIY Stepping Stones

Creating colorful stepping stones is a great project for the whole family. You’re going to start by creating the actual stepping stones with quick-drying concrete and circular molds. Use pieces of stone, shell or mosaic tile to decorate your stepping stones. Your children may want to use small plastic figurines for their projects. It’s important to create your design on a paper plate and piece of paper before adding it to the stepping stone, as you’re working with quick-drying concrete.
Colorful DIY Stepping Stones

6. Concrete DIY Stepping Stones

You don’t have to worry about breaking the bank when you create garden path stones out of concrete. Concrete allows you to save money while still being creative on this project. One idea is to use concrete to make several hexagon-shaped stones with fun designs in the center. It creates a classic but exciting pattern for your walkway. Lay the stones together to create a unique path through or around your garden.

Concrete DIY Stepping Stones

7. Personalized DIY Stepping Stones

You may enjoy creating personalized diy stepping stones for your yard or garden. Personalize the stones with the last name of your family, or you can personalize each stone with a loved one’s first name. Surprise a household member with their own personalized stepping stone, or use the stone as a memorial for a loved one. You can even create a personalized stepping stone for your beloved pet.

Personalized DIY Stepping Stones

8. Embossed DIY Stepping Stones

If you want to learn how to make stepping stone with a beautiful design, consider making embossed stepping stones with a masonry mix. You can embed leaves, flowers, rocks, shells, pottery or other elements into your stepping stones. It’s important to use rubber gloves and follow the directions for this project. Use this method to create embossed stepping stones for each season.Embossed DIY Stepping Stones

9. Wooden Garden Stepping Stones

If you enjoy DIY stepping stones made of wood, here is another project for creating wooden garden stepping stones. You can attach pieces of wood to create your stepping stones, or you can buy wood pallets from a home improvement store. Paint the wooden pieces in a fun color scheme, or keep them unpainted for a natural look. Your garden stepping stones can be placed through or around your garden.

Wooden Garden Stepping Stones

10. Pebble DIY Stepping Stones

This is another project that involves making stepping stones out of pebbles. The pebbles are going to be arranged in a mold of cement and mortar. You can collect your pebbles from the beach or shore. If you cannot get to the beach or shore, there are several retail stores that sell pebbles for home projects. The best part is pebbles come in a variety of shapes, sizes and colors.

Pebble DIY Stepping Stones

11. Mosaic DIY Stepping Stones

It’s always fun to create your own mosaic stepping stones. You can use mosaic tiles to create a beautiful design for your exterior. You can also use pieces of broken tiles for this project. The design is going to be placed on a large piece of plywood, which should be big enough to create a walkway. Your mosaic can be placed in your front or backyard, or it can be placed on the path through your garden.

Mosaic DIY Stepping Stones

12. Sea Glass DIY Stepping Stones

The next time you’re visiting the beach, collect some sea glass for your diy stepping stone project. You can also add pebbles, stones or shells to the mix if you want. The elements should be mixed in cement and coarse aggregate, which you’re going to firmly press the sea glass into later. Your sea glass stepping stones are perfect for adding more color to your garden or creating a beach-like exterior.

Sea Glass DIY Stepping Stones

13. Fossil DIY Stepping Stones

How would you like to create a stepping stone that resembles a fossil? You can easily create your own fossil stepping stones using materials such as a leaf, modeling clay and sacked concrete. One idea is to make several stepping stones with assorted leaves, and use the stepping stones to create a fun walkway to your front or back door.

Fossil Stepping Stones

14. DIY Embossed Stepping Stones

If the other embossed stepping stone project caught your eye, you may enjoy this project. You can make these DIY stepping stones using materials such as a stepping stone kit, rubber decorative doormat and fine concrete. One idea is to create an attractive flower design for your garden. Once you arrange the circular stepping stones on your landscape, it will be hard to resist hopping from stone to stone.

DIY Embossed Stepping Stones

15. DIY Garden Stepping Stones

You can easily create garden stepping stones that stand out from the crowd. With this project, you’re going to use pieces of broken teacups to create gorgeous stepping stones for your garden. You want to use small, flat pieces of the teacups, and push the teacups down in the cement far enough to make it easier to step on the stones.

DIY Garden Stepping Stones

16. Button DIY Stepping Stones

Are you looking for adorable, unique landscape stepping stones for your exterior? Why not create your own button stepping stones? You’re going to use materials such as large plastic lids, small plastic caps, cement, chalky finish paints and matte varnish for this project. When you’re finished, you can create a walkway of colorful buttons on your front exterior. Your stepping stones are sure to be the talk of your neighborhood.

Button DIY Stepping Stones

17. Salt Dough DIY Stepping Stones

Do you enjoy collecting stones, pebbles and shells from the beach or shore? Turn your souvenirs into exterior decor with these salt dough diy stepping stones. You’re going to create your stepping stones out of salt, flour and water, as well as your souvenirs. You can add a splash of color by using paint to tint the stones. Use your stepping stones as a reminder of your favorite vacation by the beach, lake or river.

Salt Dough DIY Stepping Stones

18. Block DIY Stepping Stones

Here’s a fun project for making stepping stones that look like colorful blocks. You’re going to make your block stepping stones out of concrete blocks. Use painters tape and spray paint to decorate your stepping stones in a cool pattern. Another option is to spray paint the entire block in your favorite color. Your family, neighbors and guests are sure to love walking up a path of colorful blocks.

Block DIY Stepping Stones

19. Concrete Garden Stepping Stones

For this project, you’re going to create garden path stones out of concrete and an empty catering tray lid. All you have to do is pour the concrete and let it sit on a level surface for about 24 hours. Once it’s dry, remove the concrete and you have a new stepping stone for your garden. You can paint the stones to add a little color, or you can leave them unpainted to showcase their natural beauty.

Concrete Garden Stepping Stones

20. Footprint DIY Stepping Stones

This project is perfect for families, friends or couples, as you’re going to be creating footprint diy stepping stones. It’s also very easy because you can buy concrete stepping stones at an affordable price. Use paint to add the footprints to your stepping stones. In a few years, you can look at the stepping stones and see how much your children have grown.
Footprint DIY Stepping Stones

21. Leaf-Shaped DIY Stepping Stones

There are plenty of projects that allow you to create DIY stepping stones in other shapes, such as leaf-shaped stepping stones. These stepping stones give your path a different look because you’re breaking the tradition of curved or straight lines. If you love nature, use your stepping stones to add a personal touch to your exterior. You’re going to use large leaves and premixed concrete for this project, as well as a mortar or cement colorant if you want to change the color of your stones.

Leaf-Shaped DIY Stepping Stones

22. Lace-Style DIY Stepping Stones

You can easily use lace-style stepping stones to add a touch of elegance to your landscape. You’re going to use a large piece of lace as a stencil for spray painting your stepping stones. Once it’s dry, you’re going to paint over the design to make it bolder. If you’re looking for an easy way to add a gorgeous, sophisticated pattern to your stepping stones, this is the project for you. Be sure to surround the garden stepping stones with mulch, greenery and beautiful flowers.
Lace-Style DIY Stepping Stones

23. Handprint DIY Stepping Stones

Just like the footprint stepping stones, the handprint diy stepping stones are perfect for families. It’s a great way to get everyone involved in decorating the exterior, and your children are sure to love being a part of this project. You’re going to help your children press their hand into the mixed concrete. Let them decorate it with elements such as shells, leaves, beads or mosaic tiles. You can even use a stick to write their name, age and the date on each stone. Don’t be afraid to create a stepping stone with your own handprint on it.

Handprint DIY Stepping Stones

24. Oriental DIY Stepping Stones

Creating oriental stepping stones is a fun way to add a unique but positive look to your garden. You can find stencils with Asian letters and meanings online or in craft stores. It’s best to pick something that creates a positive atmosphere, such as the words “Love,” “Peace,” and “Energy.” You’re going to use supplies such as the stencils, paint, mold and cement for this project, as well as the cut-out letters from your stencils. It’s a very hands-on project that takes a little time to complete, but it’s worth it to create beautiful, motivational stepping stones for your garden.

Oriental DIY Stepping Stones

As you can see, the sky is the limit when you’re creating your own DIY stepping stones. Whether you want something elegant for your garden or playful for your front yard, you’re sure to create the perfect stepping stones for your exterior.

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