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23 Free Pavilion Plans In Different Shapes And Sizes

Building a usable outdoor space with one of these free pavilion plans will increase your home’s living space and increase property value. There are many uses for an outdoor pavilion, like an outdoor kitchen, picnic area or storage area.

Whatever your need is for a covered outdoor space, these free pavilion plans can help you decide what design will meet your needs the best. After deciding which one you need, the free plans will enable you to accomplish this DIY project like a professional.

Check out the 23 DIY pavilions that can be built in different sizes to find the one that will best meet your needs.

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1- Vinyl Pavilion Plan

Traditional, attractive and classic, these pavilion plans will show you how to assemble this vinyl pavilion in your backyard.

A great size for outdoor family meals or for relaxing in the shade at poolside, this classic style of outdoor pavilion will fit in with almost any style of home. The classic style should be acceptable to most all Home Owner’s Associations, making this outdoor pavilion an ideal choice for those living in subdivisions.

The vinyl exterior makes it low maintenance and inexpensive to construct.

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Vinyl Pavilion

2- 16‘x16‘ Outdoor Pavilion Plan

This large and sturdy outdoor structure will be around for many years and is ideal for multi-purpose usage.

If you have a large family with young children, this size of backyard pavilion will make an ideal play area and outdoor kitchen for the next few years. As the children grow up, this 16‘x16‘ structure would make a great place to host birthday parties, graduation parties, weddings, and baby showers.

A family would enjoy this covered outdoor space for many uses over the years, and these free pavilion plans will show you how to build it.

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16‘x16‘ Outdoor Pavilion

3- 20‘x20‘ Outdoor Pavilion

Moving up in size from the previous pavilion, this larger covered outdoor structure can do it all. Host corporate get-togethers, backyard BBQ’s for family and friends, host family reunions or just hang out with friends under the roof of this 20‘x20‘ DIY pavilion.

This solid structure will provide years of covered outdoor space that can be used for a wide range of activities. The large size may also lend itself for the structure being an income-producing venue on your property. Rent the structure out for weddings, parties or other activities where a large, secure outdoor space might be needed.

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20‘x20‘ Outdoor Pavilion

4- Shed Roof Pavilion Plan

A shed roof will provide the same protection as a pitched roof, and is quicker and easier to build.

The clean-line construction of this outdoor pavilion makes the building process go quickly. The finished 24’x24′ structure provides plenty of protected space underneath the shed roof that can be used for storage, get-togethers, or whatever other activities you need a dry outdoor space for.

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Shed Roof Pavilion Plan

5- Backyard Pavilion

Use these free pavilion plans to build your backyard retreat. Perfect size for an outdoor dining table, a couple of comfortable chairs, side table or whatever else you may want to create a cozy backyard retreat.

Add curtains to shield you from the neighbors and the elements. Hanging baskets of flowers and LED rope lighting will add to the relaxing ambiance of your backyard retreat.

A small outdoor space like this one will also be easy to keep free of summertime pests. Use your favorite mosquito repellent around the perimeter and keep your backyard retreat free of flying pests.

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free pavilion plans

6- Pavilion With Railing

These free pavilion plans will show you how to create a safe outdoor area for families with small children. This pavilion design has wood railings around the sides that will help keep small children securely inside while they play. The entry points can be covered with gates so create an ideal outdoor play area for small children.

The side railings are attractive and add to the overall look of the outdoor structure. When the children grow older, the side railings will be easy to remove to create an open pavilion that is accessible from all sides.

These free plans will show you how to build a pavilion in just one weekend with minimal expense.

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Pavilion With Railing
Pavilion plan image via: construct101.com

7- Wooden Pavilion Kit

These YouTube pavilion plans will show you how to put together an attractive wooden pavilion that comes in a kit from a well-known warehouse store.

Take all the guess work out of the parts in the pavilion kit and put them together like a professional with the help of this detailed video. The finished wooden pavilion is 12 feet by 14 feet and provides outdoor living space that can be used throughout the year.

A backyard pavilion will increase the enjoyment of your home and its’ value if you ever decide to sell.

8- Backyard Oasis

Use these YouTube pavilion plans to create a backyard oasis that can be used year-round and become the focal point of your backyard.

This delightful pavilion has pavers on the ground to create a solid floor and make an ideal sturdy surface for a chiminea or firepit. Surround the perimeter of the pavilion with vegetable plants and flowers so the rainwater runoff from the roof will keep the plants watered. The plants will create a fragrant, colorful, and edible living privacy screen for you while you’re under the roof of the DIY pavilion.

Use plants that will attract pollinators so you can enjoy watching the butterflies and hummingbirds while you relax in your backyard oasis built with these outdoor pavilion plans.

9- Wood Pavilion Plan

Download this free PDF plans for building a wood pavilion and put your carpentry skills to good use. These detailed plans will walk you through the DIY build so you can be enjoying your new covered outdoor space in just a few days.

Ideal size for family dinners, pavilions are great structures for building beside a lake or garden so the view can be enjoyed from all sides. The breeze can come in from all sides to keep the structure naturally cool during the summer months too.

Add a kitchen and hang canvas curtains and you can enjoy the outdoor pavilion year-around, no matter what the weather may be.

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building a wood pavilion

10- 20‘x30‘ Pavilion Plan

Large enough to serve multi-purposes, these free pavilion plans are detailed and easy to follow during construction.

This large outdoor structure can house a fully equipped kitchen on one end and a comfortable dining area on the other. This size pavilion would be great for families that enjoy spending most of their time outdoors.

A large pavilion like this one would also be great for storage of heavy equipment, firewood or animal feed. The open sides make it easy to drive into for loading or unloading.

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free pavilion plans

11- Post and Beam Pavilion Plan

Enjoy time outdoors regardless of the weather with this easy-to-build post and beam  pavilion.

Rainy days, windy and cold weather usually keep the family indoors, but a post and beam pavilion built on your property can change that.

Enjoy the great outdoors anytime under the covering of a wood pavilion built anywhere on your property. Relax, grill, enjoy nature and let the kids play under the attractive roof of the structure. Don’t let rain, wind or snow keep you cooped up inside on your day off, this easy to build pavilion can protect you from the elements and allow you to enjoy the great outdoors.

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Post and Beam Pavilion
Pavilion plan image via: familyhandyman.com

12- 10‘x10‘ Pavilion Plan

Imagine having this pavilion beside a lake, or pond or your favorite hunting area. Furnish it with a grill, table, seating, and hammocks and you would have the perfect place to spend the day. Cook the catch of the day and take an afternoon nap in a picturesque setting with this DIY pavilion. Affordable and easy to build with these free plans.

Use these pavilion plans to construct this 10‘x10‘ structure for a small backyard. Plenty of room under the roof to get out of the sun and enjoy a meal.

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pavilion plans

13- 20‘x20‘ Pavilion Plan

These detailed plans have a shopping list of everything you will need to purchase to build this 20‘x20‘ outdoor pavilion. Easy to print out and take along with you to the building supply center.

The detailed plans also allow for adjustments to the structure so you can customize the DIY pavilion to meet your needs. Since landscapes and family needs vary, it’s nice to have a pavilion design that can be customized to land grade and family need.

Sturdy construction and attractive design will have you using this outdoor structure for many years to come.

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outdoor pavilion

14- Square Pavilion Plan

This simple structure is easy to build and has multiple uses. 16‘x16‘ square pavilion has a solid construction that will stand up to the elements for years to provide you with a dry, sheltered space for family functions or outdoor storage space.

Great for building in a mid-sized backyard, the 16‘x16‘ square will increase the outdoor space that is usable during inclement weather. These pavilion plans are easy to follow and will enable you to construct this DIY project in just a few days.

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pavilion plans

15- Recreation Area

These free pavilion plans will show you how to construct a 12‘x16‘ covered structure that makes an ideal recreation area for your backyard.

Oblong and open, this pavilion size is great for entertaining friends or relaxing with family. An outdoor kitchen and lighting would make this a family hangout day and night. Create a fun and safe recreation area for family and they will want to stay home instead of at their friend’s home.

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free pavilion plans

16- 12‘x12‘ Pavilion Plan

Simple and easy construction, this square 12‘x12‘outdoor pavilion will provide shade from the hot summer sun and protection from the ultraviolet rays while allowing you to enjoy time outdoors.

Enjoy a picnic under the roof of this pavilion, take a nap in a hammock, or set up a cozy seating area so you can enjoy some quiet reading time. Ideal for a small backyard or poolside, this cozy pavilion will increase the amount of time you enjoy being outdoors plus increase your property value.

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12‘x12‘outdoor pavilion Plan


17- Steep Roof Construction

A steep roof and side railings enhance the appearance of an outdoor pavilion, and these free plans will show you how to build them all.

Create this DIY pavilion for dining with family and friends on an everyday basis, and use the enhanced features to make other events more special. The steep roof design will make the outdoor structure desirable for weddings, parties and other events.

The side railings are also ideal for keeping small children confined to the outdoor space for safe playtime. The railings can also be used to hold party or wedding decor so events can be made more personal.

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DIY pavilion plan
DIY pavilion plans

18- Garden Pavilion Plan

A unique design for a unique outdoor space, this garden pavilion will enhance the landscape while providing shelter from the elements. The roof design maximizes air circulation inside the structure while keeping the rain out.

Make this outdoor structure the center point of your flower garden so you can enjoy the sight and fragrance of the plants from all sides. Attractive roof design has several sturdy wood beams that can be used to display hanging pots of flowers and to suspend lighting so the space can be enjoyed after dark.

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Garden Pavilion Plan
Garden Pavilion Plan

19- Paver Floor

There are many different types of flooring materials that can be used for an outdoor pavilion, most designs use wood or poured concrete. But this design uses pavers for a unique look and ground-level floor.

This paver flood idea is ideal for families that have a member with mobility issues and find stepping up or down to be challenging. The ground level floor is also ideal for baby stroller, wagons, electric scooters or wheelchairs.

The space between the pavers allows for quick run-off of any rainwater or liquid spill that may occur find their way onto the floor. The pavers can be used for a walkway leading from the house to the pavilion to create a unified backyard appearance.

This YouTube video is easy to follow and will take you through the construction process of this large backyard pavilion with paver flooring.

20- Cedar Pole Pavilion

This YouTube video will show you how to combine items that you have to create a one of kind pavilion that is both attractive and sturdy.

If you have an existing concrete pad and some cedar trees that need to be cut down, why not put the two components together and upcycle them into a backyard pavilion that will last for generations?

Cedar poles resist rot and will remain solid for decades to hold up the roof of this pavilion. Watch this video and discover how to build a pavilion from materials you already have. Pavilion plans like these will show you how to transform your yard into an attractive and usable living space.

If you don’t have cedar trees that need to be cut down, consider bartering with someone who does. You cut down their cedar trees and remove them in exchange for them helping you build an outdoor structure with them using these pavilion plans.

21- Party Pavilion

If you need a covered space to host large outdoor parties then check out these party pavilion plans. Detailed plans will show you how to build an attractive party pavilion that is complete with electricity and a concrete slab.

Host family barbeques on the weekend, birthday parties, outdoor weddings, or any other type of fun filled get together under the roof of this timber frame pavilion. Printable plans are easy to follow and leave no details out so you can build this sturdy wood pavilion in your backyard or near the lake.

This party pavilion will increase the property value of your home. A DIY pavilion like this could also be a way to generate extra income if your property has a lake or mountain view – people would rent it for parties and other events.

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Pavilion Plans

22- Shady Garden Retreat

If your backyard does not have any mature trees that provide shade then you are in desperate need of a pavilion to create a shady outdoor living space.

These backyard pavilion plans on YouTube will provide you with step-by-step plans to guide you through the building process so you can create a shady garden retreat in your backyard. This is ideal for hot, dry climates and will allow you to enjoy the outdoors even on the hottest summer day.

Install a ceiling fan or two in the timber frame pavilion and line the perimeter with plants that grow best in partial shade. Add a water feature and maybe a misting system to reduce the temperature under the pavilion and increase the humidity for plants. If the temperatures dip during the winter months, a firepit can help warm the outdoor living space up for your enjoyment.

23- Kitchen Pavilion

Who hasn’t dreamed of having an outdoor kitchen with all the latest gadgets right next to the backyard pool? Now is the time to make that dream come true with these detailed pavilion plans on YouTube.

This YouTube video will show you how to construct a dream kitchen pavilion alongside an existing pool so you can spend more time outdoors having fun during the summer. Built-in seating, bar area, easy clean paver flooring, and space for a large dining table make this backyard pavilion the place to spend the summer with your family.

The pavilion even has a patio so if you want to enjoy lounging in the sun there is a location just for that. Everything has been thought of and included in this dream kitchen pavilion and you can build one just like it with these free plans.

Wraping Up!

Enhance your outdoor living space and increase your property value by building one of these diy pavilions. Outdoor pavilions help you spend more time outdoors in a shaded area with your family either for the kitchen, a play area, or for a family meal. These free plans are in different shapes and sizes, you can choose any one that suits your budget, diy skills, living space and the design you like.

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