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10 DIY Misting System To Keep You Cool In Hot Summer Days

The summer heat is here and everyone is looking for ways to stay cool. A DIY misting system is easy to build and will help keep you cool during the hot days of summer. An outdoor misting system will provide just enough moisture to keep you cool without soaking your hair and clothes with water.

A DIY misting system will also help keep the insects away. Say goodbye to gnats, mosquitoes, flies, and other pests when you use an all-natural misting system. Flying pests won’t bother you because they don’t want the moisture on their wings that would hinder them from flying around.

A DIY water mister is safe for use around babies, children, senior citizens, and pets. It’s just clean water being used in the mister with no chemical additives. Plants that are nearby will benefit from the cooling mist as well.

Check out our round up of 10 DIY misting systems and decide which one will be right for your outdoor space this summer.

1- Ice Cold Personal Misting System

The first one in the list is ingenious design created to keep 1-2 people cool and costs less than $10 to make. A bucket of ice is the main cooling factor of this DIY project by Instructables and it will last for hours.

If you enjoy sitting outside but don’t enjoy the heat and flying insects, this ice cold personal diy misting system may be just right for you. Fill a bucket with ice and pass a misting hose through the bucket, then aim the misting nozzle between two outdoor lounge chairs and you will have cooling comfort for 1-2 people.

The cooling mist will keep mosquitoes and other flying insects off of you so you can relax and enjoy lounging on your outdoor patio or deck this summer.

Ice Cold Personal Misting System
Ice Cold Personal Misting System, Image via: Instructables

2- 15 Minutes DIY Mister

After watching this YouTube video and gathering the building supplies, you will only be 15 minutes away from being a lot cooler outdoors. This DIY misting system on youtube can be put together in just 15 minutes and enjoyed all summer long.

Be outdoors with your family and friends and stay cool with this efficient and effective misting system. If you already have a canopy and a garden hose, you have most of the building supplies on hand and the total cost will be under $20.

This misting canopy can be moved as needed around the yard and several people can sit under the canopy and stay cool even on the hottest of summer days.

3- Plant Misting System

This YouTube video will show you how to build an efficient plant misting system that has many other applications, including keeping you cool on a hot summer day.

Plants swelter under the hot summer sun and misting them to increase the humidity around them can be time consuming. A DIY misting system such as this one on youtube will make the gardening task automatic and the misting system can be used to keep people from swelting in the sun.

A misting system like this one can be used for both plants and people so you only have to build one. However, the cost is very low and the project is simple so it would be easy to construct more than one system and keep everyone cool this summer.

4- Portable Canopy Mister

This is a great idea for creating a little shade and cooling mist for an outdoor event. The misting system by Instructables is attached to the canopy and is easy to take down and put up. Ideal for use at a backyard BBQ, fishing tournament, traveling craft show, or any other one-time event that would benefit from a cooling station for participants.

Canopies are inexpensive and portable, and these video instructions make adding a DIY mister to a canopy quick and easy.

Portable Canopy Mister
Portable Canopy Mister, Image via: Instructables

5- Automatic Misting System

These free plans will show you how to build an automatic misting system by Instructables that is temperature controlled. This design is great for regular outdoor activities where cooling is needed during the summer.

You can set the timer for the automatic system to come on when you want it too or you can allow the air temperature controlled when the mist turns on. Ideal for use with small livestock, like chickens, and great for use on humidity-loving plants.

utomatic Misting System
Automatic Misting System, Image via: Instructables

6- Summer Mist System

Transform a 10×10 foot canopy and some PVC pipe into a cooling station for relief from the hot summer sun.

This video will show you how to put together a DIY misting system on youtube and attach it to the underside of a canopy so you can stay cool this summer. This mist system is easy to move so you can use it in your own backyard or take it along with you to other outdoor activities, As long as there is an outside water spigot and hose, you can beat the heat and stay cool. With a little creativity, you could develop a portable water system so this summer misting system could be used for tailgating during summer sporting events.

7- High Pressure Misting System

This DIY misting system by diynetwork is designed with a little more pressure so it can cover a larger outdoor space. A long portico, wrap around porch, or other large outdoor space would benefit from having a high pressure misting system like this one.

Outdoor spaces where a large crowd gathers increases the summer heat and a misting system will help everyone keep cool and comfortable. If you have a family vacation home, host weddings, family reunions, or just have a lot of company during the summer, an outdoor misting system is a must.

High Pressure Misting System
High Pressure Misting System, Image via: diynetwork

8- Terrarium Misting System

This misting system will keep plants and terrarium pets cool and well hydrated automatically.  Terrariums and vivariums need to be kept consistently moist and a misting system like this one in this youtube video makes the work very easy. This YouTube video will show you how to build two types of misting systems – a basic type or a more advanced type.

The type you need will depend on the size of your terrarium or vivarium. Plants like Spider Wort, Baby Tears, and Golden Club Moss thrive in the controlled environment of a terrarium. And if you have a vivarium with amphibians or reptiles, a DIY misting system will keep them thriving and happy.

9- DIY Mosquito Misting System

Mosquitoes can ruin an outdoor event during the summer. They are annoying with painful bites plus they can also carry diseases, like the West Nile Virus and Zika. A DIY misting system like the one shown here on this YouTube video will keep the mosquitoes away so they won’t ruin outdoor fun or make you sick.

This video provides detailed instructions for building a tankless mosquito misting system like this one on youtube that will keep your outdoor fun cool and pest-free. Easy to install and inexpensive, if you live in an area that prone to have mosquito infestation during the summer, this misting system is something you must have. Mosquitoes have thin wings and are weak fliers, so a little moisture on their wings will keep them from flying and landing on your skin.

10- Patio Misting System

This YouTube video will show you how to build a DIY misting system that will provide you with clean, efficient, and cheap cooling so you can enjoy the patio.

Patios are typically uncovered and setting in the full sun, making them difficult to enjoy during the hot summer months. A misting system like this one on youtube can change that and allow you to comfortably enjoy spending time outdoors on the patio even on the hottest summer day.

PVC pipe and a water hose are the biggest components of this diy misting system and both are inexpensive and easy to work with. Keep cool this summer and enjoy outdoor time on your patio with this easy to create misting system.


In the summer month when it is warm outside and buzzing flies and mosquitoes disturbed your outdoor sitting you can make any of these DIY misting systems to enjoy your sitting. These are not difficult to make, you can start making your own misting system with the help of the above 10 DIY misting systems we have shared with you.

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