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12 Homemade Mouse Traps That Work Great To Catch Mouse And Rates

Building a homemade mouse traps will help you rid your home of rats. Let’s face it; no one loves having rats running all over their houses. Those little miscreants can be annoying. Although they may look harmless, these rats can cause considerable damage to your properties. They feed on your foodstuffs, urinate on your items, chew on our furniture’s, leave their droppings all over the place and also carry several deadly diseases.

Making a homemade mouse trap is the best solution if you are tired of those furry creators running around your home. Below are our list of 12 homemade mouse traps from different sites that work great to catch mouse and rates.

1. Simple ‘No-Kill’ Homemade Mouse Traps

Rats can be annoying; they are fast and cunning. However, you can follow this plan to make a “no kill” DIY mouse trap by instructables to enable you to catch and get them off your home. The trap is very simple to make. You will need a tube; like the one from your toilet paper.

To make a homemade mouse trape, first, you have to flatten the side, so it doesn’t easily roll. Then position the tube halfway on a table, so it extends over the counter or any other elevated surface.

Set a trash can or any deep bucket just right under the overhanging tube, and place raisin (little peanut butter) at the front of the tube on the table, and another one on the overhanging part of the tube.

This way, when the mouse eats the first raising on the table and tries to get to the other part in the tube, it will fall into the bucket.

Have in mind that the rats will try to jump out when it falls inside the bucket, so you should use a bucket that’s tall enough.

No-Kill' Homemade Mouse Traps
No-Kill’ Homemade Mouse Traps, Image via: instructables

2. Repeating DIY Mouse Trap

Standard mouse traps are a onetime shot when sprung you will need to reset it to work again. Also, it can only catch one rat at a time. However, you can build this simple repeating DIY mouse trap like this one by backwoodshome that works well to rid some rats one time. You will only need to concern about it when it’s time to remove the caught rats.

You don’t need to spend to build this trap; it can be constructed entirely with items you already have at home.

To make this homemade mouse trape, you will need a deep plastic bucket that can take up to five gallons of water, a paper or Styrofoam plate, a metal hanger and some sticks. You can quickly get a plastic bucket around your home. You can use those for paints or laundry detergent. Using one of them will amount to recycling to keep the environment clean.

After getting the items, drill two holes on both sides of the bucket, aiming for the centre. Then cut out the plain side of the metal coat hanger (the side without the twisting).

Turn the plate upside down and position it, so it’s resting slightly on the rim of the bucket, then drill tiny holes on the plate so that the wire can pass straight to the holes on both sides of the bucket. Then run the wire all through ensuring the plate rests slightly on the rim of the bucket. Then fill the bucket halfway with water and drop a stick or two on the side of the bucket so rats can easily access the bucket. You can also spread peanut butter on the edge of the plat to attract rats.

The idea is that, when a mouse climbs the bucket in an attempt to get the peanut on the plate, the plate will flip and the mouse will fall into the water. You can catch a countless number of rats with this trap. You may also like to check out: Homemade mouse poison.

Repeating Mouse Trap Idea
Repeating Mouse Trap Idea, Image via: backwoodshome

3. Homemade Mouse Trap

If you are interested in building a bucket mouse trap like this one by trap-anything with common supplies in your home, then this is the best mouse trap for you. The trap works perfectly, and it’s easy to build.

To build this homemade mouse trap, you will need a 5-gallon bucket or a wire coat hanger or metal rod and a tin or pop can. You will also need a driller to pore holes, a piece of wood and some peanut butter.

Firstly, you will need to drill holes on opposite sides of the bucket; it should be close to the top and in the middle of the bucket.  The hole should be the same diameter as the rod or wire.

Next, you will drill holes at the bottom and top of the pop can. Don’t use the opening on the can, drill a separate hole wide enough to allow the can twist and roll on the metal rod.

Now thread the rod through one of the holes on the bucket, and the through both holes on the can, and the other hole on the bucket, such that the can Is held in-between the bucket.

Now, spread the pieces of peanut butter all over the can, get place the wood scrap and place it like a ramp leading to the top of the bucket.

The idea here is that, when rats sight the peanut butter, they will attempt to access it by climbing to the top of the bucket to the can. When they do, the can will roll over, and the mouse will fall into a bucket of water. You may also like to check out: homemade mosquito traps.

Homemade Mouse Trap
Homemade Mouse Trap, Image via: trap-anything

4. Wooden Cell Homemade Mouse traps

This plan involves building a functional and useful wooden cell homemade mouse trap like this one by motherearthnews. You will need a hanger wire; soup can with lid and two rubber bands. The project contains instructions on how to build this DIY mouse trap. The design is like a wooden cell. It has the form of a rectangular cylinder with both sides covered with tiny metal rods. The plan can also be built with a tin can instead of wood, following the instructions.

Rectangular Cylinder Mouse trap
Rectangular Cylinder Mouse trap, Image via: motherearthnews

5. Cheap Homemade Mouse Traps

Making homemade mouse trap like this one by instructables is easy and most times doesn’t cost a dime, as you can get every bit of supply you need within your home. This plan involves building one of these cheap but very functional rat traps. You will need at least three rubber-bands and an Altoids tin to get started. The trap is designed such that when the rat gets in to get whatever is placed inside, it gets trapped.

Inexpensive idea to build a mouse trap
Inexpensive idea to build a mouse trap, Image via: instructables

6. Simple Soda Bottle DIY Mouse trap

If you have a soda bottle lying around in your home, then you can use it to create this diy bottle mouse trap by instructables. You can easily find a soda bottle if you don’t have one at home. Aside from the bottle, you will also need a metal coat hanger, a cloth clip and a 2×4 piece of wood. You will also need screws, nails and a few tools like drills, hammer, screwdriver, cutter, pliers.  After getting the materials, you can then follow the plan to make the trap.

DIY Mouse Trap Made from Simple Soda Bottle
DIY Mouse Trap Made from Simple Soda Bottle, Image via: instructables

7. Homemade Mouse Trap For Garden

Rats can be annoying; they chew on just about anything they come in contact with, including your garden plants and fruits. To avoid this, you can build this 5 gallons homemade mouse trap like this one by frugal-living-freedom. All you need is a 5-gallon bucket, a pop can, metal rod, a long piece of wood and nails. You can then follow the instructions to build the DIY mouse trap. You may also like to check out: homemade fruit fly traps.

DIY Mouse Traps For Garden
DIY Mouse Traps For Garden, Image via: frugal-living-freedom

8. DIY Mouse Trap With Plastic Bottle

To build this DIY mouse trap like in this youtube video, you will need a long plastic cylinder with only one side open. If you have a medium-sized water bottle, you can cut off the top for the purpose. You will also need two tiny pieces of wood and a bigger sized board, as well as glue, magnet and other smaller materials. The plan contains a video that shows the steps to build the trap and how to trap a mouse with it.


9. Bowl DIY Mouse Traps

This idea involves building a homemade mouse traps like this one on Youtube that can adequately capture rats with a bowl. You will also need other materials like a thick wood board, wooden chopsticks and tape. It also requires something to use as bait to lure the mouse. The trap is designed in such a way that when a mouse tries to eat on the bait, it’s covered and captured in the bowl. You can quickly build this trap following the video instructions.

10. DIY Rat trap From A Cardboard Box

This is another excellent DIY rat trap idea on youtube from our list that involves making a trap with a cardboard box and a few other materials you can easily find around the house. You will need a wooden meter rule, string, rubber band and a small length of metal wire. The plan contains a video which you can follow to build this trap.


11. DIY Rat Trap Using PVC & Plastic Bottle

This is about the best mouse trap by novom from our list and it’s straightforward to build. Unlike the other plans we have discussed earlier  .  It can capture multiple rats at a time. You will need a water bottle, PVC of about the same size as the water bottle and masking tape. After building the trap, you will put baits across the entrance and inside the trap.

The trap is designed so that rats eating on the bait will eventually fall into the water bottle at the edge of the trap. The plan contains a video that illustrates how to build the trap. You may also like to check out: homemade wasp traps.

DIY Rat Trap Using PVC & Plastic Bottle
DIY Rat Trap Using PVC & Plastic Bottle, Image via: Source

12. Humane Homemade Mouse trap

This is a tetchier humane homemade mouse trap designed by popularmechanics to help you capture and rid your home of mouse and rats. The design is a box constructed from melamine offcuts and held together with nails. It has a spring-loaded door that’s connected to an infrared beam which energizes a solenoid.

The electronic part of the trap runs on a 12-volt DC supply, its designed such that when the rat, enters the box to eat up the bait, its interrupts the infrared beam, releasing the spring door and capturing it.

Humane Homemade Mouse trap
Image via: popularmechanics


Conclusively, if you are looking for how to get rid of rats, then any of the above listed homemade mouse traps will be a good fit. Just go through the plan and build according to instructions.

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