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21 Homemade Deer Feeder Plans You Can Make On A Small Budget

If you love wildlife like I do, making your own deer feeder is a fantastic way to get up close and personal with nature. I’ve spent years observing wildlife, including deer, and crafting homemade feeders has been a big part of that.

Building a homemade deer feeder can be a great way to get closer to wildlife. When I made mine, it became a special routine for me to fill it with treats and watch the deer, turkeys, and other animals gather around. It’s amazing to see them interact up close.

With the right homemade feeder, you’ll become the talk of the forest. Deer are creatures of habit, so once they find your feeder, they’ll keep coming back for more, giving you endless opportunities to observe them.

And the best part? You don’t need a big budget to make it happen. Our list of DIY feeder ideas proves that you can attract wildlife without breaking the bank. Plus, by providing them with nutritious food, you’re helping them stay healthy and thrive, which is rewarding in itself. So, get ready to witness the beauty of nature right from your own home with these homemade feeder ideas.

1- PVC Homemade Deer Feeder

One 10-feet piece of PVC pipe can make two homemade deer feeders like this one by Hub Pages. Use the PVC pipe that is 6-inches in diameter and you will create a large sized deer feeder that holds lots of corn. You won’t have to refill it often and the deer won’t get spooked by your presence or human scent. Material needed to make this diy deer feeder are PVC couplings, PVC caps, PVC reducers, PVC sch, and ratchet straps.

What I like about this feeder, it is a budget friendly building project and these free plan will show you how to build this PVC feeder step by step. A pictorial guide and written instructions are included in this building manual that is in PDF format.

If you have PVC pipe leftover from another project the cost of this DIY project will be very good for a small budget.

homemade deer feeders
PVC Pipe Deer Feeder, Image via: Hub Pages

2- Covered Deer Feeder

This covered deer feeder is easy to build and it will keep the feed dry until all of it has been eaten.

This is one of the best Deer feeder plans that we just love. The larger size and stand alone design makes this wild game feeder ideal for attracting various forms of wildlife. The wide bottom tray allows you to put corn, grain, salt lick, and hay in it at the same time. The more variety of food that is offered, the more variety of wildlife will show up to eat. Tools needed to build this deer feeder are tap measure, framing square, drill machine, sander and screwdriver.

A covered homemade deer feeder by My Outdoor Plans like this one will keep the wildlife food protected from the weather so nothing will be wasted. You can fill the feeder with lots of treats and not have to worry about re-stocking it for several days. The deer and other wildlife will appreciate the covering that keeps their head dry while they eat.

These free plans provide step by step instructions so you can easily build one of these DIY deer feeders.

homemade deer feeder
Covered Deer Feeder, Image via: My Outdoor Plans

3- PVC Deer Feeder

Here is a budget friendly deer feeder that requires no carpentry skills to build. This homemade deer feeder is made from PVC pipe and attached to a tree with wire. It’s simple design, cheap to make, and deer will love it.

Make this homemade deer feeder using 2 inch diameter pvc pipe, hacksaw or PVC cutter, metal wire, rope, or string, two 2 inch pvc pipe caps, and pvc glue. This is a very simple DIY project that will only take a few minutes to build and cost less than $10. These free plans will show you how to make a cheap homemade deer feeder by Instructables so you can enjoy watching deer in their natural habitat.

You can create several of these if you have a large piece of property so you can get a good view of deer from different locations. These DIY deer feeders would also make a good gift for family and friends that live in a wooded area.

homemade deer feeder
PVC Deer Feeder, Image via: Instructables

4- Homemade Wooden Box Deer  Feeder

This deer feeder plan, unlike previous ones we have discussed, will show you how to build a basic wooden box structure that has a storage bin on top. The storage bin is filled with food and as the deer eat from the bottom, fresh food drops down from the top. The removable lid on top makes filling the bin easy.

A salt lick or mineral block can be placed in the deer feeder like this one by feltmagnet instead of corn or grain. All types of wildlife will be attracted to this wooden feeder box and for birds you may need a diy bird feeder. If you have some scrap lumber on hand the cost to build this will be almost nothing.

You can make this homemade deer feeder using the following parts cutting list Part A (sides): 18″ long by 8½” wide (quantity of two needed), Part B (back): 18″ long by 7½” wide, Part C (slanted front): 17″ long by 7½” wide,Part D (bottom): 7¾ long by 7½” wide,Part E (lid): 10″ long by 10½ ” wide,Part F (tray front): 9″ long by 2½ ” wide.

Wooden Box With Bin
Wooden Box With Bin, Image via: feltmagnet

5- Barrel Deer Feeder

This barrel deer feeder is so easy and inexpensive to build and will attract a lot of attention from wildlife.

A plastic 55-gallon barrel and a few pieces of lumber can be used to create a long-lasting DIY deer feeder like this one by TaylorMade Creations in this YouTube video. This video will take you through the building process so you can make one for your landscape.

The roof will keep most of the rain water out of the feeding trough, but drill a few holes in the bottom so rain water can drain through and not cause the grain to ruin. You can also place a trail camera on the side so you can capture up-close videos or pictures of the deer as they eat.

6- Five Gallon Bucker Feeder

A five gallon bucket can easily be transformed into a hanging deer feeder with this unique idea.

These plastic buckets are cheap and can be bought at any building supply center. A wooden dowel, piece of rope, and screw are the other component needed for this DIY project.

This homemade deer feeder by fivegallonideas can be made in 15-minutes. Fill it with corn or other grain, hang it up from a sturdy tree limb and the deer will arrive shortly afterward to feed. You don’t have to have carpentry skills or a big budget, just a bucket and a rope.

There are a few other designs that can be used to create a feeder with a five gallon bucket, but this is the simplest and cheapest. You may also like to make a DIY squirrel feeder to enjoy watching the habits of squirrels when you are close to them.

homemade deer feeder
Five Gallon Bucker Feeder, Image via: fivegallonideas

7- Down Spout Deer Feeder And Food Recipe

An inexpensive down spout used for a home guttering system makes an ideal and cheap deer feeder by wikihow.

Place the large end of the spout at the top and add gutter connections to the bottom to create a narrow end so the grain won’t pour out. Attach the down spout to a tree with wire or screws and fill it with one of the recipes included with these free plans.

Corn, oats, and molasses make a tasty and wholesome treat for deer. Stale bread, honey, and molasses will also make an irresistible treat for deer. Making this feeder is cheap and the homemade recipes for deer food make keeping the feeder full inexpensive and easy too.

Down Spout Deer Feeder And Food Recipe
Down Spout Deer Feeder, Image via: wikihow

8- PVC Pipe Feeder

Simple and affordable to make, this DIY deer feeder by realtree is made from PVC pipe and will last for years.

These free plans include a video and written instructions so the build will go smoothly even if you have never built anything before. No cutting is required but you might need to use a drill.

Spray paint the finished deer feeder with camo paint and it will blend in with the surrounding landscape. The large PVC pipe won’t need to be re-filled daily so you can rest and enjoy watching the deer eat with minimal work or expense.

PVC Pipe Feeder
PVC Pipe Feeder, Image via: realtree

9- Hanging Deer Feeder

These free plans will show you how to recycle a five gallon bucket and a tin can into a new hanging deer feeder by diyjoy.

The five gallon bucket holds the corn or grain and the tin can hangs from the bottom to catch the attention of the passing deer. When the deer come by to investigate and nudge the tin can, some of the feed inside the bucket will drop out.

When the deer discover they get free food each time they nudge the tin can they will come around often and stay a long time.

Hanging Deer Feeder
Recycle a five gallon bucket into Hanging DIY Feeder, Image via: diyjoy

10- Covered Deer Trough

It gets tough for deer and other wildlife to find enough food to survive during the winter and a deer feeder like this will help keep them well fed.

These free detailed plans will show you how to build a covered deer trough by myoutdoorplans that will help nourish the deer during the cold winter months. The large trough holds plenty of food so it will only need refilling every 5-6 days.

If you have basic carpentry skills and a small budget, download this PDF file that contains all the building plans. You can build this covered trough in one weekend and it will last for years.

Covered Deer Trough
Covered Deer Trough, Image via: myoutdoorplans

11- Gravity Feeder

Learn how to build ahomemade deer feeder like this one by PilotPatriot on youtube that uses gravity to keep the corn flowing downward.

A 55 gallon barrel, either plastic or metal, is used for this DIY project. The barrel is placed up on metal legs so the deer can go under the barrel feeder to get to the corn. A salt lick can be placed under it to provide an extra treat for the deer and other wildlife. A mineral block will also help keep the deer healthy.

12- Homemade Barrel Feeder

Here’s another idea for creating a DIY deer feeder by Eremos Outdoors on youtube with a 55-gallon barrel. This detailed YouTube video will show you how to recycle a metal 55-gallon barrel into a functional deer feeder. This is a great idea for a small budget project and it will provide plenty of corn for the deer.

The digital feeder kit that is attached to the bottom is affordable and available at hunting supply centers. It will release the corn as needed so it won’t be wasted when wildlife is not near the feeder.

If you have a metal barrel and some metal poles, the cost for building this barrel feeder will be very low. Plus you’ll be doing a good deed by recycling metal and feeding the wildlife.

13- Plastic Barrel Feeder

Learn how to build a gravity deer feeder like this one by The Antler Geek in this YouTube video using a plastic barrel. The barrel feeder costs less than $20 to build and is great for a small budget.

The barrel feeder has a PVC pipe feeder on the bottom so the deer can easily access the corn or grain inside that is inside the barrel. The barrel can be suspended from a tree or it can be placed on wooden legs to get it off the ground.

The 55 gallon plastic barrel holds plenty of corn or grain to keep the deer well fed for several days. The cheap building costs leaves more money for you to spend on corn to put into the feeder.

Remember to put a few drainage holes in the bottom of the plastic barrel feeder to allow rain water to escape. Paint the plastic barrel camo so it will blend in with the surrounding landscape.

14- Gravity Feeder

Building a gravity feeder has never been easier! Get all the free instructions you will need for building a DIY deer feeder for your hunting land.

A PVC deer feeder like this one by kig outdoors in this YouTube video that works with gravity to keep the feed flowing will attract the deer and keep them coming back for more food. Build this gravity deer feeder on a small budget since the components are very inexpensive. A length of PVC pipe, a cap for the top, and an elbow joint are basically all that you will need to build this DIY deer feeder.

Many DIY enthusiasts will have these PVC pipe components on hand so building this efficient homemade deer feeder will be almost free.

This deer feeder is ideal for hunters who want to keep the deer in the area well fed without spending a lot of money on batteries. Even if you are not a deer hunter but just enjoy feeding and watching wildlife, this gravity feeder will be ideal.

15- Barrel Corn Feeder

Use a 55 gallon plastic barrel to create a corn feeder for deer. This homemade deer feeder by Micro Food Plots on youtube will hold plenty of corn so you won’t have to return often to refill it.

If humans are in the area too often it will spook the deer and they will find another feeding location. Building a large barrel corn feeder like the one shown in this YouTube video will allow you to stay away from the feeding area so the deer won’t be spooked by the human scent.

This YouTube video will show you how to build a deer feeder using a plastic barrel and PVC pipe.

16- Automatic Deer Feeder

Making an automatic deer feeder like this one by TightlineTV on YouTube video will enable you to keep food in the selected area at all times. The deer will return again and again to feed because they know food will always be there for them.

This is ideal for hunters and wild life watchers. You can count on deer being in the area because they can count on food being there. Build it and fill it with corn and the deer will come.

This instructional YouTube video will provide the automatic deer feeder plans so you can get started building one this weekend. It is a budget friendly DIY project that won’t cost much to build. A 55 gallon plastic barrel and some left over lumber are the main components of this building project.

17- Covered Deer Feeder

Building this homemade deer feeder for your landscape will give you an incredible view of wild life from your back porch. Make this covered trough feeder to be the focal point of your backyard. It’s easy to build with lumber, plywood, and shingles.

This DIY deer feeder by howtospecialist is a covered trough that will attract deer and keep the food dry during rain or snow. The way the feeding trough is designed will give you a great view of the deer as they feed.

These detailed instructions will show you how to make a deer feeder that attracts deer, look good in your yard, be easy to fill and refill with corn, and keep the corn dry. This feeder is made from wood so you can paint it to match your house or paint it in camouflage colors to blend in with the surrounding landscape.

homemade deer feeder
Covered Deer Feeder, Image via: howtospecialist

18- Wooden Deer Trough

Watch how to build a wooden deer trough like this one by Maddux Woodworks on this YouTube video. Use leftover wood and build it to fit perfectly on your hunting land or to use it to make a deer blind. The covered trough is made from wood and will protect the food inside the trough while attracting the deer to come and eat.

This homemade deer feeder can be built on a small budget, especially if you have some leftover wood on hand from previous DIY projects. This covered feeder is sturdy and built to last for years. Coat the wood with a clear coat of water seal and that will help the wooden deer feeder last even longer.

19- More Deer

Bring more deer on your hunting land fast with this cheap and easy to build deer feeder.

Transform an ordinary 55 gallon plastic barrel into an efficient homemade deer feeder like this one by CR42 Hunting in this YouTube video in just a few minutes. You may want to make several of these for your hunting land.

A 55 gallon barrel with a lid makes an ideal storage unit for deer corn. When you cut a few holes near the bottom to allow the corn to come out as needed the barrel becomes a cheap deer feeder.

This YouTube video will also show you how to paint the barrel in camouflage colors so it will bend in with the landscape.

20- Automatic Bucket Deer Feeder

If a 55 gallon barrel feeder is too big for your hunting land, how about a 5 gallon bucket deer feeder? Learn how to build a deer feeder like this one by WORM GITTER in this YouTube video with a 5 gallon bucket and make it automatic.

This feeder is cheap and easy to build and will keep the deer coming back daily for more food. Ideal for a back yard view point or for placing in several prime locations around hunting land. The budget friendly cost and easy build will enable you to build many of these automatic bucket feeders. Suspending the deer feeder from a tree branch will also keep the raccoons and possums out of the corn.

21- PVC Pipe Deer Feeder

This is cheap, easy, and fast to build! PVC pipe makes a long lasting deer feeder that can hold a lot of corn and stand up to the weather conditions.

Take a length of 6 inch PVC pipe and easily transform it into a gravity diy deer feeder like this one by Fern Hill Farm in this YouTube video. The cheap cost will enable you to build several of these homemade deer feeders and place them around your hunting land. Leave the PVC pipe white or paint camo or green to blend in with the landscape.

Watch this detailed YouTube video to learn how to build a deer feeder using PVC pipe. One like this can be built in minutes and enjoyed for years.

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So these are the ideas we have gathered around the internet to make it convenient for you to make your own custom design deer feeder. Now you have a lot of options to try starting from pvc pipe, bucket, hanging feeder and a 55 gallon drum. These feeders are made using one thing sure that is less wastage of feed and easy to refill. Hope you like the article!


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