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Disease and Pest control

Get rid of plant pests and diseases caused by them with these homemade solutions and handy tips to control them.

12 Homemade Bug Spray Recipes You Can Make Using Natural Ingredients

Homemade Bug Spray Recipes

When you make homemade bug spray you will know the exact ingredients that go into the product. There will be no fear of harmful chemicals that may cause illness to your children or pets, or cause damage to plants and/or furniture. The recipes for these homemade bug sprays contain natural …

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13 Homemade Mosquito Trap Ideas To Get Rid Of Mosquitos

Homemade Mosquito Trap

A homemade mosquito trap is an inexpensive and easy way to make outdoor summer activities more enjoyable. One of the main issues that keep people indoors during summertime is the abundance of mosquitoes. Not only are the tiny creatures annoying as they buzz around the head and face area, their …

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8 Homemade Wasp Traps To Get Rid Of Wasps

homemade wasp trap

The trend of homemade wasp trap is growing at a high pace in the recent times, as more and more people are opting to use them instead of buying a wasp trap. The homemade wasp trap can be highly effective in getting rid of the wasps, as you can simply …

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7 Effective Natural Tick Repellents You Can Make at Home

Natural Tick Repellent

Summer is here and so are blood-sucking, disease-carrying ticks. There are several chemicals options on the market that are effective at getting rid of ticks, but if you don’t want to use chemical tick spray to get rid of these yard and garden pests, use some of these recipes to …

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10+ Effective Homemade Fly Traps to Deal with Fruit Fly Infestation

homemade fruit fly trap

Fruit flies (also known as Vinegar Flies) are common in households. Generally harmless, a fruit fly infestation is pretty disgusting, and for great reason. They use ripening and softening food (mostly fruit) to lay their eggs in, where the young larvae (they look like little white worms) crawl through the …

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7 Natural Homemade Pesticides To Keep Garden Pests at Bay

homemade pesticide

No matter how much time we spend in the garden doing battle with unwanted pests, we will never win the war.  There is no such thing as a perfect pest free garden. What we all have to do is learn the best way for pest management through the use of …

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How to Rid Your Garden of Slugs and Snails

get rid of slugs and snails

No matter how diligent and experienced you are as a gardener, things don’t always go as planned. Mother Nature has many ways of frustrating our efforts through weather, varmints, disease, garden pests, etc.  Slugs and snails can be one of the most destructive creatures we face every season.  They are …

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15 Garden Pests and Natural Ways To Control Them

garden pests

When you want to have a beautiful garden, it is always necessary for you to save your crops and plants from garden pests. In case you grow vegetables and fruits, it is not advisable to use chemicals to eliminate them. Therefore, it is important for you to identify the garden …

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7 Effective Ways To Getting Rid Of Moles In The Yard

It is the dream of every housewife to have a nice looking garden with an emerald green lawn. Most often, they toil for achieving this dream and realize it by creating beautiful lawns. It is quite possible for such housewives to witness the beauty of their lawns being disturbed by …

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Top 12 beneficial insects for garden-How they help plants to grow well

The presence of insects and pests is very common in a garden because it is a buggy place for insects. The presence of green vegetables, plants and plantations in a garden always attract plenty of insects. Some insects damage and harm the plantations but some other types of insects increase …

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