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Top 12 beneficial insects for garden-How they help plants to grow well

The presence of insects and pests is very common in a garden because it is a buggy place for insects. The presence of green vegetables, plants and plantations in a garden always attract plenty of insects. Some insects damage and harm the plantations but some other types of insects increase the growth of plants. Hence it is very important to control the population of insects in a garden to make sure the best performance of plants. There are hundreds of ways to control and kill the insects and pests like insecticides, pesticides and biological control. The use of cultural techniques and IPM is also best to lower the population of insects. The use of pesticides is associated with countless health hazards and drawbacks. The use of biological control is best to maintain the lower the population of insects. The most famous beneficial insects are following.

1)  Green lacewing

It is one of the most famous beneficial bugs. It feeds on honeydew, nectar and pollen of plants. It is also called the aphid lion because it suppresses the insect population very fast. It is a soft bodied insect and it has many growth stages. The larval stage of this insect is very sensitive and soft. The adult green lacewing is two paired insect. It kills and eats the other harmful insects. It feeds on the honeydew of aphid. The aphid is a staple food of green lacewing. This beneficial insect can be used to control the population of different insects and pests.

Green lacewing

2)  Praying Mantids

It is a predator and it kills and eats other insects fast. It can catch other caterpillars very fast. It can consume hundreds of larvae in few minutes. Hence it can help to control the growth of insects in a better way. It is a very active predator. It can kill any other insect with ease. The larvae of this insect live in the soil. They create galleries in the soil; hence they increase the aeration of soil. This activity directly increases the growth of plants and vegetables. It is simple to control garden insects with the help of Praying Mantids.

Praying Mantids

3)  Ground beetles

They are black colored and large size beetles. They have three to four growth stages. They help the vegetables to grow fast. The key role of ground beetle is that they feed on harmful insects like cutworms, maggots and flies. They also feed on aphids and jassids. The larvae of this insect live in the soil and they help to mix the fertilizer in the soil well. They also help to control the population of garden bugs.

Ground beetles

4)  Small pirate bugs

The presence of small or tiny pirate bugs can also lower down the population of insects in garden. They are very active feeder of aphid, jassids and thrips. The presence of pirate bugs in your garden can make sure best growth and development. Hence it is recommended beneficial insect for garden and house. There are also many other beneficial garden insects.

Small pirate bugs

5)  Syrphid flies

The use of syrphid is also best. These flies are similar to other flies due to presence of colored margins on the body. Similarly they have one pair of wings to fly or move. This insect is the feeder of aphids. They also help in the pollination of plants just like butterflies which are attracted by certain flowers in the garden. This fly moves from one flower to another flower. They also increase the growth of garden. The pollination is basic requirements of growth. It is one of the best beneficial insects.

Syrphid flies

6)  Assasian bugs

It can lower the population of garden pests fast. It is a source of best garden growth. It helps in the pollination and reproduction of plants.

orange assassin bug

7)  Predatory bugs

The larvae of predator bugs can help to kill the other insects like beetles, grubs, caterpillar and several others. They are also called the good garden bugs. The performance of this bug or insect is awesome.

Florida Predatory Stink Bug

8)  Dames bugs

It is a best flier insect. It can consume the flying insects and pests with ease. The insects in the garden can be controlled through this insect.

9)  bugs nymphs 

The nymphs of bugs also help to control the population of cotton and wheat insects.

Nymphs of bugs

10)  Big eyed insects

The beneficial insects play a key role to suppress the growth of harmful insects. Hence the release of beneficial insects like green lacewing, syrphid fly and lady bird beetle can reduce the population of harmful insects in garden.

Big eyed insects

11)  Wasp

It is a biting insect. It kills the aphids and cutworms. It increases the soil aeration and filtration.

cicada killer wasp (Hymenoptera)

12)  Bumble bee

It is a fast flying insect. It kills the other active and harmful insects. It makes the growth of plants fast.

Bumble bee

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