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13 DIY Electric Fence To Define Boundary For Your Animals

A DIY electric fence is one of the best things that you can do for your animals. It’s a cost-effective way to keep the predators out and your animals in a confined, secure area. A well-made homemade electric fence like one of these 13 listed below can keep all sizes of animals safe from predators.

Electric fencing can be purchased at any farm supply center but it will be expensive. You can use one of these free plans and build a DIY electric fence system that is tailor-made for your homestead very cheaply.

If protecting your animals and saving money is high on your priority list, then check out these effective, inexpensive  DIY electric fence options.

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1- Half Price Charger By Mother Earthnews

An electric fence is no good unless it’s charged, and that will require a charger. Store bought chargers can cost around $35 but you can build a DIY fence charger for half that price.

Use these free plans and learn how to build an electric fence and the charger to power it. A DIY electric fence will keep your stubborn livestock inside their feeding areas and keep out predators.

if you are raising cows that always think the grass is green on the other side of the fence, keep them on their side of the fence with an easy to install electric fence and power it with this half price charger.

DIY electric fence

2- Battery Powered Electric Fence By Pocket Magic

Check out these free plans that will give you detailed instructions on how to build an electric fence that will protect you and/or livestock from predators.

This DIY electric fence is battery-powered and is perfect for camping trips or when you are relocating livestock. Set this powerful electric fence up around your camping tent at night so you can sleep without fear of a bear or wolf attack. Surround the livestock pen with this fencing also for their safety.

The electrical power is provided by 8 AA 1.5V batteries, connected in series for 12V that will provide pulses of 20KV. It’s a low-volt current with plenty of power to keep the perimeter around a tent and livestock safe.

Battery Powered DIY Electric Fence

3- DIY Electric Fence Energizer

This YouTube video provides a detailed drawing of an easy to build electric fence energizer. Ideal for sending the electric current through the fencing so animals will know their boundaries and remain safely inside.

Keep the predators out and your homestead livestock safe with a DIY electric fence.

4- Garden Barrier By Instructables

Are animals getting into your vegetable garden and helping themselves to the ripening produce? That’s a problem many gardeners have to deal with – unwanted animals stealing food that does not belong to them.

Use this free plan and learn how to install an electric fence that will keep the vegetable-eating varmints out and your garden safe. Your crops will be protected and the harvest will increase when your garden is protected from hungry animals.

how to install an electric fence

5- Fence Installation By HGTV 

Here is a free tutorial that will take you through the entire process of installing an electric fence. Learn tips for preparing the diy electric fence, digging the holes of the posts, assembling the wires, and getting them connected properly. This tutorial will show you how to connect the fence to a household electric current or solar power.

Bonus tips are provided with these plans – you can keep deer away with the simple tip given in this tutorial. And did you know that a simple lawn sprinkler or strobe light will also keep livestock in and predators out? 

To Build this homemade electric fence:

Install the fence, hook it up to an electrical current, then use a couple of these other free tips to define the boundaries for your animals.

Fence Installation

6- Portable Electric Fence By Trail Meister

A DIY portable electric fence like this one will make camping with your horse a safer and more enjoyable experience. When traveling and camping with your horse a safe place to graze and rest at the end of the day is essential. A portable electric fence will provide security that is needed to keep your horse safe from roaming too far away and safe from predators.

The materials needed for this portable diy electric fence are lightweight and take up very little room, so it’s easy to pack up and take along with you on a camping trip.

Portable Electric Fence

7- DIY Safety Fence By Wiki How

This informative PDF file contains the instructions that will show you how to build a safe electric fence. Electricity is a useful tool but it can be dangerous to both you and your livestock if the fence is installed improperly. 

Harness the power of electricity to create a safety fence that will protect your animals without electrocuting them or yourself.

Answer a few simple questions, like what kind of animals will be kept inside the fence and what kind of animals need to be kept out by the fencing, then follow these detailed instructions for building a safe electric fence.

how to build a safe electric fence

8- Homemade Electric Fence Charger By homemade-circuits

A homemade electric fence charger like this one will help define boundaries for your animals or protect crops from wild animals. Learn how to install an electric fence and build this high powered pulsating fence charging that is capable of producing voltage pulses up to 20,000 volts.

Follow these free plans and build this powerful homemade electric fence charger for outdoor areas and animals that need serious protection.

Homemade Fence Charger

9- Small Enclosure

This easy to follow YouTube video will show you how to build a small DIY electric fence enclosure on your property. The charger is powered with solar power so it won’t cost you anything to run the fence as needed.

A small enclosure like this one is great for one or two small animals, or when one of the animals on the homestead is fixing to give birth, or needs to be separated from the herd for a while. Easy and low cost to build, you can install this in less than one day.

10- Quick Fix Electric Fence By Mother Earth News

When your livestock prefers to eat your garden vegetables instead of their feed, you need a quick fix to define their boundaries. This DIY electric fence can be created in less than one hour and if you have some of the components on hand, it will be very cheap to create.

Save your garden and keep the animals where you want them with this effective quick fix electric fence.

Quick Fix Electric Fence

11- Garden Protection

It’s devastating to go out to the vegetable garden to harvest fresh food only to find that animals have gotten to the garden first and ate everything. Use this YouTube tutorial to learn how to install an electric fence around your home vegetable garden that will keep deer, rabbits, raccoons, and other hungry animals away from your ripening produce.

12- DIY Electric Fence Netting

Portable, affordable, easy to take down and put up, this electric netting sets the boundaries for animals without looking like a fence. The netting creates a DIY invisible electric fence that keeps the farm animals where you want them while keeping the predators away. Ideal for use when moving the herd from one pasture.

Informative YouTube video shows you all the details for creating this electric netting.

13- DIY Power Fence

Keep your horses and cattle secure within their boundaries with this DIY power fence. This YouTube video will show you how to build a permanent power fence that will keep homestead animals secure.

Easy to build with the detailed instructions this YouTube video provides.


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