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11 DIY Pool Fence Ideas That Are Easy To Install

Have you ever thought about the need for a pool fence? You are not alone. Many people build pool fences for various reasons. First of all, it provides protection, and especially if you are a parent, the pool fence can give you peace of mind. What can be better than knowing that your kids are safe when playing in the backyard? In many places, having a pool fence is actually a law.

Pool fences come in various shapes, varieties, colors, and patterns. However, If you are looking for a low-cost solution, or you just want to do it yourself, then there are numerous ideas for DIY pool fences on the internet we have collected for you. We explored DIY pool fencing guides and chose some of the best for you. Below, you will find some of the most useful, creative, and easy-to-do guides on how to install a pool fence.

1. Instructions For Frameless Glass Pool Installation

This particular video guide will show you step-by-step how to install a frameless glass pool fence on Youtube. Glass pool fence has become very popular in recent years. It keeps the beauty of the landscape and also provides appropriate protection. As a result, you get a clear view, modern design, and protection. However, glass pool fencing can be quite difficult to care for, because of the constant requirement of cleaning.

In the video guide to DIY glass pool fencing, the needed materials are explained. To do the job yourself, you will need a drill, nails, screws, string line, tape measure, level, hammer, pencil, and knife. Do not forget to also have specific glass gloves to be protected in the building process.

Make sure that you buy good quality fencing materials. In the guide video, you will be able to see very detailed (and thoroughly explained) instructions and steps for setting up the DIY glass pool fencing. You may also like to check out DIY solar pool heaters.

2. Budget-friendly Guide to Aluminum Pool Fence Installation

This DIY aluminum pool fence installation youtube video guide will help you to build the fence on your own without any complications. This particular guide goes very deep in detail and answers the questions that may come up at any stage of the construction process. The main advantages of aluminum fencing are that it is elegant and requires very little to no maintenance. Additionally, it is also great protection.

The video guide for DIY pool fence installation is divided into several chapters. Each of them is about the building process and explains the steps and materials in detail. Wondering how to measure correctly, how to make a correct choice, which brand to choose, what to pay attention to, how to install, and what is needed? You can find answers to every question about how to install the pool fence.

3. Installation Guide Of Sentry Safety Pool Fence

Sentry Safety Pool Fence is a brand of pool fencing. They offer in-ground and DIY above ground pool fences like in this Youtube. The brand states that the main aim of its product is to provide a safe environment for kids.

The video guide generally includes and shows the benefits of their own products and why should a person buy those specific fences. However, the specific model that is discussed in this video does not seem to be very safe for kids. It has mesh that can be cut, and children can also climb on plates.

At the beginning of the guide, the tools that will be needed are reviewed. They also state that the company rents out essential tools and supplies. The tools that will be needed include drills and drill bits, knives, pliers, markers, wrenches, tape measure, hammer, and extension cord. Depending on the specific product, your tool requirements may vary.

4. Step-By-Step Guide To DIY Frameless Pool Fence Installation

The video guide explains DIY glass pool fencing installation on Youtube, which comes without frames is short, quick, and detailed. The instructions are thorough and exact measurements are also provided. Every product and every step is measured closely. First of all, the total length of the channel housing has to be determined.

As the voiceover walks you through the process, the person in the video actually does the work and every step is visible clearly. The work requires at least two people. Especially during the glass installation during which one person holds the glass and the other does set up.

5. Written Guide To DIY Pool Fence Installation

This particular guide has written instructions for DIY pool fence installation at Handyman. The aluminum-material fencing is used in the process, which can be pretty low-maintenance, low-budget, and easy to install, especially for beginners.

In this particular project, 2450X1200mm panels are used. Additionally, before following this guide, bare in mind that the maximum stepping height of this fence is 100mm.

The guide includes 6 major steps with the pictures. First, the excavation of the hole is needed. The second step includes positioning the excavated posts.

The following step shows the attachment of the panels. After that, how to cut the panels, how to handle the gate, and gate latch attaching are explored. This specific guide is not very detailed, and therefore, you may have trouble setting up your DIY pool fencing without experience. You may also like to check out DIY swimming pool.

Written Guide To DIY Pool Fence Installation
Learn how to install a pool fence, Image Handyman

6. DIY Pool Safety Fence

This particular DIY pool safety fence installation Youtube video includes pool fencing and Garden fencing setup instructions. The short video walks the viewer through the process briefly. First, it starts with a short overview of needed gears and tools.

After that, the preparation stage comes. The first step of the setup process is putting the poles and string line to mark the exact area.

After that, the person in the video starts installation, and also voice guide explains what’s happening. The video is pretty useful and informative, and pretty much covers the basics of DIY garden or pool fencing.

7. DIY Glass Pool Fencing Installation With Base Plate Spigots

In this specific video guide, the DIY above ground pool fence installation process is reviewed and explained on Youtube. This specific instructional video teaches how to set up glass pool fencing with the blase plate spigots. The first and major step that is explained is a measurement of the pool area. The measurements have to be precise

Also, there is the website provided in the video, where you enter your measurements and it will calculate the number of spigots, and glass panels that will be needed alongside other important information. The tools that are needed in the process and how to use them are explained in detail.

8. Universal Guide To DIY Pool Fence Installation

The particular guide on DIY pool fence installation in this Youtube video is divided into three stages. The first step is planning, The second one is buying needed materials, and the third step is actually doing the setup.

There are typically two main types of fences that can be purchased, aluminum and glass fences. Aluminum is more budget-friendly and low maintenance. Even though glass fences can be relatively expensive, it is more classy and beautiful.

The tools that will be required to follow this particular video guide are the glass panels, first of all. Additionally, spigots and galvanized masonry nails. After the discussion of the products and planning process, the video goes to the actual process which is explained in detail clearly.

9. Setting Up Mesh Pool Fence On the Ground

If other videos teach how to set up pool fencing on concrete, this one shows us how to install pool fences on the soil in this particular Youtube video guide. This is a non-commercial video that shows the end result and is not done by professional builders.

So, if you are looking for an easy-to-do and simple installation guide for basic pool fencing,  this guide will be helpful. Bear in mind that it is not a step-by-step guide. This shows already-done fencing and steps and tips are only described verbally.

10. DIY Pool Fence Set-Up Guide

Learn how to install the Pool fence on the concrete in this Youtube video. The guide is not very long, and it pretty much covers the essentials of basic pool fence installation. The person in the video shows the steps as he explains what has to be done. It also shows how to install the gate.

The very first step of the process here is planning and marking the specific spots where the fence should go. Also, it is shown that the gate and the fence are safe for kids and they just can not be opened by themselves.

Additionally, it shuts automatically and the handle is located high enough so the child won’t be able to reach it. In the second part of the video, it is also shown how to easily take out and remove the pool fence. You may also like to check out DIY electric fence.

11. How To Install A Pool Fence

This particular video guide is relatively different from others. Generally, it only shows the process of installation without any talking. The music is over the video and this kind of takes the attention away from it. Other than that, the video can be pretty useful for the installation.

The pool fence in the Youtube video is a Vertical cable pool fence. The process of installation is kind of similar to the central vertical cable setup. Six steps of the installation are shown and overviewed briefly.


Above, we explored and discussed the 11 best DIY pool fence ideas. When planning to get pool fencing, it is quite difficult to make a decision. There are many different options available. However, above, you will definitely find the one suitable guide that matches your needs and wants. We would be glad to hear from you in case you have any questions, thoughts, or comments regarding the article above.


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