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15 uses for Baking or bicarbonate of soda:cleaner,neutrilize odor,health aid and beauty

Are you tired of the bad odours in your kitchen and have emptied air fresheners cans but still can’t get rid of it? Well, now you need not to worry because today I am going to reveal you the centuries’ old traditional home remedy for this problem. Baking soda or …

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7 Effective Natural Tick Repellents You Can Make at Home

Natural Tick Repellent

Summer is here and so are blood-sucking, disease-carrying ticks. There are several chemicals options on the market that are effective at getting rid of ticks, but if you don’t want to use chemical tick spray to get rid of these yard and garden pests, use some of these recipes to …

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12 Foods You Can Use to Clean Your House Naturally

It is not strange that you end up wasting lots of eatables, just because you could not consume them. According to the website Culinate.com, almost 25 percent of our total bought food goes dump. In short, you waste around 25 percent of your total money when grocery is bought. Do …

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10 Natural Weed Killer For Lawn and Garden

natural weed killer

If you ask any gardener, what is a ‘weed’; he would certainly say ‘threat to my garden’. Truly, weed is nothing but an intruder that grows in the lovely and lush green fields, gardens and outdoor area to spoil the look. You must be thinking what is so bad about …

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