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12 Foods You Can Use to Clean Your House Naturally

It is not strange that you end up wasting lots of eatables, just because you could not consume them. According to the website Culinate.com, almost 25 percent of our total bought food goes dump. In short, you waste around 25 percent of your total money when grocery is bought. Do not worry; this is painful, but you can easily cope up with it. Who said you could not use the same food for other purposes? If not cooking, you can clean your house with it.

Why to clean your house leftovers?

Well, food would act as natural cleaning solution, and produces best results too. For example, you may use them in cleaning mirror, floors, doors and even toilets. Using food as cleansers never means that you take a lemon start doing that, but you have to make cleaner out of it. It is safe, and cost effective. We fail to comprehend the nature, and that is why we do not even know what foods have what kind of magical properties.

You must be thinking how to clean a house with eatables? This is most enticing questions for all. A few tips for cleaning house that can make your life easier include:

1: Lemon:

For many who do not know, Citrus fruits have various antiseptic and anti-bacterial properties, due to which they are capable of cleaning strongest germs. First of all, lemons can easily remove the strains formed by the droplets of tea, mustard, coffee, and grass. Lemons have bleaching properties too, as they have some sort of acidity.

If you do not have sufficient lemon juice, you can even use the peels to make an effective cleanser.

cleaning with lemon

2: Baking Soda:

Since ages, baking soda, which is a bicarbonate of soda, is considered as effective source that combats various bad odors and stains. Due to its abrasive nature, it takes of the grim and dirt without leaving any side effects.

It is the best way to clean your house, if you have pets around. For example, you can sprinkle baking soda on the pet’s urine and get rid of the smell easily.

In case you want to clean your refrigerator from the odor, place baking soda in an open container, and replace after every month.


3: Vinegar:

Since the time of ancient Egypt, Vinegar has been used to kill the germs and bacteria’s, due to its acidic nature. You can use vinegar mixed in water to form a solution that would help you in cleaning.


4: Salt:

Salt, in its solid form is important to use as an abrasive item. You can use it for scrubbing jobs, and clean a lot of pans in your kitchen. However, when mixed with water, it becomes saline and helps in cleaning the stains of proteins. It will clean the blood droplets from the clothes or any stain from the carpet.

Salt for cleaning

5: Herbs:

Herbs have very strong culinary and medicinal properties. They’ve anti-viral, anti bacterial and anti-fungal elements – therefore, they act as the best cleaning agents for home.  You can use the herb oil or some other paste for this reason.

6: Grapefruit

Tired of using all the expensive cleaning agents to remove stains and odor from the oven? You can use the paste of the grapefruit and scrub in the areas where there is a grim or dried stain. Grapefruit, when mixed with salt works abrasively and cleans all the dirt easily. It is one of the natural ways to clean the oven and that even it simpler way.

clean up with Grapefruit

7: Potato Peels:

If you want to know the magic, how to clean your house fast from rust, here is the recipe – use potatoes. You need a peeled off potato, dip it into any dish soap or baking soda, and scrub the rusted area. Keep on rubbing until the rusted area is cleaned completely.

8: Onion:

If you have icky windows, you can get rid of them through onions, as it works better than most commercial cleaning products.

9: Tea
You can shine your wooden items with the use of the tea. Rub the cloth dipped in the cooled tea, and make your furniture shine.

10: Oranges Peels:

They too work like lemons, as they belong to the same family. They are known as all-purpose cleaners and act as wonderful laundry solution too. You can use the peels to extract the oil, which would help you a lot in getting the cleaning job done.

clean up with citrus peels

11: Banana Peels:

If you wish to keep your silverware shiny and wonderful always, make sure you use banana peel over them. You can use the peels to form a paste and then use it for cleaning.

12: Green Tea:

Green tea can do miracles you know; if you want to keep the refrigerator environment fresh and healthy, place some green tea leaves inside it. It will help in removing the pungent odor easily.

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