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13 Homemade Sawmill Plans To Cut Logs Into Lumber

A homemade sawmill will provide you with the ability to cut logs into lumber cheaply and efficiently. You will be able to easily cut up felled trees into usable lumber for all your wood-working projects if you have one of these cheap portable sawmills.

A homemade sawmill is not difficult or expensive to build, plus you won’t have to buy lumber anymore. Cut the length and width of lumber needed for your wood-working projects in your own backyard with a homemade band saw.

Check out these 13 free plans for building a DIY sawmill, select the one that is right for your milling needs, then get busy building it and completes all the wood-working projects you have been dreaming of.

Simple Homemade Sawmill

Follow the instructions on this YouTube video and construct a simple homemade sawmill from lumber.

It is built from construction grade wood and can be built in one afternoon. The design is simple, yet the sawmill is very sturdy and will last for years of lumber cutting. Great for use on a homestead to cut felled trees into lumber that can be used to construct any type of wooden structure needed.

Build a barn for the animal, a storage shed for tools, a smokehouse, outhouse, or any other type of house needed to make life more comfortable on the homestead with lumber milled on this simple DIY sawmill.

Homemade Bandsaw Mill

This large bandsaw mill can handle the logs up to 17-feet long and cut them into usable lumber. Logs that are log and have a thick diameter can quickly be sliced into wide planks for use in furniture making or for creating a plank floor.  Large trees can be milled to the desired size with this homemade sawmill.

Watch this YouTube video for complete, easy to follow instructions.

$800 DIY Sawmill

It won’t cost much to build a DIY sawmill when you follow these sawmill plans. A small investment of money and time now will save you a ton of money in the future. Lumber that has already been milled is very expensive, and if you enjoy wood-working projects you need a  lot of wood.

Mill your own lumber to your exact specifications with this homemade sawmill. Use dead trees on your property to help build this sawmill and save even more money.

These free plans provide you with written and pictorial instructions so the building process will be very easy. Building a DIY sawmill for less than $800 is a great investment.

DIY sawmill

More Than One

If your wood-working projects will require more than one homemade sawmill, then you need to watch this YouTube video.

Different wood-working projects may need different sizes of milled lumber and these cheap portable sawmills will enable you to mill the lumber to the desired specifications. Take a sawmill along with you so the cut logs can be milled on-site to reduce the number of times the logs have to be moved.

Having more than one homemade sawmill is convenient and affordable when it’s a DIY sawmill. This YouTube video will show you some different kinds of sawmills that you can build and provide practical advice for building and using each one.

Homemade Bandsaw Mill

A simple homemade bandsaw mill like this one can be built for less than $1,000. If you have a large DIY project that will require a lot of milled lumber, this bandsaw mill will save you over $1,000 on the first DIY project you use it for.

This is also a homemade portable sawmill that is easy to take with you to the construction site. Hook it up to the trailer hitch on the back of the tractor or truck and pull it to where the logs are located. The portability makes this homemade bandsaw mill a very valuable tool for a homestead.

Fence posts, animal pens, and out-buildings are always needing to be constructed on a homestead, and this bandsaw mill can go where it’s needed. Transform those fallen trees into valuable lumber with the assistance of this affordable DIY bandsaw mill.

Homemade Bandsaw Mill

Car Wheels Sawmill

There is not too much that can be done with old car wheels but this video will show you a neat idea on how to recycle them.

Old car wheels can be used as an integral part of a homemade sawmill. The wheel enables the bandsaw to go up and down to mill the logs into the desired sized lumber. Mill the lumber you need to build a house, a front porch, a warm enclosure for farm animals, or for building new furniture with this DIY sawmill.

The free plans on this video will show you all the details for recycling old car wheels into a new sawmill.

Car Wheels Sawmill

Homemade Bandsaw Mill

If lumber was more affordable you could build a lot more items for your homestead. Milled lumber can be affordable with this bandsaw mill that you can build in your backyard.

This instructional video will show you how to build an affordable and efficient bandsaw mill from scratch so you can create all the milled lumber you will ever need.

The video is very detailed and will show you every step of the building process for the bandsaw mill. The finished sawmill can handle long and thick logs, so you will be able to mill lumber for use in building a new house on your homestead. Joists and trusses for new home construction often need to be 12-15 feet in length and this bandsaw mill can handle the logs needed to create long pieces of milled lumber.

Follow these free plans and build one of these useful sawmills for yourself.

Homemade Bandsaw Mill

Junk Yard Sawmill

The sawmill did not come from the junk yard but most of the parts to build it did. A little creativity and a trip to the junk yard and flea market can help produce this efficient, powerful, DIY sawmill for almost nothing.

Building this junk yard sawmill will pay off twice – once when you gather all the building components for free and then again when you can mill lumber from logs and complete wood-working projects for free.

This is a DIY project that keeps giving and is well worth the time to build. You may even be able to get a third benefit from this junk yard sawmill if you sell some of the milled lumber or charge other people for milling their logs.

Junk Yard Sawmill

Lawn Mower Transformation

Breathe new life into that old lawn mower by using to build a new sawmill. There are many other componets to this DIY build but these free plans will show you all the building details step by step.

Think of all the things you could build if you have an unending supply of free milled lumber.  Now drag out that old lawn mower and follow these instructions to build yourself a homemade sawmill. After that, there is no limit on what you can build to make your homestead more comfortable and attractive. It will also help the planet by keeping an old lawn mower out of the landfill.

Lawn Mower Transformation

Weight Lifting Set Transformation

Here is another great idea for recycling an old item into something brand new and beneficial. Many of us have an old weight lifting set in the garage that no one has used in years and it can become useful once again when it’s transformed into a sawmill component.

Two old car tires and a few other building components can be re-purposed into a functional sawmill that will take old dead long and mill them into fresh new lumber. Use the freshly milled lumber to remodel or build any type of wood project that your heart desires.

There is always something to rebuild or repair on the homestead and having a DIY sawmill will make the work much easier and less expensive.

DIY sawmill

Homemade Bandsaw Mill

If you are detailed oriented and need extremely detailed instructions for building something, then here are the perfect free plans for you.

Meticulously detailed plans for this homemade bandsaw will show you everything you need to know about the components and building process. Nothing has been left out of the detailed written instructions and photos, plus they are very easy to follow.

This bandsaw was built from junk yard parts, so the components you use for the building  process will vary. These detailed plans are adaptable to whatever parts you have on hand or find in the junk yard. That is one of the great things about a DIY building project, you can adapt and modify as needed to suit your own specifications.

Homemade Bandsaw Mill

Portable Sawmill

Move it where it is needed – this portable sawmill is ready to go when you are and it can handle the logs you need to cut.

Easy to assemble, the components are lightweight and easy to move. The portable sawmill is sturdy and made from metal so it will last for years and can handle all your milling needs. This sawmill is simple but powerful, and this YouTube video will show you all the details of putting the sawmill together.

If you want written plans the maker of this YouTube video will send them to you upon request. Cut logs into lumber and get busy with woodworking projects around the homestead with this powerful portable sawmill.

Small Band Sawmill

Small and portable, this band sawmill is designed to mill logs up to 6-feet. Great for furniture building and other small wood-working projects.

If you are considering a money making business by crafting handmade wood objects, then this will be a perfect DIY sawmill for you. The sawmill is not too big, yet it is powerful enough to cut hardwood logs into lumber.

Mill the lumber needed to create popular wood items like signs, birdhouses, craftsman furniture, and more. Make money from home by crafting unique wood pieces from lumber milled from this small band sawmill.

The sawmill frame is constructed from scrap pieces of lumber glued together. This makes the frame extra sturdy while keeping the build cost down. The motor for the saw is quick and easy to remove when it is time to relocate the sawmill.

Small Band Sawmill

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