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21 Off Grid Cabin Plans-Build One For Your Homestead Living

Building an off-grid cabin is like crafting your own cozy haven away from the bustle of city life. I remember when I decided to venture into this, craving a retreat that echoed my love for nature. The idea of having a place to escape to whenever I needed a break from the chaos was enticing.

Designing and constructing my off-grid cabin allowed me to tailor it precisely to suit my family’s needs. From the layout to the materials used, every detail reflected our vision of an ideal getaway. It wasn’t just about a physical shelter; it was about creating a space where we could recharge, connect with nature, and bond as a family.

And it’s not just about the cabin itself; it’s the whole lifestyle it represents. Embracing off-grid living opens up a world of possibilities for self-sufficiency and sustainability. It’s about forging a closer relationship with the land, learning to live in harmony with it rather than just on it.

If you’re considering taking the plunge into off-grid living, I encourage you to explore the various cabin plans available. They’re not just blueprints; they’re guides to creating your own little slice of paradise, tailored to your unique needs and desires.

Check out our 21 off grid cabin plans that can help you design and build one for your homestead.

1- Off Grid Homestead

Learn how to build an off grid homestead like this one by Bushradical on youtube from start to finish with these detailed plans. This YouTube video will show you how one couple transformed a piece of wooded property into an off grid log cabin of their dreams.

I like this off grid cabin plan as they only used a few power tools and built this cabin by hand with the wood they harvested from their own property. The off grid homestead has a kitchen, bathroom, and plenty of living space.

No more utility bills, no more noisy and nosey neighbors, just you and your family living off the land in a cozy off grid cabin that you built yourself.

Enjoy a simpler way of life and be less dependent on others when you create an off-grid homestead. It’s easier and cheaper than you think.

2- Get Away Off Grid Cabin

This off grid cabin by Canadian Castaway on youtube can help you find the peace and rest you need from living a hectic lifestyle. We all get caught up in the day to day work grind and find our self working way too much and being gone far too long from our loved ones, and a get away cabin can help change that.

Take a break for a weekend, week, or forever in a get away off grid cabin like this one. Follow this instructional YouTube video and custom build an off grid house so you can get away from the stressful demands of life.

3- Small Cabin In The Woods

Learn how to building an off grid cabin like this one by The Wooded Beardsman in this Youtube video so you can enjoy living in the woods.
Cut financial ties with the power company and enjoy living off the land in the small house in the woods. Ideal for a hunting or fishing cabin, or for a small family to live in year-round. Save money, live better, and create your off grid homestead with the help of these free building plans.

4- $300 Off The Grid Cabin

This building project will amaze you. No one would imagine that a comfortable and cozy off the grid cabin like this one by
Pure Living for Life in this youtube video
could be built for $300, but it can.
This YouTube video will provide you with free building plans so you will be able to construct a similar cabin for the same low price that I like the most about this off grid cabin plan. Using recycled building materials and doing the work yourself is key to saving money.

Ideal for building as a hide-away for weekends when you just want to get out of the city or for use as a hunting or fishing cabin. You won’t break the budget building this off grid house and you won’t worry about paying the utility bill either.

5- Off Grid Homestead Business

I woud recommend this off grid cabin by Mother Earth News to build for the diyers that like to live off grid and running a small business as well. One off grid cabin can serve many purposes without costing a lot of money. This family decides to build an off grid cabin on their wooded property as a space where they could get away and relax while observing nature. That decision led them into ways that they can use their off-grid cabin to generate revenue also. List of items bought for this project are ramset tool, roof rafters, vinyl siding, tar paper, and stall dog kennel.

The off-grid space contains a loft bedroom, living room and kitchen combo with a front porch that extends across the front of the cabin. Plenty of space for relaxing and running a few businesses.

This new off grid cabin home and business location cost them less than $6,000. That is a very good investment of time and money and will reward them for many years to come. One of the ways they generate income is to rent this lovely off grid cabin out on AirBnB. The cabin is easy to rent and goes for top dollar, so consider the income potential when you build an off grid cabin.

Off Grid Homestead Business
Off Grid Homestead Business, Image via: Mother Earth News

6- $1,000 Off Grid Cabin

You can build an off grid cabin for around $1,000 with these free plans by instructables. This design is called the Thoreau cabin since the design originated from the cabin Henry David Thoreau built in the woods in 1845. It is the place where the famous poet and author lived and wrote, and you can build a replica of the off grid cabin for your enjoyment. floor joists, rough-sawn timbers, hewn lumber and deck blocks.

The simple design features a cozy fireplace and plenty of interior room for a few basic furnishings. The cheap building cost would make this a great off grid cabin design to build as a hunting or fishing cabin.

The cabin is 10-feet by 15-feet and would also make a good out building on a homestead to use as a workshop or storage shed. The low building cost would enable you to build several off grid cabins in the Thoreau style for use on the homestead.

off grid cabin
$1,000 off grid cabin, Image via: instructables

7- Guest Bedroom Off Grid Cabin

It’s always nice to have an extra room for guests but the main house on the homestead is often only big enough for the family.

Use this off grid cabin plan by instructables to build a free standing, solar powered stealth cabin that would make a perfect guest bedroom for company. The cabin has 8-feet by 8-feet interior space with a small porch built onto the front. Plenty of space for overnight guests.

When the stealth off grid cabin is not being used by guests, it can serve as an office, workout space, or other function. The cabin is fully self-contained with a solar power system, RV style water system, shower, storage, DIY washing machine, chemical toilet, and propane appliances.

This would be a great build for a hunting or fishing cabin even if you don’t want to build one on your homestead. The design can be modified to meet your exact needs and can be built without the use of machinery. Download these free plans and start building this weekend.

Guest Bedroom Off Grid Cabin
Guest Bedroom Off Grid Cabin, Image via: instructables

8- Emergency Cabin

This off grid cabin by instructables is small and portable and would make a perfect emergency cabin if the need for emergency shelter ever arises.
The cabin is 8×8 feet and has a small porch that increases the usable space. The basic cabin is not insulated so it will be easy to take down, move, and reassemble in a different location. Insulation can easily be added to make this small emergency cabin warmer and better suited for long term living if needed.

Emergency Cabin
Emergency Cabin, Image via: instructables

9- Simple Cabin

Get free plans for building an off grid home like this one by Bushradical by following thisyoutube video. This simple cabin design has everything that’s needed to create a comfortable and warm living space that is off grid.

Enjoy the scenery as you live off the land and create a productive off grid homestead for yourself and your family. This DIY cabin is simple in style and excellent in durability and function.

This free video plans will show you how to build your off grid cabin so you can enjoy living the life you have been dreaming of.

10- Pallet Wood Cabin

Free pallet wood can be recycled and transformed into a livable and attractive cabin in the woods. Off grid homesteads are typically off the beaten path and roadways and building supplies have to be carried in by hand or ATV making the DIY building project even more difficult. However, wood pallets are lightweight in addition to being free.
Carrying lightweight wood pallets into the woods to use them to build a free, off grid home like this one by TA Outdoors in this detailed YouTube video for your family.

11- Shed Cabin

The sloping roof line gives this two-story cabin the appearance of woodshed on the outside. Inside the DIY shed cabin has high-end finishes and all the comforts of home – and it’s all off grid.

No utilities to pay each month, no worry about a power outage, you can just enjoy everyday living in the large and attractive off grid cabin. Reclaimed lumber and antique appliances and home furnishings further add to the charm of this uniquely designed cabin.
Build your own shed with the detailed plans by Loftis Party of Six this YouTube video offers.

12- Cottage Style Cabin

Here is an adorable design for an off grid cabin by instructables that can be built to use a mother-in-law suite, adult child apartment, or a lakefront cabin retreat.
The cottage style cabin is reminiscent of mid-century tract homes and will provide a cozy, off grid living space. The cottage style cabin is 10×20 feet and has a welcoming front porch to sit on and enjoy the view.
Follow these free building plans and get ready to build this cottage style off grid house that will provide you with cheap living for decades.

off grid cabin
Cottage Style off grid cabin, Image via: instructables

13- Solar Powered Cabin

Small, cute, and solar powered, that’s what this DIY cabin has to offer. Follow these free plans to build this off grid cabin by offgridworld for around $400, then buy yourself a rocking chair for the front porch and enjoy life.

The cabin is 14×14 feet and has insulated floors to help keep the cabin warmer with less firewood. Plus the warm floor juost feels good on your feet. Detailed pictorial instructions will walk you through the building process of this solar powered cabin.

Solar Powered Cabin
Solar Powered Cabin, Image via: offgridworld

14- Family Sized Cabin

This 16×32 feet off grid cabin by Deep South Homestead on youtube is meant to be a permanent living space for a family. Solid construction sets the floor joists on concrete pillars so this off grid house will be able to stand harsh weather and rambunctious children.

Watch this YouTube video to learn how to install the floor joists and windows sills in a large DIY cabin.

15- Off Grid Living

If you dream of living off grid in a lovely secluded cabin and not having to pay a utility bill anymore, then check out this DIY cabin by Ontario Lakeside on youtube.
You can build this cabin by following these free plans so you can fulfill your dream. Detailed YouTube video shows you how to construct the cabin and provides ideas for adding custom details to make your off grid house unique.

16- Appalachian Style Cabin

Learn how to build an Appalachian style off grid cabin by Red Poppy Ranch in this informative YouTube video in the middle of nowhere. Great place to get away from it all and enjoy the sights and sounds of nature. Even if you don’t have a piece of land in the middle of nowhere, this Appalachian style cabin is easy to build with these free plans.

17- Two-Story Off Grid Cabin

Building an off grid cabin will allow you to have peace and quiet like you can’t experience in the city. If you find that your life is too hectic and you’re spending too much time working, traveling, and doing things that are not making you happy, you need time away from it all.

Creating a homestead with a DIY off grid cabin like this one by Canadian Castaway on youtube is a great way to do something for yourself and your future. It can be a permanent home or a retreat when you need time to de-stress. Whatever the reason, watch this YouTube video for two-story off grid cabin plans that you can build anywhere.

18- Cabin In The Woods

Most of us have dreamed of having a little cabin in the woods. A place to call our own little secret hide-away where we could go and relax for a few days.

That dream can become a reality with these off grid cabin plans by Bushradical in this YouTube video.

The off grid cabin is small but it has plenty of interior space for the basic necessities and a front porch for sitting outside and enjoying nature. The windows allow plenty of natural light to come inside the cabin and provide a nice view to the outdoors when you’re sitting in front of the wood burning stove.

This small off grid cabin can be built by one person and it will last for decades. Ideal for use as a hunting or fishing cabin.

19- Off Grid Workshop Cabin

Sometimes you need an additional cabin on your homestead to serve as your workshop and this video will show you how to build that off grid cabin.

This square off-grid cabin is constructed with thick hemlock timbers so it will still be standing a century from now. You will also see how to set up a pulley system that will enable you to get heavy timbers in position without using heavy equipment. This is not only an off grid cabin but also an off grid building project.

Homestead living involves a lot of DIY projects and there is always a need for out-buildings. A workshop, barn, smokehouse, greenhouse, henhouse, and so forth. Knowing how to build an off grid cabin like this one by My Self Reliance on youtube will provide you with the plans to add onto your homestead as needed.

20- Alaska Cabin

Learn how to harvest wood from your property and transform it into a warm and cozy off grid cabin like this one by Wild North Design by watching this YouTube video.
Watch how one man builds his dream cabin primarily by himself with the lumber he harvested from acreage he purchased to create a homestead. The off grid cabin is small but the sleeping loft increases the living space without increase the footprint the cabin takes up in the landscape.
The wood heater is cheaper like if you have DIY solar pool heater and it is well able to keep the DIY cabin toasty warm even during the cold Alaska winter weather.

21- Solar Powered Off Grid Cabin

Having all the comforts of home is great, even when the home is an off-grid cabin in the woods. Learn how to build a large off grid cabin like this one by Off Grid with Jay and Jen in this YouTube video that is complete with all the comforts of home, including free electricity. The electricity is provided by solar panels and they produce plenty of power to run all the appliances on the homestead.

Build an off grid cabin like this one and sit on your front porch and enjoy a view of the surrounding mountains. You will also learn how to mill live edge wood to use as attractive siding on the cabin, how to install a wood burning stove, and how to create an outdoor firepit.

This YouTube video is so informative and is well worth watching for anyone who is considering starting a homestead with an off grid cabin. All the comforts of living in the city without all the bills and stress associated with it. Live in comfort while living off the land on your own homestead.


An off grid cabin serves you many benefits without costing you a lot of money. By building a cabin you can save on your utilities bills and can live close to nature to get rid of any stress you may have after doing a day to day work with the same routine tasks.

We hope this article has guided you to build your own cabin. Now you have a vast choice to pick any of these plans and build a custom cabin according to your requirements!


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