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17 DIY Tiny House Plans You Can Totally Build Yourself

If you’re like many other homeowners, you have been looking into DIY tiny house plans. It’s a great way to downsize and live a simple life. You don’t have to worry about expensive bills or a mortgage, and you’re able to conserve energy and water. The interior of a mini house is very cozy and stylish, and you can still add your necessities and favorite decor.

In addition to the mental and financial freedom, you can also add wheels to your DIY tiny house. Imagine taking a road trip without even leaving your home. No luggage, no pit stops and no hotels, just you and your tiny house. If you’re interested in living a simple but thrilling lifestyle, here are several small home plans to consider for your project.

Tiny House Plans For DIYers

1. Tiny House On Wheels

If you’re someone who often travels, you’re sure to love this tiny house on wheels by ana-white. The tiny house is built on a trailer, and you can connect it to a larger vehicle for movement. It features necessities such as a sink, stove and refrigerator, as well as a kitchen, bathroom, loft and even an office area. Saving space is easy with double-duty or convertible furniture, such as a slide-out table for meals and projects. When you leave the interior open and clutter-free, you can easily fit several people inside this tiny house.

Tiny House On Wheels
Image via: ana-white

2. Tiny Lookout Cabin

When learning how to build a tiny house like this one by todaysplans, it’s best to look at different plans to find one that fits your needs. If you want enough space without sacrificing the tiny house concept, you may enjoy this tiny lookout cabin. The narrow, tall design allows you to live comfortably on the inside, but it doesn’t take up a lot of space on the outside. The first floor features a shared space that can be used as your living room and kitchenette, and it also includes a small bathroom. On the second floor is your bedroom, full bathroom and a balcony. There are several windows to provide a gorgeous view from your small home.

how to build a tiny house,
Image via: todaysplans

3. Tiny Solar House

One reason why people turn to a tiny house like this one by tinyhousedesign is to conserve energy, so why not build a tiny solar house? Start by attaching a horizontal pipe to the back of your home, and attach a metal rack to the pipe for your photovoltaic panels. The panels are going to be tilted at an angle, toward the sun, to catch the solar rays. You can easily flip the panels over when you want to turn your house away from the sun, but the panel needs to be removed and reattached when transporting your home. You’re going to save even more money with a solar tiny house.

build a tiny solar house
Image via: tinyhousedesign

4. Classic Tiny House

You can build a classic tiny house like this one by tinyhousedesign with a shingled exterior, pitched roof and wooden frames. Your foundation can be made of materials ranging from a concrete slab to a trailer with wheels. If you choose a trailer with wheels, you are going to need to make adjustments to your tiny home plans. The changes are worth being able to build the tiny home you have in mind. Your tiny home includes enough space for your necessities, as well as windows for natural light.

Classic Tiny House
Image via: tinyhousedesign

5. Tiny Market House

If you have a business that often travels, you may like these tiny house plans by tinyhousedesign. They were originally designed as a place for artisans and marketers to sell their goods. The home is built on a flatbed trailer with wheels for movement. It features a slide-out display shelf that can be hidden behind shutters when you’re on the road. There are also interior shelves for displaying your items inside your tiny market house. If you’re going to be using it as a place to live while on the road, you may need to adjust the plans to add in the necessities. One idea is to replace the interior shelves with furniture or appliances, and use the exterior shelves to display your items. Remember, a tiny market house was originally built for a street fair spot.

Tiny Market House
Image via: tinyhousedesign

6. DIY Tiny House

You’re going to build your own tiny house like this one by tinyhousedesign out of pressure treated wood, exterior plywood siding, corrugated galvanized roofing and roofing felt. The layout includes a living area, kitchen, wet bath, built-in cabinets and room dividers. You can build the loft above the living area. Your DIY tiny house includes several windows, including a small window in the loft, for air flow and natural light.

DIY Tiny House
Image via: tinyhousedesign

7. Wooden Tiny House

If you want to learn how to build a wooden tiny house like this one by instructables, you may want to check out these small home plans. You’re going to use materials such as plywood, lumber, fir boards and rafters to build a durable house. You can use new or recycled wooden pieces for your tiny home. This depends on the time and money you want to spend on the project, but you should always make sure the wooden pieces are durable enough for a house. A metal roof protects your home from weather and other damage. For a portable option, build the home on a trailer frame with wheels to pull with a truck. Just like any home, this tiny home features a window, door and insulation.

Wooden Tiny House
Image via: instructables

8. Flo Shack Tiny House

With this project, you’re going to learn how to build a tiny house like this one by instructables that has all the bells and whistles, and the creator has named it the Flo Shack Tiny House. This tiny home features a propane stove, refrigerator, custom-sized bed, shower and composting toilet. It also features outlets, electricity, water and insulation, as well as a propane wood stove for heating the interior. Your tiny home is built using a custom SIP construction, as well as cedar panels on the walls and ceiling and a hardwood Pergo floor. It’s also built on a flat trailer for easy transportation.

Flo Shack Tiny House
Image via: instructables

9. Tiny House Workshop

If you’re only looking to build a tiny house like this one by instructables for occasional use and not to live in, then consider a tiny house workshop. A tiny house workshop can be used for your hobbies, tools or outdoor supplies. You may even decide to use it as a home office. It’s made out of wooden pieces, poles and spacers, but you’re also going to add a waterproof layer to protect it from the weather. Your workshop features windows and doors, as well as enough space for your essentials. It gives you a place to work on your projects without worrying about the weather or distractions.

Tiny House Workshop
Image via: instructables

10. Tiny House Conference Room

If you work or hold meetings at home, you’re sure to love the tiny house conference room like this one by mrmoneymustache. When you look at the pictures, it actually looks like a comfortable lounge or living room. It’s made of affordable but durable materials such as pressure treated wood, wavy metal and spray foam. The details include a window, portable air conditioner, LED lights and electrical outlets. If you have the right pipes, you may be able to add a kitchenette or bathroom, which is perfect for those long meetings or work hours. The money you save on these tiny house plans can be used for your business or even leisure activities.

Tiny House Conference Room
Image via: mrmoneymustache

11. Movable Tiny Tea House

The movable tiny tea house like this one by instructables is an adorable idea for your mini house. It’s made of cedar wood, screens and metal support brackets for durability. The second layer of the roof features several large umbrellas to protect your home and create a teapot look. Create a unique, fun hangout by placing a small table, several chairs and a shelf inside your tiny house. You can transport your tiny tea house by using a truck without a trailer.

Movable Tiny Tea House
Image via: instructables

12. Tiny Tree House

What do you get when you build a DIY tiny house on stilts like this one by countryliving? A tiny tree house! Your tiny tree house features a living area, kitchen, dining area and bathroom. The square footage is smaller than a standard house, but you still have everything you need to live comfortably. If you’re looking for an interior theme for your home, a rustic theme is perfect for your tree house.

Tiny Tree House
Image via: countryliving

13. Tiny House Bus

If you’re looking to build a tiny house on wheels, consider a tiny house bus like this one by instructables. That’s right, you’re going to use an old traditional school bus to build your own tiny house. You can add frames and walls to separate your rooms, which include a bedroom, living area, kitchen and bathroom. A bus is more spacious than you think, and it makes it easier to travel whenever you’re ready to hit the road.

build a tiny house on wheel
Image via: instructables

14. Underground Tiny Solar House

This is another DIY tiny house by instructables you’re going to build from the ground up. With this project, you’re building an underground tiny solar house. What starts off as a wooden arched frame is going to turn into a beautiful home that fits most budgets. You’re only going to need to pay for your construction, utilities and furniture, and you’re going to be saving a lot of energy with this solar house. You can even head to the underground area when you need a little shade from the sun. You may also like to check out diy log cabin.

Underground Tiny Solar House
Image via: instructables

15. Movable Energy Efficient Tiny House

With these tiny house plans by instructables, you’re building a movable energy efficient tiny house. You’re going to start by building the house on a trailer with wheels, so it’s easy to transport when the time comes to move it. The materials also include, but are not limited to, plywood, lumber, drywall, corrugated metal siding, triple pane windows, roof rafters and closed cell foam insulation. The thick insulation and heat recovery ventilation allow you to conserve energy in even the coldest temperatures. Your layout is going to feature a living area, kitchen, bedroom and bathroom. There may be enough space for a small dining area, especially if your bedroom is a loft above the living area.

Movable Energy Efficient Tiny House
Image via: instructables

16. Tiny Cottage-Style House

There are many styles to explore when learning how to build a tiny house like this one by theclassicarchives, and this includes a tiny cottage-style house. The materials include pressure treated lumber, studs, bolts, washers, caulk, deck screws and outdoor glue. Your cottage should include a living area and kitchen, and the dining area is optional because you can always create an eat-in kitchenette. As for sleeping, you can stick with tradition by building a loft for your bedroom. If you follow these tiny home plans, you’ll notice that your tiny cottage also includes a charming porch, which is perfect for enjoying the weather.

Tiny Cottage-Style House
Image via: theclassicarchives

17. Luxury Tiny House

You don’t have to skip on luxury when building a DIY tiny house like this one by countryliving. In fact, these plans show you how to build your own luxury tiny house. Your layout includes an entryway, kitchen, bedroom, bathroom and laundry area, and it all fits comfortably inside your square footage. You can even use a small desk and folding chair as a home office, and do not forget about the floating shelves for storage. When you use narrow elements and make the most of your space, you can live in a tiny house without sacrificing a luxurious lifestyle. As for your exterior, you may enjoy the blue shade with a yellow door as seen on this tiny home. This is a tiny house on wheels, so it’ll be easy to move your house when you need to hit the road.

Luxury Tiny House
Image via: countryliving

Wraping Up

There are many tiny house plans out there, but it’s up to you to find the best small house plans for you. Regardless of the plans you choose, living in a tiny house is a great way to save money and simplify your life. Remember, tiny homes are durable when built correctly, so it’s important to follow the directions on the plans you choose. It’s also important to check with your state regarding the rules, regulations and permits when building a tiny house, especially if you plan to build a movable tiny house.

A tiny home may be smaller in square footage, but you can still live just as comfortably as you would in a larger home. The key is to build a DIY tiny house that works for you.

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