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 17 Cool DIY Camper Trailers To Enjoy Your Outdoor Trips

A DIY camper trailer will provide you with a mobile home at a very economical price. Plus, when building a camper trailer yourself, you are able to build it to meet your exact specifications. Travel, sleep and eat in comfort with your own DIY camper trailer. You can travel the country with your home right behind you when you create a DIY camper. No need to pay for expensive hotel rooms when traveling, just park your vehicle and walk a few steps to your free lodging that is connected to the back of your vehicle.

Check out these 17 cool DIY camper trailers and build the one that’s right for you so you can start traveling and enjoying the country this spring.

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1- Back Roads Camper

Create a rugged diy camper trailer that looks good and can take all the bumps of a back road with ease with these free plans. Take your camper off the beaten path and enjoy scenery that most campers never get to see.

This design is both efficient and compact so you can take plenty of gear along with you for an extended stay away from home.

Detailed plans show you how to build this camper trailer and answers many building questions so your project will go smoothly.

DIY Camper Trailer

2- Tiny Home

This cute little tiny home is light-weight enough to be pulled by a four cylinder vehicle, yet big enough to contain the comforts of home.

Use these plans to build this tiny home diy camper trailer and install components like a refrigerator, TV, stereo system, microwave and several 110 electrical outlets. The back has a door that raises up to reveal an outdoor kitchen and the side door is equipped with a glass panel to let plenty of natural light come into the camper.

DIY Camper Trailer

3- Outdoor Kitchen

Keep your living quarters and kitchen separate with this DIY camper trailer floor plan. The hatchback design quickly raises up to reveal a counter top with sink and food preparation area, plus storage space.

This DIY trailer is small, compact and lightweight, making it easy to pull behind any vehicle. The free detailed plans make this an easy DIY project for anyone interested in building their own camper.

DIY camper trailer

4- Slide Out Kitchenette

Build this DIY camper trailer that features a slide out kitchenette that is outfitted with a sink, two burner cook top, counter-top, drawers and storage under the counter.

Compact size allows for easy pulling and maneuverability, while the design utilizes space efficiently so everything needed for a week long stay in the woods can be packed and taken along.

This model has been spray painted in a camo colored pattern, but you can paint your any color.

DIY camper trailer

5- Box Trailer

Who knew an ordinary box trailer could be transformed into a comfortable homemade camper trailer? These free plans will show you how to transform a basic box shaped camper into a livable space that can hold all the comforts of home.

Small enough to be easily pulled behind your vehicle, yet large enough to be comfortable, have storage space and have electrical power. Step by steps plans show you how to take a plain box trailer and create a livable, usable space with it.

homemade camper trailer

6- Recycled Pop-Up

Pop-up campers are great, but the cloth sides have a short life span. Fortunately, the frame of these type of campers are sturdy and can easily be recycled into DIY camper trailer that will last for years.

These free camper trailer plans will show how to strip down an old pop-up camper and transform it into a hard sided home on wheels. The plans include an updated interior that contains a two burner stove, sink, bathroom and plenty of seating.

 DIY camper trailer

7- DIY Teardrop Trailer

This is another design for a recycled pop-up camper and it takes the shape of a teardrop. These teardrop camper plans will show you how to take the frame of a dilapidated pop-up camper and build a usable and attractive teardrop trailer on top of the frame.

Easy to pull and light-weight enough for one person to maneuver, this mini diy camper trailer contains all that you will need for a weekend get-away to the mountains.

8- Hidden Storage

These free teardrop camper plan shows you how to build a comfortable travel trailer that contains hidden storage.

A false floor provides plenty of hidden storage under the bed and in the kitchen area. The overall size of this tiny home on wheels is 8 feet in length and 5 or 6 feet in width, depending on the frame it’s built on.

These easy to follow free instructions will take you through the building process with ease.

teardrop camper plan

9- Off Road Camper

Here is a DIY camper trailer for the adventurous travelers that like to get off the beaten path and explore the back roads.

This rugged camper can take the twists, turns and bumps that the back roads have to offer. Equipped with all the comforts of home, including a heater, this off road camper can be your home away from home year around.

Use these free plans to build your own year around usage diy camper so you can enjoy the ski slopes in winter and mountain trout fishing in summer, all while staying in a comfortable camper.

DIY camper trailer

10- Stunning Teardrop

Creativity can shine when you’re creating a DIY project like a homemade camper trailer in the teardrop shape. Romantic design is both comfortable and attractive. Heads will turn as you travel across the country pulling this little teardrop camper behind your vehicle. And at the end of the day, the design will provide plenty of space for a comfortable night’s sleep.

Use these free plans to start with a basic teardrop shape, then customize the camper with your own creativity.

homemade camper trailer

11- Teardrop Traveler

Use these free teardrop trailer plans to build yourself a small home on wheels that is easy to pull on the highway.

The iconic teardrop shape is pleasing to the eye, plus it will improve aerodynamics and fuel efficiency. This design creates a roomy teardrop traveler that has a stove, sink, shower, bed and storage, making this an ideal mini camper trailer for weekend get-aways or cross country travel.

Detailed plans with photos make this an easy DIY project.

Teardrop Traveler

12- Homemade Trailer

Here is an idea that will allow you to travel the country without breaking the bank. For only a couple hundred dollars, you can build a tent style trailer on top of a sturdy base.

The base can be created from scratch, or pieced together from various components of a camper or utility trailer. The main idea is to keep the DIY project inexpensive so the money can be spent on traveling.

The minimal design makes pulling this homemade trailer easy and fuel efficient. It’s an ideal way to get out and enjoy nature without spending much money.

build a tent style trailer

13- Back Country Camper

If you’re idea of fun and relaxation is heading to the back country for a few days, then this DIY camper trailer is what you need to take along with you.

Rugged, easy to maneuver, and just the right size to hold all the needed equipment plus a comfortable bed, this design is ideal for the rugged outdoors-man.

Sleep up and off the ground, plenty of storage space for all equipment, and the same width as a four wheel drive jeep. Load the jeep, hook up the DIY camper and head off to the back country for a few days of fishing, hunting or just relaxing beside a quiet lake.

DIY camper trailer

14- Camper On A Budget

When money is low and the desire to travel is high, this homemade camper can get you on the road without breaking the budget.

Recycling old camper parts and using hardware you have on hand, the cost of building a DIY camper trailer can be kept very low. This design uses a box base from an old pop-up camper to create sleeping and storage space. A canvas tent topper was customer designed to cover a large outdoor space for cooking and relaxing.

The two bed design allows for a family to go camping and see the country together, and do it all on a budget.

homemade camper

15- De Markies Camper

The De Markies style of camper is innovative, roomy and unique. It’s part camper, part tent, and all affordable comfort.

Create this unique style by building a homemade camper trailer using this unique design that actually triples the livable space when the side tents are fully extended.

The small center base of the camper looks like an ordinary travel trailer when being towed behind a vehicle. It’s not until it’s time to park the camper and get camp set up that it’s uniqueness is discovered.

On each side of the center base are large awnings that let down, transforming one side into a kitchenette and dining area and the other side into a sleeping area. Plenty of room for a family camping trip without the expense of a full size travel trailer.

homemade camper trailer

16- Go Anywhere Camper

Anywhere your truck or SUV can go, this little camper can go too. Just hook it up to your vehicle and pull it up into the mountains for a quite weekend re-treat.

These plans will show you how to build a hard-sided trailer on a four by eight foot trailer frame. The finished DIY trailer has windows, an electrical outlet that is battery powered, plenty of room for a full size bed and room to store lots of camping gear.

DIY trailer

17- Pop-Up Paradise

These detailed building plans will show you how to build a hybrid pop-up DIY camper that is part hard side and part tent. You’ll have photos and a YouTube video to follow to create this DIY camper trailer.

The hard sides protect the interior contents of the trailer as it’s being towed to the camp site and the streamline shape make it fuel efficient. Once you arrive at your destination, the top can easily be raised and one side extended to create more usable interior space. When it’s time to pack up and leave, just roll in the side and roll down the top.

DIY camper trailer

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