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21 DIY Spot Welder That Are Cheap And Easy To Make

A DIY spot welder will put the power of creating defined welds in small areas without taking a large chunk out of your bank account. If you are the household handyman and do all the repairs, then a homemade spot welder can make your life much easier.

An inexpensive DIY spot welder can help you make repairs to microwaves ovens, small kitchen appliances, vacuum cleaners, and various electronic items. Spot welding allows you to create a defined point of contact weld without generating too much heat. The reduced amount of heat allows for welding to be in tight spaces.

Save yourself some money by building your own spot welder, then save even more money by using the DIY spot welder to make household repairs.

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1. DIY Spot Welder For Batteries

A DIY spot welder for batteries is easy to build with these free instructions. Written instructions and pictorial diagrams make this building plan easy to follow. Some of the components for this DIY project can be purchased from the Dollar Tree store, making this a very inexpensive project.

DIY Spot Welder For Batteries

2. DIY Spot Welder Plans

Watch this detailed YouTube video to learn how to build a cheap spot welder. If you want to create this spot welder you can download the plans to go along with the YouTube video.

This creative design makes this one of the best set of free online plans for a homemade spot welder. DIY projects can be fun, fast, and affordable when you watch instructional YouTube like this one.

3. Cheap DIY Spot Welder

All DIY projects are meant to save you money and/or recycle useful objects and an arduino spot welder is no exception. Use these detailed instructions for building a cheap spot welder that is sure to help you out with many household repairs.

Recycling useful items helps to keep trash out of the landfill and more money in your pocket. Making repairs to items you already own with a DIY spot welder will also save you money and be better for the planet.

Cheap DIY Spot Welder

4. Microwave DIY Spot Welder

Not only can a spot welder help you repair a non-functioning microwave, but parts of an old microwave can be used to build a spot welder. Salvaged parts from an old microwave can be recycled into a handy resistance spot welder with these easy to follow instructions.

Microwave DIY Spot Welder

5. DIY Spot Welder For Electronics

Follow these step by step instructions for building a DIY spot welder that is useful for repairing electronics. This website instructions also contain a second part that will show you how to create a controller for the homemade spot welder so you can create strong welds in delicate places.

DIY Spot Welder For Electronics

6. Small Homemade Spot Welder

Here is another useful idea for recycling components from an old microwave into a small DIY spot welder. The homemade welder may be small in size but it has the power to permanently weld sheet metal and to perform quick brazing jobs.

Use the transformer from a non-functioning microwave and a few other components to create this powerful small spot welder.

Small Homemade Spot Welder

7. Microwave Transformer DIY Spot Welder

This is a large diy spot welders that has more power than the previously mentions homemade welders.

This DIY project takes three videos to cover all the details of the build but it’s well worth watching. The finished welder is powerful enough to handle any household project and the finished product looks very professional.

Microwave Transformer DIY Spot Welder

8. DIY Battery Spot Welder

Why pay over $100 for an arduino spot welder when you can just make one of these for a fraction of the cost? Save money and get the spot welder you need by following these free plans.

This detailed YouTube video will take you through the building process so you can build a DIY battery spot welder very cheaply. The video is very informative and helpful for first-time welder builders.

9. DIY Battery Spot Welder

If you don’t want to build a DIY spot welder from recycled parts, consider building one from a kit like this one. This welder kit and YouTube video will make the build very easy and the finished product very useful.

This spot welder kit is affordable and can be put together quickly. You will be able to get all the welding repairs completed and marked off your to-do list with this small and powerful spot welder.

10. Arduino Battery Spot Welder

This is an ideal DIY battery spot welder and is easy to build by following these instructions. The video takes you through the build step by step, plus there are pictures and written instructions to show you how to use this diy arduino battery spot welder after you finish building it.

Think of all the projects you can complete around the house with a new spot welder, then get busy building the welder with these detailed instructions.

DIY Arduino Battery Spot Welder

11. Homemade Spot Welder

A light-duty homemade spot welder is easy to build from recycled parts and these detailed instructions. An old transformer from a microwave and a few other recycled components can be put together to create a new homemade spot welder that can handle small welding jobs.

Repair those broken electronics and create something new with this useful welder.

Homemade Spot Welder

12. Tab DIY Spot Welder

Simple construction and accurate electrode force adjustment are part of this DIY tab spot welder. The double pulse this DIY spot welder generates better clamping ability and the current can be adjusted to suit the welding task.

Pictorial instructions along with written instructions provide all the details and precautions for this DIY project.

Tab DIY Spot Welder

13. Battery Pack DIY Spot Welder

Use this idea to build either a spot welder with an arduino controlled timer or a spot weld controller. The welder is the same, just the way to control the weld is optional so you choose the one that works best for you.

Small size and simple build make this a great DIY to complete in one afternoon. This is an affordable DIY project and the finished DIY spot welder will allow you get create welds in those hard to reach areas.

Battery Pack DIY Spot Welder

14. Spot Welding Machine

A DIY spot welding machine is so handy in the workshop, and once you get used to it you will wonder how you have got by without one.

The small, easy to build spot welder uses a little pressure and a lot of heat to fuse two metal pieces together. The welded union will be strong and will enable you to repair and create many more items in your home work shop.

A homemade spot welder is useful for many applications, including automotive, metal furniture, crafting, artwork, remodeling, and home construction. Think of all the creations you could build and repairs that you could do if you had a spot welding machine like this one.

Spot welding is one of the oldest welding methods that joins two or more metal components without the use of any type of filler material. You can build this small but powerful welding machine quickly and inexpensively.

Spot Welding Machine

15. Recycled Microwave Oven

A deconstructed microwave oven was used to build this DIY spot welder and you can build one just like it with these free plans.

Plans are also included to build a stationary metal frame so the spot welder will remain in one location. It’s too large and heavy to be portable but it’s ideal for the home work shop.

These free plans for building a DIY spot welding machine include written instructions, pictorial instruction, and a video. The building process is easy to understand and since it recycles an old microwave oven, you will be keeping a useful item out of the landfill.

If you have been wanting a spot welder for your home DIY projects, this one is for you. it can get the welding tasks done and it won’t cost you too much to build.

Recycled Microwave Oven

16. Battery Spot Welder

This DIY battery spot welder is easy to create and is ideal for a one-time welding job.

Sometimes you just have one DIY project that you need a spot welder for and then it probably will never be used again. This battery spot welder is perfect for that one-time job.

If you have a project that you are wanting to tackle but don’t want to invest a lot of money in spot welder, check out this DIY battery spot welder. it is fast and easy to build, it does not cost much to build, and it will enable you to build that special project.

A battery, car solenoid, and some copper nails are most of the items that you will need to build this battery spot welder. You can build it and have it ready to use in about one hour.

Battery Spot Welder

17. Simple Spot Welder

This DIY spot welder is simple to build and simple to use. It is not a complicated or elaborate machine, but it is efficient.

This YouTube video will show you how to build this simple spot welder with detailed steps. The video instructions are clear, precise, and easy to follow so you won’t be confused during the building process.

When the spot welder build is complete, it will be an efficient machine that will be welcomed in any home work shop. It is very useful when welding sheet metal, wire mesh, or other metal components. Spot welding is one of the most efficient welding processes and has a wide range of uses for building and repairing items around the house.

18. Mini Spot Welder

You can learn how to create a mini DIY spot welder by watching this informative YouTube video.

This DIY project recycles some of the components from a used microwave oven, and combines it with copper wiring and a battery to create a mini spot welder. It’s great for all those small DIY projects around the house that require metal components to be fused together.

If you want to take your DIY projects to the next level and start fusing metals together, start small with this mini spot welder. Then when you see how great it is to have a spot welder in your work shop, check out the plans for the larger DIY spot welders and build one of those for your work shop.

19. Microwave Oven Transformer

When you upgrade your home microwave, save the old one to create a DIY spot welder for your work shop.

Microwave ovens have transformers that can be used to create a spot welder. These free plans will show you how to build one for yourself. And the great thing about using the transformers from an old microwave oven is that it will keep a useful objects out of the landfill. If you don’t have an old microwave at home, one can be purchased from a thrift store or flea market for a very cheap price.

Spot welding uses electricity to fuse metal components together. The fused joint is strong and will last. The spot welder fuses the metal in one spot and it does it very quickly so the metal does not heat up.

When you have small welding projects that need to get done, a DIY spot welder can help you get them done efficiently and cheaply.

DIY spot welder

20. Spot Welder With Automatic Circuit

Spot welding is safer and more efficient than other types of welding and an automatic circuit will keep the welding going on for longer periods of time. These free building plans will show all the steps for building a homemade spot welder.

Spot welding is typically used when a single layer of wire mesh needs to be joined to itself, like in gaskets, mesh screens, or overlapping metal seams. There are many uses for a DIY spot welder in a home work shop.

The thing that makes spot welding so desirable to home hobbyists and crafters is that a large amount of energy can be delivered to one spot in a very short time. Spot welding is quick, efficient, and ensures a strong, fused joint.

Building a DIY spot welder will also save you a lot of money. One of the least expensive ones that you can buy will cost $50, and that is a mini spot welder. You can build one that is larger and cost less. Check out these free plans and build one for your work shop.

Spot Welder With Automatic Circuit

21. Portable Spot Welder

Sometimes the welder needs to go to the DIY project and this portable spot welder will go wherever you need it to go.

These free plans will show you how to build a high capacity spot welder that has a super capacitor that can generate between 200A to 400A current. This one also has a dual pulse which is powerful enough to create a solid union of two or more metal components.

Take this portable spot welder outside to the car you’re restoring or to the metal patio furniture you are repairing. it will go with you to get the welding job done.

This portable model will be able to handle a lot of welds before it gets hot. Just wait for a few minutes so it can cool down and then you can resume welding. This is a handy little DIY battery spot welder to have for use around the house. It’s small and lightweight but powerful enough to get the welding job done.

Portable Spot Welder

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