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17 Clay Pot Heaters-An Inexpensive Way To Warm Your Room

A Clay pot heater will heat a room for just pennies per day, and it’s an eco-friendly heating source, plus one is great to have on hand in case of an emergency. This type of DIY clay pot heater emits a surprising amount of heat that will keep you warm while saving you money.

Check out these 17 homemade heater ideas that use clay flower pots and candles to warm up any room in your home.

1- Clay Pots and Tea Lights

If you have a room that needs to be heated but don’t want to use gas or electricity to provide the needed heat, try this idea.

You can heat a room with two clay pots and four tea lights. It’s a cheap room heater and won’t add a penny to your utility bill. This is also a great room heater for those living in an off grid homestead or spending some time in a remote hunting or fishing cabin.

Even for homes that are connected to the power grid there always seems to be one room that remains colder than the rest. This clay pot candle heater by instructables will warm the room cheaply so the room will be useable even on the coldest winter day.

An old pan, wire rack, clay pots, and tea lights are all that you will need to create this efficient and inexpensive way to warm your room. There is no fire hazard since the small tea lights are placed inside a large roasting pan. You will be amazed at the amount of heat that four little tea lights can generate when they are combined with clay pots.

Clay Pot Heaters
Clay Pot Heaters, Image via: instructables

2- Tea Light Clay Pot Heater

This is a great heat-producing idea by budget101 for emergency usage. So easy and inexpensive to create and will get you through times of emergency when there is a power failure at your home. A few tea light candles, a terracotta flower pot and a nickel is all you need to build this homemade terracotta pot heater.

Tea Light Clay Pot Heater
Tea Light Clay Pot Heater, Image via: budget101

3- Radiant Space Heater With Fan

Watch this informative YouTube video for free plans to build a radiant space heater that will blow warm air out into the room.

This great terracotta pot heater on youtube will capture the heat that rises upward from the candles and blows the warm air out into the room with a small fan. The small fan is attached to the top of the clay pot heater and will gently blow the warm air in the direction that you want it. The fan is powered by a small battery so electricity is not needed to operate this clay pot heater.

This terracotta candle heater design can generate up to 170 degrees F of warm air. The fan will keep the warm air moving around the room so you can stay nice and warm on a cold day. This design is very simple to build and will help you warm any room in your home inexpensively.

4- TerraCotta Pot Heater

Use this easy to construct terracotta pot heater on youtube to supplement your home  heating source or to have on hand in case of emergency. A couple of flower pots and candles can easily be transformed into a heating source.

Terra Cotta Pot Heater
Terra Cotta Pot Heater, Image via: Youtube

5- Radiant Terracotta Pot Heat

Heating with candles like this by permaculture is a feasible, eco-friendly way to keep warm when you know how to radiate the heat across the room. Use this easy DIY design to create radiant heat from a pillar candle and terracotta pot.

Radiant Terracotta Pot Heat
Radiant Terracotta Pot Heat, Image via: permaculture

6- DIY Candle Powered Heater

So simple and so warming. Harness the power of a lit candle to produce heat for any room in your home  like this one by instructables. This simple pot heater design requires no special tools or knowledge, yet will produce both light and heat when constructed.

DIY Candle Powered Heater
DIY Candle Powered Heater, Image via: instructables

7- Emergency DIY Candle Heater

This simple candle heater design can be the difference between being cold or being warm during a time of emergency. Power outages occur for many reasons, so be prepared to keep you and your family warm if your power goes out with this terracotta pot heater by offgridsurvival.

Emergency Candle Heater
Emergency Candle Heater,Image via: offgridsurvival

8- Radiant Clay Pot Heater

Two terracotta flower pots like these one by inhabitat and a pillar candle will heat a standard-sized room in your home for just pennies per day. Save money on your utility bill and be eco-friendly with this efficient and effective method of DIY room heat.

DIY Room Heater
DIY Room Heater, Image via: inhabitat

9- Ceramic Clay Pot Heater

Build this DIY space heater by misadventuresmag to keep your personal space warm and toasty this winter. Easy to build, attractive, inexpensive and efficient ceramic pot heater.

Ceramic Clay Pot Heater
Ceramic Clay Pot Heater,Image via: misadventuresmag

10- Eco Friendly Clay Pot Heater

Tea lights are small and somewhat insignificant when standing alone, but when grouped together they can become a significant source of heat. Give this DIY space heater idea a try by dailyhealthpost and put those tea lights to good use so you can stay warm and save money.

Eco Friendly Clay Pot Heater
Eco Friendly Clay Pot Heater,Image via: dailyhealthpost

11- Hanging DIY Clay Pot Heater

Create light and heat that will become a part of the room decor with this hanging DIY clay pot heater idea on youtube. Step by step instruction will guide you through the DIY build so you can provide both attractive light and efficient heat using terracotta pots and candles. Heat and light any room for pennies per day.

Hanging DIY Clay Pot Heater
Hanging DIY Clay Pot Heater, Image via: youtube

12- Table Topper Clay Pot Heater

Use this idea to create a flower pot heater like this one by quiet-corner that fits nicely on a side table. The table top DIY pot heater will keep you toasty warm while you’re sitting with a good book or watching your favorite TV program.

Table Topper Clay Pot Heater
Table Topper Clay Pot Heater, Image via: quiet-corner

13- Flower Pot Heater

We know how to use flower pots in the summer but do you know a good use for them during the winter? These free plans will show you how to create a flower pot heater by ikeahackers using clay pots and small candles.

This efficient DIY room heater is easy to build and requires no tools or building skills. The components of this clay pot heater can be found anywhere and consist of just three things – a terracotta pot, stainless steel cutlery holder, and tea lights. It will add warmth to any room of your home and the candle light will add ambiance.

You can save money on your utility bill and stay warm this winter by following these free plans for creating a flower pot heater.

Flower Pot Heater
Flower Pot Heater, Image via: ikeahackers

14- Clay Pot Heater And Stove

This efficient and inexpensive clay pot heater also doubles as a stove to cook food on. You can build one thing that serves two purposes and it will cost very little to build. It’s also portable so you can take it with you when you go camping.

It would be a great idea to have one of these plant pot heaters by theprovidentprepper and stove combos on hand just in case of a power outage. During the winter months in regions that have heavy snow fall and frequent power outages, having an alternative source of heat is vital. Some people would opt to use a gas powered generator during times of power outages but why waste fuel and money?

Use these free plans to create an inexpensive heater and stove that does not use gas or electricity but will keep you warm and cook your food.

Clay Pot Heater And Stove
Clay Pot Heater And Stove, Image via: theprovidentprepper

15- Radiant Clay Pot and Oil Heater

You can create a cheap radiant heat source with oil and a clay pot. These free plans will show you how.

Lamp oil is very cheap and will burn clean and bright while it is producing enough heat to warm a room. The clay pot that sits on top of the lamp oil container captures the heat as it rises and radiates it out into the room. The clay pot heater like this one by warmthwithin is also designed to allow the light from the burning wick to be a light source.

This is a perfect design for an off grid homestead or cabin. The clay pot heater provides both warmth and light so your living space will be cozy and warm. Ideal for a cozy winter evening at home even if your house is connected to utilities.

Radiant Clay Pot and Oil Heater
Radiant Clay Pot and Oil Heater, Image via: warmthwithin

16- Cornish Room Heater

This simple little device can warm a room and reduce your utility bill. It’s called a Cornish room heater because it’s an improved version of a plain clay pot heater on youtube and produces more heat.

Don’t let the simple design and easy building fool you, this little DIY heater can generate a lot of warmth for just pennies a day. It actually uses copper pennies to help conduct the heat generated by one tea light.

Watch this YouTube video to discover how you can take some old china dishware, a few pennies, a clay pot, and a tea light and create a functional room heater. The small size makes this clay pot heater portable and easy to take with you when you travel.

17- Active Flower Pot Heater

If you need to warm up an outdoor room like a garage or workshop, this active flower pot heater will do very inexpensively.

This clay pot heater by instructables uses containers of gel as fuel and has a fan to blow the warm air out of the clay pot and into the room. A thermostat makes the flower pot heater automatic once the heat has built up inside the clay pot.

This DIY clay pot heater will generate enough warmth to make an outbuilding comfortable to spend time in even on the coldest winter day. Ideal for an off grid workshop or garage.

Active Flower Pot Heater
Active Flower Pot Heater, Image via: instructables

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