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12 DIY Drip Irrigation To Water Your Plants Frugally

A DIY drip irrigation system will save your time and money, plus it will enable you to have healthier garden plants. An automatic watering system will put the water right where it’s needed at the time when plants can uptake the moisture most efficiently.

Garden watering systems will work in both raised bed plots and traditional in-ground plots, plus they will even keep the growing plants well-hydrated when you’re gone for the day or weekend.

Look through our round up of these 12 DIY drip irrigation systems and discover how to install a drip irrigation system in your home garden.

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  1. Raised Bed DIY Drip Irrigation

First we are going to discuss a diy drip irrigation system that has a step-by-step pictorial instruction that will guide you through installing self-watering system in a raised bed garden. The hardware is already pre-assembled and the system can be added on to as desired. It doesn’t get much easier than this. You may also like to see diy self watering planters.

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Automatic Watering System

  1. Automatic Watering System

We recommend this diy watering system to busy gardener who may be prone to under-watering or over-watering. This DIY drip irrigation system is automated and takes all the guess work out ‘how how much water the garden needs’. By makezine

Raised Bed Drip Irrigation

  1. Above Ground DIY Drip Irrigation

This is a great DIY above ground watering system to install in an established flower garden. No digging or underground installation involved unlike we discussed the systems earlier and your plants will thank you for it.

Here are brief steps to install this diy drip irrigation.

  • Install sprinkler system and place above ground tubing that is running along the flower beds and new trees.
  • Cut sections of 1/4″ tubing at a length which is easily reachable inside the perimeter of the plants.
  • Attach Tubing to a Connector and Emitter.
  • Make hole into the main tubing and insert the connector end of the spaghetti tubing into the main pipe.
  • Snake spaghetti tube under the plant and then snake the tube down and and cover it with mulch.

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Above Ground Drip Irrigation

  1. Container Garden System

Vegetables, fruits and flowers grown in containers dry out quicker than those grown in-ground. To free up your time and keep container plants well hydrated, install this homemade drip irrigation system and keep your garden pots filled moisture and happy plants.

These are brief steps to install a diy drip irrigation system for potted plants.

  • Firstly attach the connector to hose or spigot and then irrigation backflow preventer to the faucet spigot.
  • Attach the pressure regulator and faucet hose fitting.
  • Insert the one end of poly tubing to open end of faucet fitting.
  • Mark the line on poly tubing where you want your drip line tubing and pots should be.
  • Cut and cap the tube at its very end.
  • Determine the length of each drip line.
  • Make hole at the point where you will put connector and micro tubing.
  • Insert connector in the main pipe first and then drip tubing into the connector.
  • Fix the micro heads to the other end of micro tubing.

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homemade drip irrigation system

  1. Timed DIY Drip Irrigation System

Here is a system that allows you to have a life away from home and grow fresh vegetables. Once this DIY plant watering system is installed, you can set the timer and leave home for a few days without worry. Your plants will stay well hydrated in your absence.

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Timed Drip Irrigation System

  1. Overhead Sprinkler System

This DIY system comes from Home Depot and the instructions make installation fast and easy. Give your garden plants a drink from over head with this sprinkler system. You may also like to see diy sprinkler system. By homedepot

Overhead Sprinkler System

  1. Mirco DIY Irrigation System

This plant watering system keeps hanging baskets looking fresh and vigorously growing all summer. Also use this micro irrigation system for container gardens.

  1. Bottle DIY Drip Irrigation

Simple to install, inexpensive and a great way to recycle plastic bottles. Just punch a few holes in the bottom half of a large plastic bottle, bury the bottom half of the bottom between plants in the garden, then fill with water. By providentliving

Bottle Drip Irrigation

  1. DIY Drip Irrigation For Under $10

Cheap, easy to fabricate and perfect for gardeners who like to grow vegetables in containers and want to save time and money. See the complete guide and video tutorial at Eat Drink Better.

  1. PVC DIY Irrigation System

A great little system that saves time and water in the garden. PVC pipe is easy to work with and will last for years, and this diy irrigation system uses water efficiently so less water will be needed.

  1. DIY Bucket System

Unique and efficient way to keep plants hydrated. A bucket of water, gravity and a couple of other inexpensive components is all you need to create the self watering system.

  1. Base Watering

This DIY drip irrigation system will deliver water right to the base of plants so less water is lost through evaporation. Keeping the plant leaves dry will also help prevent a host of diseases so plants will stay healthy and well hydrated. By

DIY irrigation system

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