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16 Homemade Water Filters To Get Purified Water At Any Place

A homemade water filter system can provide you with clean water for drinking and meal preparation no matter where you are located. Having a quality filtration system that can turn contaminated water into drinkable water is an absolute must for every prepper or anyone else preparing to live off-grid. Those living in big cities or small towns who just want to ensure their tap water is pure can also benefit from one of these DIY water purifiers. Check out these 7 homemade water filtration systems to discover which one is right for your water needs.

1- Bucket Style Water Filter

Turn a 5 gallon bucket into a homemade water filter system like this one by tacticalintelligence that can transform murky, debris-filled water into pure, crystal clear drinkable water. These step by step instructions will walk you through the easy DIY project that has an out of pocket expense of less than $30. You may also like to read DIY water pump.

Image via: tacticalintelligence

2- Berkey Homemade Water Filter

Another easy to build design that will enable you to make your own water filter by berkeywaterfilterfolks. A couple of 5 gallon buckets and a few Berkey purification elements and a spigot will create pure drinking water at home or in the wilderness.

Berkey Homemade Water Filter
Image via: berkeywaterfilterfolks

3- DIY Bottle Water Filter

This simple diy water filter by wikihow will enable you to create clean drinking water in case of an emergency. This simple design uses a plastic bottle, coffee filter and charcoal to remove impurities from flood or rain water and make the H2O safe to drink.

Image via: wikihow

4- Kitchen Spigot DIY Water Filter

In some areas of the country, tap water contains far too much chlorine. The chlorine is needed to make the tap water safe for drinking, however, the abundance of chlorine makes the water disagreeable to taste buds and for certain uses. Create this DIY water filter by byo that attaches to the kitchen sink spigot and filter out all that excess chlorine and make the water pure. You may also like to read DIY rain barrels.

Kitchen Spigot DIY Water Filter
Image via: byo

5- Tree Branch Homemade Water Filter

Simple, effective, cheap and easy to make, this tree branch water filter by ecopreneurist will remove close to 100% of all E.coli bacteria from water. The small piece of tree branch filters waters for a couple of days, then is easily and quickly replaced with a fresh piece of wood. Easy to take along with on hiking, hunting or camping trips.

Tree Branch Homemade Water Filter
Image via: ecopreneurist

6- Biosand Homemade Water Filter

Learn how to create your own homemade water filtration system in this youtube video using sand and gravel. Great for filtering out impurities from large amounts of water at once.

Biosand Homemade Water Filter

7- Heated Purifier Homemade Water Filter

Using no electricity, this water purifying system uses heat to destroy bacteria and carbon to filter them out of water. Clean, clear, drinkable water emerges from this ultimate homemade water purifier on youtube. YouTube video makes the build an easy one.

Image via: youtube

8- Emergency Homemade Water Filter

A human can live a week or so without food, but only three days without water. Are you prepared for an emergency situation in which there was no clean drinking water available? Most people are not, but this emergency diy water filter by wikihow can filter out impurities so you can have safe drinking water at any place.

If you find yourself stranded in the wilderness during a hike or camping trip, or if a flood makes water unsafe for drinking, this emergency filter can literally mean the difference between life and death for you and your family. Learn how to make a water filter that could save your life with these free plans.

Emergency Homemade Water Filter
Image via: wikihow

9- Homemade Water Filter

These free plans show you how to build a homemade water filter on youtube that works just like the counter top models you buy at the store. There are several layers of filtering products that the water goes through before it’s ready to drink, many of which you probably already have on hand.

Things like gravel and a coffee filter can transform dirty water into clean and clear water that is safe to drink. Hopefully you will never need to know how to build a DIY water filter, but print out these easy to follow instructions just in case.

Homemade Water Filter
Image via: youtube

10- Diatomaceous Earth DIY Water Filtration System

Have you ever stopped to think about how much money you spent each year on store bought water in plastic bottles? How about all the plastic bottles you send to the landfill each year that increase the world’s trash problem?

Most of us don’t give either of those issues a second thought, but we should. All that money spent on store bought water in bottles could be kept in your pocket and you would generate less plastic waste if you made this reusable DIY water filter by hunker using diatomaceous earth. You may also like to read DIY water fountains.

Diatomaceous Earth DIY Water Filtration System
Image via: hunker

11- Futuristic Design Homemade Water Filter

These plans help you take a homemade water filter system like this one by designawards to the next level in future design ideas. Filter gallons of water at a time instead of cups with this easy to build filtration system.

The design is also attractive and could easily be incorporated into any kitchen decor. Easy to build, easy to look at, and functional, this futuristic design will fit in well with modern day decor. You may also like to read DIY drip irrigation.

Futuristic Design Homemade Water Filter
Image via: designawards

12- Inexpensive DIY Water Filter

Not everyone in the world has clean, accessible drinking water, nor can they afford a traditional water purification system. A homemade water filtration system like this one by waterpurifier can be the answer for those needing an inexpensive water filter to make available water safe for drinking

To transform questionable water into pure water, first boil it, then after it cools pour it into a filter with activated carbon. These two inexpensive steps should provide you with clean, clean water.

Inexpensive DIY Water Filter
Image via: waterpurifier

13- Whole House DIY Water Filtration System

If you’re looking for a way to filter all the water that comes into your home, these plans and tips will help you do that. Instead of purifying water a pitcher at a time, use this idea to filter all the water that enters your home so every time you turn on a spigot, clean, drinkable water comes out.

Bathe, wash clothing, cook, wash dishes, prepare tea, baby formula and coffee with clean water right from your tap by creating a DIY whole house water filtration system like this one by best-osmosis-systems.

When you build it yourself, you can use a charcoal water filter or a catalytic filter for the system, and add any other components that you want. It’s also easy to repair, should the need arise, because you know all about the system.

Whole House DIY Water Filtration System
Image via: best-osmosis-systems

14- Homemade Water Filter Project for Kids

This started out as a science project for kids, but worked so well that the plans have been shared so everyone can access them and have clean water. A couple bowls, some dirt, yard and a box is about all that’s needed to create a homemade water purifier. It’s so easy even a child can built it.

This DIY project by lifestyle.howstuffworks creates drip filtration system that allows clean water to be absorbed by the yarn and drip into one bowl while the dirt and water impurities stay behind in the other bowl. Easy and inexpensive to make and ideal for camping or hiking trips to areas where water is questionable and heavy filtration equipment is too difficult to transport.

15- Two Liter Bottle DIY Filtration System

Learn how to transform a couple of two liter soda bottles and items you can find in nature into a homemade water filter on youtube.

Great for homesteaders, hunters, hikers and campers. A little charcoal, sand, grass and rocks can purify your daily supply of water cheaply and easily. Save a couple two liter soda bottles and follow these simple plans to make your own DIY water filter.

16- Tuna Can Homemade Water Purifier

Eat the canned tuna, then save the cans to create a homemade water filter like this one on youtube. Easy to build and it will keep tin cans out of the landfill.

Ideal way to pack light for hiking or camping trips – eat the food then recycle the container into a useful item while traveling through the wilderness.

Easy to follow YouTube instructions will show you how to make this functional water purifier from recycled tuna cans.

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