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21 DIY Sawhorse Plans That Are Simple And Easy To Do

A sawhorse is a vital tool every woodworker should have. DIY sawhorses are very helpful in the workshop or when on sight jobs. There is a long list of things you can use it for, from a makeshift scaffold, table and several others. In as much as you can purchase sawhorses at the store, they may be quite expansive or not up to your specification. Hence, the need to build DIY sawhorses based on the measurement and style you desire. If you want to build one for yourself, then you should check out these 21 DIY sawhorse plans that are simple and easy to do.

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DIY Sawhorse Plans For Your Workshop

1. Build the Ultimate Wood Sawhorses

This is the ultimate diy sawhorse plan to build a set of sawhorse that can be used as a temporary table. The idea is designed to be versatile and sturdy, and it is very easy to make. The project is placed at a beginner’s difficulty level and takes about an hour to complete.  To build, you will need Lumber, deck screws and a few other materials. You will also need tools like a drill, tape measure, pencil, layout square etc. the plan contains a step by step guide on how to build a sawhorse, and on completion, you can finish it with your desired painting.

Build the Ultimate Wood Sawhorses

2. Classic Sawhorse Plans

The DIY sawhorses are indispensable work tools while assembling or finishing any project. These sawhorse plans are designed so that users can easily modify it to suit their needs. It features a 75 degree splayed legs, which makes it more stable and functional. The plan is designed to be comfortable, reliable and effective. It is divided into three basic steps so you can easily follow through to build your sawhorse. First, you make the saddle; legs and braces, before assembling them. Its placed at a beginners difficulty level and can be completed in a few hours.

DIY sawhorses

3. Stackable Sawhorse Plans

Sawhorses come very handily when working and you can quickly build some following this plan. You will need scrap plywood, deck screws, and tools like a drill, Miter saw, tape, and pencil. The plan is straightforward to build; it comes in a downloadable PDF, listing the needed shopping lists, measurements, cutting lists and illustrations on how to+- build each step. You can use the plan to build as many sawhorses as you want. It only takes a few hours to complete, and you can finish it with wood stain or paint.

Stackable Sawhorse Plans

4. Stackable Sawhorses Plans From 2 x 4s

Every wood shop needs at least a pair of sawhorses, as they provide support during various jobs. These plans involves building sturdy and functional sawhorses with scrap 2 x 4s. The design allows you to stack them easily and each sawhorse can be completed within a few minutes. You can find scrap 2x4s in the woodshed, or buy some. It will cost less than $20 to obtain the needed 2 x 4s and the screws to assemble it. Tools such as drills, miter saws can be borrowed.

Stackable Sawhorses Plans From 2 x 4s

5. DIY Sawhorse in Six Steps

This plan shows you how to make a sawhorse in six steps. The resultant sawhorse will be sturdy and very durable. You will need 3 inches screws and $12 worth of material to complete the project. The sawhorse will have I-beam and four 8 feet legs. The original plan is 32 inches high and 32 inches wide, however, you can easily modify the plan to suit your wish. You have to redo the math work and material list accordingly. You will need tools like drill/driver, tape measure, deck screws and other tools for assembly.

how to make a sawhorse

6. Simple Stackable Sawhorse Plan

Been comfortable while working on projects, you work faster and more accurately, and that is what a sawhorse provides. This plan involves building stackable wooden sawhorses from plywood scraps. To make this plan, you will need plywood for both the legs and the cross beams. You will also need nails and glue to hold together the wood pieces, as well as basic carpentry tools like hammers mitre saw, pencil, tape measure etc. The plan contains a detailed guide on how to build the project from scratch with pictures.

Simple Stackable Sawhorse

7. DIY Sawhorses

There are various variations on sawhorse designs, however, durability should be a priority in all. This project involves building a wooden sawhorse designed for sturdiness and functionality. Its legs are made from 2 x 3s and 2x 4s, and it has crossbeams to enhance balance. You will need a circular saw to cut the 2×4 and other tools like hammer and tape measure. You will need 2” and 2.5’ nails to attach the beam, legs and cross braces. For an experienced DIYer, this project can be completed with an hour work.

DIY Sawhorses

8. DIY Sturdy Sawhorse Plans

If you are seeking a well-designed sawhorse, then this will be your best choice. It is designed to be quickly built and stackable. It may cost you about $50 in materials to build this project, and you can complete it in 2 hours. The sawhorse has four slanted legs on both ends. You will also need various carpenter tools including a mitre saw. The project is placed at a beginners experience level, and the plan provides all the necessary details to build till finish. Once completed, you can finish the sawhorse with your favorite color to make it more beautiful.

 DIY Sturdy Sawhorses

9. Easy To Build Sawhorse

While you can buy a sawhorse at the local hardware store, it may cost much more, and you will miss out of the fun to build a piece of equipment you will use for years to come. Save money by building the DIY sawhorse that is designed for durability and sturdiness.  To build this plan, you will need different sizes of 2x4s for the legs and I-beams, you will also need wood screws, and galvanized nails. The plan is straightforward to follow and can be used to build some sawhorses.

Easy To Build Sawhorse

10. Folding Sawhorse Plans

Folding sawhorses are great, especially when you have little space for storage, want to transport them easily or wish to keep them out of site. These wooden sawhorse plans contains instructions on how to build a folding sawhorse within a budget.

To build you will need high-quality woods like cedar, pine or redwood. Cut the woods into different sizes for use as “legs, top beam and support”. You will also need tools like Hammer, drill; miter saw, screwdriver, tape measure etc.

You can easily adjust the specification of the project to meet your needs.

Folding Sawhorse Plans

11. Easy 2×4 Sawhorse Plans

Building a sawhorse is a great starter project for anyone who had not worked with carpentry tools before. These sawhorse plans are straightforward to build; it involves building a stackable sawhorse, which is very sturdy. To build, you will need 2x4s for both the legs and beams and screws for all the joints. You will also need a few basic tools like drills, tape measure, pencil and others. You can use the plan to build as many DIY sawhorses as you wish to stack them for easy transportation.

Easy 2×4 Sawhorse Plans

12. The Best Saw Horses Plan

A sawhorse needs to be strong, yet not too heavy and portable, and this sawhorse plan was designed to meet that specification. It involves building an I-beam styles sawhorse, which can double as a sacrificial surface and a clamping area. To build this, you will need different sizes of wood, some wood screws and tools like a handsaw, drill and measure tape. The project is placed at a beginner’s difficulty level and can be built within an hour. It also cost less than $30 in total for the needed materials.

sawhorse plan

13. The Ultimate Knock-Down Sawhorse Plan

This project involves building a sturdy and well-designed DIY sawhorse. The Plan contains detailed pictures and build-notes on how to go about building the sawhorse.

The original plan was built with two in stock. The legs are made with 2x4s, and it has a 35 inches height. You will need wood screws and nails as well as a tool like a mitre saw, drill, hammer and tape measure. The project is placed at a beginner’s DIY level and would take a few minutes to complete.

The Ultimate Knock-Down Sawhorse Plan

14. Replaceable Inserts Save Sawhorses

This plan involves building a sawhorse that has a replaceable insert made from 2-x stock. It is designed so when the insert is riddled with saw kerfs; you can replace it with a new one.

They can also be stacked together to save floor space, and it is stable and robust. To build this plan, you will need different sizes of plywood, wood screw, and gum. You also need a drill, mitre or circular saw, tape measure and a few other tools. The project is placed at an intermediary difficulty level. It can be completed within a few hours.

Replaceable Inserts Save Sawhorses

15. Perfect DIY Sawhorses: Adjustable and Knockdown Design

If you are looking for a sawhorse plan that is adjustable, sturdy, economical and portable, then this sawhorse plan is your best choice.

The sawhorse plan is a complete knockdown; hence, it only requires little space. The Design is solid and you need to buy a few materials costing below $30 to build.

Asides the wood, you will need sandpaper, protractors and wood glue.  You will also need tools like a drill, skill or mitre saw, level and pencil. The plan is quite easy to build, even for a first time DIYer.

sawhorse plan

16. Stackable DIY Sawhorses From Scrap Lumber

Sawhorses are specifically built to get job quickly and cheaply. With this plan, you will build sturdy and functional diy sawhorses with materials you can easily find in your home or workshops. To get started, you will need 2×4’s for the legs and I-beams, nails or screws. You may also need tools like drill, nail gun (if you are using nails), tape measure, etc. You can easily adjust the plan to suit your needs. You only have to do the necessary additions or otherwise for supplies.

Stackable Sawhorses From Scrap Lumber

17. Pair of Sturdy Folding DIY Sawhorse

Sawhorses provide the needed support to allow you to work without hunches. Building one will make your work easier and faster. The plan contains details on how to build a sawhorse from scratch with pictures. The design is foldable, which aids transportation and takes less space. The plan can be made with 2x4s and a few strap hinges. You also need carpentry tools for measuring, cutting and joining the sawhorse.

Pair of Sturdy Folding Sawhorses

18. Shorty DIY Saw Horse

This plan involves building a DIY sawhorse from scrap woods and remnants of other DIY jobs. You will also need drywall screws and tools like a hand saw, or mitre saw, drill, pencil, speed square etc. the outcome is just as sturdy as any sawhorse. If you do not have leftover materials, you can get them from the depot store for a few dollars. You will find detailed steps on how to build the plan.

DIY sawhorse

19. Folding DIY Sawhorse

This is the ultimate folding sawhorse built with 2x4s and ¾” boards. The design is simple but sturdy. The joints are glued and screwed. You can take part in the attachments to use at the base. The project is placed at a beginner’s difficulty level, and aside from the wood, screw and glue, you will also need basic carpentry tools. On completing the project, you can finish it with wood stain or any paint color of your choice.

Folding Sawhorses

20. Collapsible Sawhorse Plans

If you are looking for a nice and straightforward sawhorse, then look no further. These sawhorse plans are designed to be ultimately Strong, Collapsible, Durable, and Versatile. Now you can quickly slap some sawhorses together to save space. The versatility comes from the fact that it can be easily modified based on what you need. For instance, you can cut V-notches at the top to support cutting pipes. You can also lay stapling carpets across the top to protect your woodworking projects. The list of materials and tools needed for the project include 2×4’s carriage bolts, washers, nuts, wood screws, jigsaws, drill/driver and square.

Collapsible Sawhorse Plans

21. DIY Sawhorses

Building a sawhorse is one of the coolest projects you can embark on. This project is one of the easiest to build, it has a universal and sturdy design, and it is very functional. To start this project, you will need different sizes of woods, screws or nails and a few carpenter tools. The project is placed at a beginners DIY experience level, and it is very affordable.

DIY Sawhorses

Conclusively, building a DIY sawhorse makes your DIY work easier. Sawhorses come in handy in various situations. One of its most obvious use is when you need to saw wood. It provides the support and elevation to make clean cuts. You can follow any of the listed sawhorse plans to build some for your use.

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