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12 DIY Garden Rooms You Can Build Yourself To Work from Home

A DIY garden room is a new trend for creating more space in your existing home. The high costs of relocating to a larger home and the major investment of time and money to do a home renovation have people looking for other options.

One ideal option to create more usable space is to build a DIY garden room. This type of room is not attached to your home, so it won’t interrupt your family’s day to day schedule while it’s being constructed.

Building a garden room will provide you with privacy and quietness so you can work from home. Garden room will also add space for use as a workshop, relaxation area, kids playroom, game room, gym space, or any other project you need more indoor space for.  Check out these 12 DIY garden rooms from out list and start building one for yourself this weekend.

1- Timber Frame Garden Room

Have you always dreamed of having a Mancave or Sheshed? Learn how to build a garden room in this YouTube video that can be used in any way you like.

Work from home in an attractive outdoor room that you built yourself. Call clients, do paperwork, use as a photography studio, paint portraits, or just relax in this DIY garden room.  No more long commutes on public transit or expensive gas to buy for your vehicle. Just walk a few steps across the yard to your home office.

You can have all the comforts of home in a garden room, like a small refrigerator, coffee maker, microwave, heat, air conditioning, and television so your workday will be as enjoyable as possible.

2- Sleek And Modern

This sleek and modern DIY garden office like this one we are discussing will increase your living space and add value to your property.

Get all the details for building a garden room on your property in this YouTube video. Most areas have building codes that will allow you to build a room like this on your property that will take up one-half of your landspace. A building project like this is much cheaper than moving and the structure will provide you with the needed office space and still leave outside landspace.

The use of large windows as shown in this YouTube video allows for plenty of natural light to come into the indoor space and provides an excellent view of the outdoor garden that we all love to have.

3- Family Gym

A DIY garden room may start out as a home office but can change into something more practical for the family, like a gym.

As the children grow up and leave home, they no longer need a play area in the backyard. That area is the ideal place to build yourself a new garden room. What the room gets used for is totally up to you.

These free plans will show you how to build your own garden room by instructables that is filled with natural light from the floor to ceiling windows on the front side. The free-standing room can be built without creating a noisy mess inside your home during construction.

DIY garden room
DIY garden room, Image via instructables

4- Great Escape Garden Room

In a small home with a big family, where do you go to escape for a few moments? Everyone needs an escape room where they can spend a moment in peace and quiet to destress. Maybe you need more than just a few moments of peace and quiet, maybe you need a private space to work from home during the day.

Whatever your need is for more private space, build a stylish, sunny DIY garden room in this YouTube video. The bi-fold glass doors allow plenty of sunlight and fresh air to come into the room. An outside deck that spans the length of the front of the room provides plenty of sitting space when you want to be outdoors. The deck can also double as a place for a container garden that can be filled with pots of flowers and fresh vegetable plants during the summer months.

5- Garden Office

The pandemic has caused many people to look for jobs that allow them to work from home. As we all know telecommuting at least part of the work week is the normal routine for many in the workforce nowadays but a private place to work is needed.

A garden office like this one on youtube will solve the problem by providing a private, quiet space to work. Having a garden office like this one also allows you to have the separation between work time and family time.

The free-standing room is sleek, modern, and will fit into any landscape design. The large windows allow sunlight to come into the home office while you work. The windows also let you watch the children or pets while they play in the yard.

6- YouTube Studio

As we know the family grows, the need for more room becomes a pressing issue. And with so many people becoming full time YouTubers, a quiet studio is a must.

Use this DIY garden room idea by katus to create a YouTube studio for yourself. It’s an easy build with a low price tag.

The modern design will fit into any landscape and the small size makes it just right for a backyard in the city.

DIY garden room
Garden room for youtubers, Image via: katus

7- French Door Garden Room

If you are tired of looking at the backyard privacy fence, why not change the view with a self build garden room like this one by rogerperkin that has French doors?

Use these free plans to construct an attractive free-standing room that can be used for many purposes. The double French doors allow the interior of the garden room to be flooded with natural light when closed, and plenty of fresh air when the doors are open.

Use the garden room as a home office, escape room, party space, or for any other reason. Create extra space at home while making your backyard look better with a DIY garden room like this one we have discussed with you.

French Door Garden Room
French Door Garden Room, Image via: rogerperkin

8- Garden Shed Update

If you have an old, run-down garden shed in the backyard check out this YouTube video of a  garden shed update. Down with the old shed that was too small and up with a new garden shed that is larger and more modern looking.

The shed looks good from the outside and the inside. The windows provide plenty of light, plus the garden room has electricity and a wooden deck. This shed is too attractive just to be used for storing garden equipment. Use it as a home office, playroom, or for relaxing.

9- Budget Friendly Garden Office

People working from home need a suitable office space so they can focus on their work. However, most people are also on a budget and moving or doing a home remodel is just not an affordable option.

These free plans for building a budget friendly garden office by wood-create just may be the answer you need. Create more space without creating debt with this low cost build.

Budget Friendly Garden Office
Budget Friendly Garden Office, Image via: wood-create

10- Narrow Garden Room

Check out these free plans by instructables for building a narrow instructables that’s ideal for a long, narrow backyard space. This is one of our most favorite garden room designs that we like so much.

Even if you have a long and narrow outdoor space, there is still room for a free-standing garden room. Filled with windows, the room will be flooded with natural light so you can enjoy the outdoors while being indoors. This home office can double as a greenhouse for houseplants and starting vegetable plants seeds.

Narrow Garden Room
Narrow Garden Room, Image via: instructables

11- Garden Room

If you are struggling to find a quiet place at home to work or take online classes, check out this garden room in this YouTube video. It’s a perfect place to get away from the noise and distraction inside the home while still being close to home.

Enjoy the quiet space for work, study, or relaxing. This YouTube video will show you how to build this garden room step by step.

12- Garden Room Summerhouse

When the kids are out of school during the summer, you need a place for them (or you) to get away. A garden room summerhouse like this one being built on YouTube video might be perfect for your family.

This DIY project provides an outdoor space for playing games, having friends come over, doing summer school lessons, or just hanging out. Build it with your kids this summer and enjoy it for many years to come.


Garden room or we can call it a home office is used to do some or all of your office work for those jobs that allow you to work from home. We also call it a mancave as it allows you to have a separate space where you are away from your family to avoid any disturbance during your important work tasks. You can select any of the above DIY garden rooms we have shared with you to build your own custom design room.


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