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10 DIY Sunroom Plans To Bring More Light Into Your Home

A DIY sunroom can improve the quality of your home life and increase the value of your home. Building a sunroom onto your home will allow you to bask in the warmth of the sun year-round and have an ideal place for growing plants. if you’re a garden enthusiast and live in a climate that has long cold winters, a sunroom is a must-have addition to your house.

A DIY sunroom can also improve your health by giving you a space to be in the sunlight and keeping depression and Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) from attacking you during the winter.

Check out from our list of these 10 sunroom plans we have creaated for you and choose one that will bring more light into your home to improve your life.

1- Porch Conversion

A good way to save money and get that sunroom you have always dreamt of is to convert an existing porch into a sunroom.

Here we have a step by step plans that will show you how to build a sunroom by Run To Radiance on a concrete pad that was originally used as the porch floor. Since the flooring is already in place, the building cost and time to complete the DIY project are significantly reduced. If your porch has a roof that will also reduce the building expense, time, and labor.

Install electrical wiring so you can have lights and outlets in your new DIY sunroom and enjoy year-around.

how to build a sunroom
Porch Conversi into a sunroom, Image via: Run To Radiance

2- 14′ x14′ Sunroom

This DIY sunroom plan will show you how to build a 14′ x 14′ addition onto the back of your home. The space has 3 walls of windows that allow the sun to fill the room throughout the day.

A DIY sunroom by Instructables like this one we have from our list can be used for hobbies, gardening, relaxing, exercising, entertaining, and so many other things.

The large size of the room makes it a valuable addition to any home. The interior door of the home can be opened to allow extra solar heat generated by the sun to flow into the house and that will help reduce the utility expense.

DIY sunroom Plan
14′ x14′ Sunroom, Image via: Instructables

3- Back Deck Replacement

This video will show you how to remove a back deck that is too small and create a large, usable sunroom.

This DIY sunroom on youtube adds so much value to the home and increases the living space. The large sunroom is beautiful inside and outside and can be used as a multi-purpose space that I liked about this plan. It’s an ideal way to bring more natural light into your home so you can grow plants using less artificial light. You’ll be able to grow food producing plants in a sunroom and enjoy fresh vegetables and fruits year-round.

A sunroom will also naturally increase the temperature inside your home so you can enjoy more warmth without turning the thermostat up during the winter.

4- Four Seasons Sunroom

If you would like to enjoy the outdoors year-round, then a four seasons sunroom like this one is just right for you.

Follow the building instructions provided on this YouTube video and you will be able to build this amazing addition onto your home. These DIY sunroom plans on Youtube will show you how to install electrical outlets and lighting so the sunroom will be a usable space year-around.

The glass kick plates create a space that has floor to ceiling windows so the maximum amount of natural sunlight can be enjoyed in the room.

The sunroom addition seamlessly merges with the existing house to make it look cohesive and increase the value of the home. You may also like to check out shed shed plans that provides you some privacy.

5- Recycled Sliding Glass Doors

Large sliding glass doors are ideal for recycling into a new DIY sunroom like these free YouTube plans will show you how to do it.

Sunrooms are called different names in different parts of the world. The home additions are known as Florida rooms, sun porch, conservatory, sun garden, winter garden room, and solarium.

Whatever name you choose to call the room, a DIY solarium created from recycled sliding glass doors will be a welcomed addition to your home. It will create passive solar energy that will increase the light and warmth inside your home without increasing your utility bill.

Increased living space, increased home value, and glass doors recycled so they would not end up in a landfill. This is a great sunroom plan and worth watching the YouTube video.

6- Sunroom Remodel

Sometimes you just need to give an old sunroom a new updated look, and this is a great way to do it.

Many older homes were built with sunrooms and after 30+ years of use, it’s time for an update. Use this idea to remodel your sunroom by Imgur and transform it from old and boring into a new, modern room that can be used year-round.

A remodeled sunroom can be used as an outdoor dining room or living room so you can increase the living space inside the home. The older homes with sunrooms often have small interior rooms that are closed off by walls. If you remodel the sunroom into a more livable space, you might be able to knock down an interior wall or two to increase the interior living space.

Sunroom plans
Sunroom plans, Image via: Imgur

7- Porch To Sunroom

Improve your outdoor living space by transforming a porch into a sunroom on youtube. This YouTube video will provide the sunroom plans needed to transform a small porch into a large sunroom.

The new sunroom is sure to become the favorite room in your home. It can provide a place to enjoy your morning coffee and a retreat in which to relax and unwind at the end of a long work day. A sunroom is a great space to create a playroom for small children because they enjoy seeing the outdoors regardless of what the weather may be.

If your porch is too small for your lifestyle, watch this YouTube video and consider using these free plans to transform it into a DIY sunroom. You may also like to check out DIY screen in porch to bugs away.

8- Temporary Sunroom

Everyone has their own opinion about a sunroom. Some adore them, others say the rooms can become unbearably hot. If you are not sure about building a sunroom onto your home, give it a test with this temporary sunroom idea.

This idea will work perfectly if you have an existing porch with a roof on your home. Place a couple of chairs, a table, and some potted plants in the temporary sunroom. Enjoy it for a few months. It’s cheap and easy to create and after a few months you will know if you want to build a permanent DIY sunroom by Ecorenovator or not.

Follow these free plans and use clear plastic shower curtains to let the sun shine into the space. The solar energy will warm the space and you can open the door of your home to allow the extra heat to come inside and reduce the heating bill in the winter.

The extra light that will come indoors will also enable you to turn off some lights during the daytime and reduce your power bill. Use the space as a private solarium for resting or growing plants. Enjoy the cheap temporary sunroom for a few months before making the decision to build or not to build a permanent sunroom. You may also like to check out lean to shed plans that provides you some extra storage space.

DIY sunroom
DIY Temporary Sunroom, Image via: Ecorenovator

9- Porch Enclosure to Sunroom

Watch this video to see how you can turn a dark, enclosed porch into a bright sunroom on youtube.

No one would enjoy sitting or playing on a dark, closed-in porch. It would not be relaxing and the view of the outdoors is blocked. This idea will show you how you can transform an outdoor space that no one in the family enjoys into an outdoor space all family members will enjoy.

The sunroom will also improve the appearance of your home and add value to it. The new sunny outdoor space can be used year-round and is ideal for spending time in the sun during the cold winter months so you won’t develop Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD). The space is also great for growing plants that will improve air quality and boost your mood.

This YouTube video provides detailed plans and great tips for building a DIY sunroom.

10- Sunroom with Fireplace

When considering a new addition to your home to increase the square footage and living space, consider adding a sunroom with a fireplace.

This video will provide you with detailed plans for building a DIY sunroom on youtube that will give an extra 400 square feet of living space to your family. The fireplace will also enhance the ambiance of the sunroom and make it useable on cold nights and cloudy days.

A fireplace can also be used to heat water for tea or hot cocoa so you won’t have to go indoors to get a warm beverage. Install electrical outlets in the sunroom so you can enjoy lighting and watching television in the space after dark.

A sunroom with a fireplace is sure to become the favorite room in the home. Plus, it will increase property value and living space. What could you do with an extra 400 feet of living space that is bright and warm year-round?

Ending Note!

So these are some of the sunroom plans that we have shared, you can choose any of the above 10 sunroom plans that you like the most. We hope this round up has helped you in getting your decision to make one for yourself.

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