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23 DIY Charging Stations To Hide Cords and Wires While You’re Charging

If you own a variety of devices, you’re going to need a DIY charging station to keep them organized. With the constant release of smartphones, tablets and music players, there comes a time when your family owns five or six devices that use different chargers. The devices start creating an unsightly mess of tangled cords and wires, and this is when you’re not trying to locate a missing charger or device.

The best way to avoid the frustration of owning several devices is to build your own DIY charging station. Sure you can find a device charging station in stores, but building your own allows you to create a station that works for you.

Use the following ideas to build a DIY charging station that hides your cords and wires.

1- Use Tool Box As Charging Station

A tool box makes an amazing multi device charging station because it has multiple compartments and drawers. You’re going to need to do a little upgrading to protect your gear and feed your cords. Start by turning the inside of the lid into a space for your chargers. Use the top drawer to hide your power strip, and feed the cord through a hole in the back of the box to an outlet. Store your devices on the top surface of the box.

DIY Charging Station

2- Turn Suitcase Into A Charging Station

A suitcase charging station is a unique but effective way to charge your devices. It’s best to use a vintage suitcase because it usually includes an acrylic tray. The power strip is hidden inside the suitcase, with the cord feeding through the hole on the side. A pegboard sits on top of the tray for your devices and plug extender. The vintage style looks great with your sleek, modern devices.

DIY Charging Station

3- Convert Shoe Box Into A x

Turning a shoe box into a charging station is a great way to repurpose an old box. The cords are fed through holes on the side of the box, with the devices resting in front of the box itself. Use decorative items to create a charging station that fits your style, or keep it simple by sticking with the original design.

Shoe Box Charging Station

4- Build DIY Charging Station With Wooden Pieces

If you’re looking for a hands-on project for your DIY charging station, build your own charging dock with wooden pieces. The power strip is going to be placed inside the box, with the cord feeding through the hole on the side of your dock. Plug your chargers into the power strip, and feed the cords through the holes at the top, with your devices resting on top of the box.

DIY Charging Station

5- Kitchen Charging Station

You spend a lot of time in the kitchen, so it’s the perfect place to charge your devices overnight or while cooking. This phone charging station is made of wood and mounted over the outlet above your counter. Pull the knob on the front to open the station and reveal your hidden cords. Your phones are placed in the grooves on top of the charging station.

phone charging station

6- Wood Scrap Charging Station

Give your wooden scraps a new life by using them to build your own cell phone charging station. Your phone is going to sit in a thick slot on top of the station, with the charger’s head sticking out of the bottom of the slot. The cord of the charger is hidden inside the charging station, and it is also fed through a hole at the bottom, so it can be plugged into the wall. Use circular pads to raise the station and create room for the cord. You can use a sander and stain to give your charging station a sleek or textured look.

Wood Scrap Charging Station

7- Photo Box Charging Station

If a shoe box doesn’t suit your needs, you may enjoy building your DIY charging station with a photo storage box. The power strip is hidden inside the box, and the cord is fed through a hole on the side. You’re going to drill several holes in the front of the box, which can be framed with spacers or grommets for decorative purposes. Place the lid on the box, and let your devices rest on the top of the lid as they charge. The best thing about using a box is you can decorate it as you see fit.

Photo Box Charging Station

8- Bread Box Charging Station

If you’re looking to disguise your device charging station, consider a bread box charging station. Your power strip is hidden inside the box and mounted to the back for security. The cord of the power strip is fed through a hole in the back of the box, so you can plug it into the outlet over your counter. Unlike other charging stations where the devices sit on top or in front of the box, your devices are hidden inside the bread box. You can even decorate and label it as a bread box to disguise what is really a charging station.

Bread Box Charging Station

9- Grass Charging Station

A DIY charging station gives you the chance to think outside the box, and you’re sure to feel creative with this grass USB charging station. Start by choosing a container that works for you, which may already have a hole in the bottom, or you may need to drill the hole yourself. Feed the USB cord through the hole in the container, and place synthetic grass over and around the cord’s head. When you plug in your device, it looks like it’s charging in a patch of grass.

Grass Charging Station

10- Make A Charging Station Out OfShadowbox

You can also create your own shadowbox charging station. The power strip is attached to the back interior of your shadowbox, and of course, the cord is fed through a hole in the back. Your chargers should be plugged into the power strip before you replace the back with a wooden piece, complete with the appropriate holes. This way, your cords and wires are hidden inside a solid box. Decorate the box as you see fit, and place the devices on top of your shadowbox as they charge.

11- Countertop Charging Station

The kitchen is known as the heart of the house, so it makes sense to place your charging station on the counter. A charging station made of wood and mounted over the outlet above your counter is always a good choice. The cords are hidden inside the station, which can be opened by the knob on the front, and the devices are resting in the slots on the top. A wooden charging station looks great with any interior, and you can also build one for your bedroom or home office.

Countertop Charging Station

12- Envelope Charging Station

Another unique idea is a DIY charging station that resembles an envelope. All you need to do is mount a metal wall envelope to the wall close to an outlet. You can slip your devices inside the envelope when it’s time to charge them. Depending on the size of the envelope, it may be able to hold two or three devices at once. The great thing about the envelope is the silver color that is already stylish enough for your charging station.

Envelope Charging Station

13- Drawer Charging Station

Building a multi device charging station in a drawer is going to require a bit of work, but the drawer gives you an effective way to hide and charge your devices. You can even use a small, store-bought charging station to organize the devices and cords inside your drawer. Most people would build this charging station in the kitchen, but it can work in any room that has a cabinet in front of an outlet or power strip.

Drawer Charging Station

14- Wooden Charging Station

Once again, you may be looking for a DIY charging station project that is more hands-on than other projects. With this project, you’re going to build a charging station with multiple compartments out of wood. The compartments should be big enough for your phones and tablets, and you’re welcome to decorate it if you want a specific style. A 4-port USB charger over your outlet allows you to charge multiple devices at once.

Wooden Charging Station

15- Hanging Charging Station

Why not create a hanging charging station with a hook, screws, flatware caddy and wire basket with a handle? You can hang the charging station under an outlet on the wall, such as your kitchen island. Use vinyl stickers to decorate the interior of the basket, or place a potted plant on either side. The stickers and plants are optional, but they do create a functional but stylish place to charge your devices.

Hanging Charging Station

16- Cubed Charging Station

You can create this phone charging station with a wooden cubed wall shelf. All you have to do is drill a hole into several of the cubes for feeding the chargers. On top of the shelf is a basket with your power strip, which is plugged into the wall. Place your devices inside the cubes with the chargers, which are fed behind the shelf and up to the basket. The cubes without holes can be used as a place to store your devices when you’re not using them.

Cubed Charging Station

17- Magazine Rack Charging Station

Another way to get creative is to turn your wooden magazine rack into a charging station. The holes are drilled into the back for feeding the cords, and you can place the charging station on a desk, table or counter near an outlet or power strip. Since each space is big enough for several magazines, the rack works for devices of different sizes.

Magazine Rack Charging Station

18- Picture Frame Charging Station

A picture frame charging station is perfect if you’re looking for something that sits at an angle. Your devices sit against a cardboard insert, on ledges made of trim, which are all painted with chalk paint. The cord is fed through a hole in the cardboard and under the frame. A picture frame charging station works on your desk, kitchen counter or any table near an outlet.

Picture Frame Charging Station

19- Planter Box Charging Station

A planter box charging station is always a great idea because it doesn’t require you to drill any additional holes. It already has spaces that are wide enough to feed the cords. You can place your devices in front of a planter full of flowers or inside the planter on synthetic grass. Place the planter box on a table or counter and feed the cords to an outlet or power strip.

Planter Box Charging Station

20- Book Safe Charging Station

A book safe charging station is a stylish way to hide your cords and wires. You’re going to cut a hole in the pages of a journal, which should be big enough for your phone. Don’t forget to cut a notch in one side, on several of the top pages, for your cord. The hole and notch should be deep enough to close the book without the inside cover touching your screen or cord.

Book Safe Charging Station

21- Wall Mounted Charging Station

You can create a wall mounted charging station by building a shelf out of wooden pieces. The shelf is actually a box with a door on it for hiding your power strip. The cord to the power strip is fed through a hole at the bottom of the box, and the charger cord is fed through a semi-circle at the top. Your device is going to rest on top of the box as it’s charging.

Wall Mounted Charging Station

22- Lamp and USB Charging Station

For this project, you’re building a lamp and USB charging station that is perfect for your work or hobby area. The outlets are attached to the charging station to keep your cords organized, and you can switch on the lamp when you need more light. Use an attractive lamp shade to add a bit of style to this functional charging station.

Lamp and USB Charging Station

Whether you’re looking for a something for your phone or multi device charging station, the sky is the limit when you’re building your own DIY charging station.

23- Family Charging Station

The whole family has a place to charge their devices with this USB charging station. There are several holes on the bottom of the wooden mail sorter, and circular pads are attached to the bottom to create enough space for the cords to go underneath. Your devices are organized inside the compartments of your charging station.

Family Charging Station

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