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15 DIY Projector Screen Ideas For Your Home Theater

A DIY projector screen can transform your backyard or any room of your home into a home theater. Enjoy summer movie watching outdoors and winter movie watching indoors with your own inexpensive homemade projector screen.

You know how expensive it can be to take the family to the theater to watch a movie. Save that money and enjoy watching favorite movies at home with a DIY projector screen that you can create for about the same price (or less) of one family trip to the theater.

Check out our 15 DIY projector screen ideas to learn how to make a projector screen that is just right for your space and budget.

1- Movie Screen For Deck

This DIY outdoor movie screen is ideal for a deck or other outdoor space that has a pergola over the top.

The DIY project screen is mounted from a strong overhead timber with eye hooks so family movie night can be enjoyed outdoors. Use this projector screen idea by HGTV to create a home theater outdoors near an outdoor kitchen or swimming pool so family and friends can eat, swim, and relax while watching a movie together.

Creating an outdoor movie theater is a great way to bring the family together for a night of fun and laughter. An outdoor gathering space is also much safer in these current times and helps prevent the spread of germs.

Movie Screen For Deck
Movie Screen For Deck, Image via: HGTV

2- PVC Projector Frame

Easy and inexpensive to build, this collapsable PVC pipe DIY outdoor projector screen on youtube is ideal for backyard movie watching.

Watch this YouTube video for the detailed plans of this easy DIY project. The best thing I like about this PVC Project is, PVC pipe is lightweight and affordable, plus it makes the frame very easy to take down and move indoors when the weather is too cold for outdoor movie watching.

The lightweight PVC pipe frame will allow you to suspend the projector screen from an interior or exterior wall, pergola, deck frame, wooden fence, or other outdoor structure.

3- Outdoor Projector Screen

This inexpensive outdoor movie screen idea is ideal for enjoying the warm summer nights outdoors under the stars.

Build this DIY projector screen by instructables and pop some popcorn so you can enjoy watching movies at home on your own outdoor home theater. Ready-made projector screens are very expensive but this one is easy and cheap to build with PVC pipe.

The movie screen is lightweight and can be taken down and easily stored at the end of the movie night. That’s the reason I am recommending this pvc project to you. Assembling the projector screen and disassembling it takes less than 5 minutes once you get the hang of it.

Outdoor Projector Screen
Outdoor Projector Screen, Image via: Instructables

4- Easy Projection Screen

A few simple tools and these detailed instructions from Home Depot will enable you to build an outdoor movie screen. Save time and save money by building a projection screen that can be used over and over again.

This is a great idea for watching movies on a large screen in your outdoor home theater like this one by Homedepot. A relaxing evening with the family watching a good movie while eating pizza and popcorn is a great way to build a close family bond. A full moon and bright stars can also turn the movie watching night into a romantic date night.

These free plans will take you through the building process with ease. You may also like to check out DIY Phone Projector.

Easy Projection Screen
Easy Projection Screen, Image via: Homedepot

5- Low Cost Projector Screen

Check out this idea for building a low cost projector screen so you can watch movies on a big screen in your home theater.

This DIY projector screen is adaptable to any size space that you have so you can build it for indoor or outdoor usage. This idea will show you how to build a free-standing DIY projector frame with PVC pipe that can be used in a small family room or outdoors on a large patio.

These free instructions detail how to build a 5-foot by 10-foot projector screen but the size can  be adjusted. Enjoy all your favorite movies on a big screen anytime you want in a home theater. This inexpensive, free-standing DIY projection screen like this one by life Wire. will work in a small apartment, large home, or any outdoor space.

Low Cost Projector Screen
Low Cost Projector Screen, Image via: life Wire

6- Backlit Projector Screen

Watch this YouTube video to learn how to build an inexpensive backlit projector screen for your home theater.

This idea shows you how to mount LED panels to the wall to create the backlighting that will enhance your movie watching experience. The YouTube video provides step by step  instructions for the building process so you can easily build this DIY projection screen on youtube.

The size of the screen can be customised to fit your interior space.

7- Home Theater Set Up

If you need to know how to build the projector screen like in this youtube video as well as set up the home theater, then this YouTube video is for you.

Watch and learn how an entire home theater system is constructed and set up. This same set up can be created in any room of your home for your family’s enjoyment. It is inexpensive to build and out of the way so the room can be a bedroom when needed and a home theater when you want to watch a movie.

8- Large Projection Screen

When you want a large DIY projection screen like this one by DIY With Rick that will fill up an entire interior wall you will need a few pointers. Check out these detailed pointers and pictorial instructions before you start building.

A large screen like this one makes you feel like you’re part of the movie and enhances your viewing pleasure. The large size is easy to customize with these instructions and can be built to 100 inches up to 150 inches.

Large Projection Screen
Large Projection Screen, Image via: DIY With Rick

9- Giant Projection Screen

For around $100 you can create a giant projection screen for your home theater. The frame is created from PVC pipes, so even though the screen is giant it’s still not overly heavy and can easily be moved by two people.

It can be used as a DIY outdoor projection screen on youtube or an indoor one but unless you have a large room with this screen will be best used for outdoor movie watching. The giant screen is stable and sturdy so it won’t be tipped over easily. The thin screen is easy to store against a wall or in the garage when not in use.

10- Recycled PVC Pipe

Here is a great idea for reusing PVC pipe – create a homemade projector frame with it. PVC pipe is inexpensive and can be used and reused for multiple projects. By recycling some you may have leftover from another DIY project, the cost of building a DIY projection screen frame like this one by Instructables is almost nothing.

Find some cheap fabric at a local discount fabric store (or recycle some suitable fabric) and tie it onto the frame like a drum. Great for any room in your home or for suspending outdoors on a porch or deck.

DIY projection screen
DIY projection screen, Image via: Instructables

11- Projector Screen With Stand

Here is a great idea for an affordable, portable homemade projector screen that can be used indoors or outdoors.

The DIY movie screen like this one by Instructables is created on a retractable stand so it can be put up and taken down quickly. Storage is not a problem either since the large screen can be rolled down and take up minimal space.

These free plans will show you how to build a large 150-inch projection screen on a stand but it can be built a smaller size using these same plans.

Projector Screen With Stand
Projector Screen With Stand, Image via: Instructables

12- 100 Inch Projector Screen

Use this idea to transform a few 1-inch by 3-inch boards and rubberized cloth into a large projector screen.

The cost of this DIY project by Culture South West is minimal, and if you have the boards on hand, it will be almost free to build. This can be used indoors or outdoors and the white backing of the rubberized fabric provides a clear, sharp image of your favorite movies.

These free plans show you how to make this 100-inch projector screen cheaply and quickly.

100 Inch Projector Screen
100 Inch Projector Screen, Image via: Culture South West

13- Sixteen Foot by 20 Foot Outdoor Projection Screen

This large DIY projection screen on youtube makes outdoor movie watching comfortable for a large group of people. With a screen this size, everyone can have a good seat and be able to see the movie without a problem.

Easy and cheap to build, this YouTube video will show you how to use conduit pipe and a tarp to create a large, affordable outdoor movie screen. Step by step instructions are easy to follow.

14- Outdoor Movie Screen

Enjoy the warm summer nights and time with your family watching movies outdoors on your new homemade projection screen like this one on Youtube.

This YouTube video will show you how to build a sturdy wood frame projection screen that will last for years. The budget friendly frame is quick to make so you can build it and start enjoying outdoor movie watching this weekend.

15- Large and Cheap

Pay close attention to this YouTube video that will show you how to build a 100-foot projection screen for under $25. Now that’s a bargain.

The wood frame and blackout cloth used for this DIY projection screen in this youtube video provides a professional appearance clear movie viewing. Easy to build and affordable, this is a must-have item for your home theater.


DIY projector screens are easy to make and don’t cost you much money. Watching movies in the theater with your family is quite expensive these days. By building one of these from our list of diy screens, you can save money and enjoy the benefits of watching movies indoors or outdoors depending upon the weather.

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