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10 Helpful Tips on Raising Rabbits for Meat

Rabbits are found in the different area of the earth, this are one of the small mammals in the world. Almost 50 % of its population is in North America, some are in Asia and other are in the rest of it. In raising meat rabbits, there are so many ways to do this according to your preference. There are so many rabbit information out there to plan and get an idea on how to raise it, but I have this simple idea for the best result and easy to follow step.

These are the simple 10 step process but helpful idea which can assure your preferred meat.

1-  Decide which kind of rabbit breed you want to raise, but I suggest California which has the best meat when breeding rabbit for meat. Secondly you need to decide where to buy a rabbit as there are so many kind of rabbits in the world, but be sure to choose only the rabbit with in your local area. The benefits of the local area is the convenience to deliver your animal because it is alive and it needs proper care before you raise it. You can also save money for the delivery and if the rabbit have a problem, you cannot go directly to the owner to complain unlike in your local area.

2-  Build a right cage for them about (6 feet by 6 feet) or (5 feet by 6 feet) and a solid compartment, it is very important that you have the right space to make your rabbits comfortable when they grow up.

3-  You should clean it every day to avoid risking your time raising them but in the end your rabbit will become sick or the worse thing will happen.

4-  The food for rabbit that you should make importance is the good quality hay; if you want to achieve the greatest meat of your rabbit, and be careful to watch the waste of your rabbit which might contaminate the water. Always serve fresh water to avoid this contamination.

5-  Rabbit can be raise up to 5 months, but some were commercially go straight to the market at 2 months, 8 to 10 weeks is a good fryer and the meat will be tender and succulent. Buying rabbit commercially is very expensive so other use this meat in hamburger, so you should think the purpose of your meat.

6-  If you want to sell your rabbits to earn profit, ask some market owner if they want to buy rabbits or search in the internet to gather information on where you can sell your rabbits. Don’t slaughter it yet until you can find some good buyer because rabbit’s meat only allow 2 to 3 days to be frozen.

7-  Ask always the buyer about their preferred rabbits, is it alive? Or the meat only.

8-  To make your rabbit pregnant:

– Leave the male and female rabbit in the same cage for some minutes.

– Don’t choose rabbit that are aggressive.

-Choose only the happiest one.

-If your female rabbit become aggressive and want to get away, you should separate it immediately.

-Keep an eye of them in that process, it will consume only a minutes.

9-   If the female rabbit is already pregnant, add their food allowance to assure that the rabbit will always healthy. You should always check the temperature of the cage, the weather is always changing in the different country so be sure to check the weather report always if any climate changes to make your rabbit’s safe.

10-  Repeat this process until you can raise many more rabbits and turning your rabbit meat for food only into successful business idea. Sometimes our hobbies will help us to success our goals and can help to our daily needs like this raising rabbit for meat. We can explore more ideas and discover some interesting topics about the other uses when raising rabbits, you can also make this as a pet rabbit because it’s a friendly animal. Other interesting topics about how to make the rabbit become your best friend are found in books and internet. Spend some time to explore this new idea and you will be amazed by the other fact about rabbits.

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  1. Thank you for your information. You are most helpful I am considering raising rabbits for meat, feet (good luck) and skins. I will build my own outdoor hutches next to my goats. Have you any suggestions of where I might EASILY market rabbit meat? I live in Maypearl. Texas 76064

    Again, thank you for your help. Jane

  2. What do I do if I think my rabbit is sick….I have a 2 month old runt that won’t grow….
    How should I take care of it?

  3. thank you for your information. I am raising my rabbits. I want to be a successfull rabbit breeder in my country.

  4. thank you very much sir for your information. I have califonia white and giant chinchillas am still new to rabbit breeding but am hoping your information will turn me into a commercial rabbit breeder in my country and hopefully the whole of africa.

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