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15 DIY Plantation Shutters-How To Install Window Shutters

DIY plantation shutters are a stylish way to create unique treatments for your windows. Wooden window shutters are also healthier than fabric curtains since the don’t hold onto dust particles and other allergy causing pollutants.Window coverings will also help reduce the cost of heating and cooling your home, plus they are eco-friendly since they reduce the amount of natural resource needed to keep your home’s interior air temperature comfortable. Check out these 15 DIY plantation shutters ideas and installation advice so you can enjoy the money saving beauty of window shutters in your home.

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DIY Plantation Shutters For Window Covering

  1. Wooden Window Shutters

Install a set a classic white wooden window shutters with these easy to follow pictorial instructions. All you need to do is;

  • Measure the window.
  • Measure the shutters.
  • Attach filter strips.
  • Mount shutters in place using a drill to install screws.
  • Check alignment and make any needed adjustments.

wooden window shutters

  1. Design Custom Size DIY Plantation Shutters

Every home has at least one odd sized window that store bought window treatments just will not fit. Create your own perfectly sized diy window shutter for that odd window with these detailed plans. Affordable, easy to build and it will solve your privacy needs.

Custom Size DIY Plantation Shutters

  1. Build Movable Wood Shutters Using Rockler’s Kit

You don’t have to go it totally alone when constructing DIY shutters. there are kits that will help you with the building process from start to finish. Here are simple steps you need to follow to build this wooden shutter from kit.

  • Measure window.
  • Purchase the shutter kit with the louvers as close to the window size as
  • Cut louvers and frame to correct size with a table saw.
  •  Drill all needed holes for pins.
  • Glue and secure joints.
  • Install shutter control arm.
  • Paint and hang shutters.

Build Movable Wood Shutters Using Rockler’s Kit

  1. Make Plantation Shutter From Leftover Wood

These detailed instructions show you how to transform leftover wood from other building projects into fashionable and functional diy window treatments. The window shutter cost is minimal since wood you already have on hand is being used.

Make Plantation Shutter From Leftover Wood

  1. Measure For And Install Plantation Shutters

Make ordering and installing ready made diy plantation shutters easy with these step by step instructions. Get inspired for installing exterior window shutters when you see the home transformation in these pictures.

Measure For And Install Plantation Shutters

  1. Install Plantation Shutter With This Easy To Follow Guide

Take all the complicated guess work out of installing attractive diy wooden shutters with these instructions. It doesn’t get any easier than this and these instructions are perfect for someone who is just beginning DIY home projects.

Install Plantation Instructions With This Easy To Follow Guide

  1. Build And Install Exterior Shutters

Increase the curb appeal and value of your home by adding diy exterior shutters that you can easily build and install yourself. Here are step by step instructions to build this exterior plantation shutter.

  • Purchase wooden fence slabs.
  • Measure and cut six wooden fence slabs in the desired length for each window. Three pieces of wood will go on each side of the window.
  • Measure and cut narrow pieces of fence slabs to be the cross support for each shutter. Two pieces will be needed for each set of three long boards.
  • Secure short, narrow board on top of long boards.
  • Paint or stain as desired. Secure to house exterior with screws.

Build And Install Exterior Shutters

  1. Get Privacy And Beauty With This DIY Plantation Shutter

DIY plantation shutters offer both privacy and beauty to any room of the home. Check out these design ideas for wooden window treatments in the bathroom, kitchen and living rooms, then get busy building your own unique wooden window treatments.

Get Privacy And Beauty With This DIY Plantation Shutter

  1. Simple DIY Build

These instructions break down the building process into simple steps to allow even the novice DIYer to be able to build custom wooden window shutters. Tackle your first DIY build with confidence and build beautiful shutters with detailed instructions like these.

DIY wooden window shutters
Image via: wikihow.com
  1. Affordable DIY Window Shutters

Having window treatments custom built and installed by an outside builder can cost you thousands of dollars, doing it yourself can keep most of that money in your pocket. Follow these plans to create your own attractive and affordable window shutters.

Affordable Window Shutters

  1. Board and Batten DIY Plantation Shutters

Board and batten shutters create a timeless look on the exterior of any home. Increase the curb appeal and provide safety for your home with these functional and attractive DIY plantation shutters.

Board and Batten Shutters
Plantation shutters Image via: divaofdiy.com
  1. Build Plantation Style Shutters

Wide slats, also called louvers, are shutter styles that are perfect for many rooms and can be easily built. Follow this YouTube video for easy building and installation instructions.

  1. YouTube Instructions

If following an instructional video makes building easier for you, then here is one that will easily take you through the process of building custom plantation shutters.

  1. Custom Blinds DIY Shutters

Here is another instructional YouTube video that shows you how to create custom wooden window treatments. Easy to follow instructions with beautiful results.

  1. DIY Plantation Shutters By New Yankee

Visit show rooms and other venues that have wooden shutters over the windows to get inspirational ideas for creating your own DIY window treatments. It’s a good starting point for any custom build and will inspire you go home and custom build home furnishings to personalize your  living space.

Plantation Shutters By New Yankee

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