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10 Tips For Growing Eggplants In A Pot Or Container

Planting can be an excellent hobby and a great time pass especially when you are in a leisure time. Every parent or an adult in this world should grow plants and also allow their children to take part in this activity. If you don’t have a garden or a flowerbed, then they can take full advantage of growing vegetables in containers. This is very easy; all you need is the soil, a lay pot, some seeds and a place which will receive plenty of sunshine and air. There are different plants to grow in pots and eggplant is one of them. Growing vegetables in containers, especially eggplants can be the best decision you have ever made, here are ten tips for growing eggplants in a pot:

1) Growing eggplant from seeds in a pot or container can be very easy. Every two seeds should be planted in one pot. You can take a clay pot or plastic gardening pots or trays for planting the seeds. The container should be filled with fertilized soil and a hole should be made in order to place the seeds. Cover it with heap of soil and water the seed. Leave it until the seed germinates; make sure that the location of the pot or container receives ample of sunlight and wind. It is also necessary to check the level of nutrients or minerals in soil prior to growing eggplants in a pot. In case of absence of nutrients or minerals, the grower can face various problems or issues. Related: vegetables that grow well in pots,

2) In order to house a mature eggplant, you may need a pot which must have a capacity of 5 gallon and should be full of soil. This pot can house one eggplant which will have one foot space to grow successfully. Many people may not know how to plant in pots.

3) Use fertilized soil which can also be done at home. For example, you can bury animal bodies such as those which have been slaughtered for meat a year before. This fertilized soil can help in enhancing plants for containers growth which can grow in a double size than the regular size because it is full of nutrients. The application of fertilizer is a nice option for growers. The fertilizer keeps the plants green and healthy. It is wise to add fertilizer regularly. Related: growing blueberries in containers.

4) Egg plants grow well when they have good heat and so clay pot can be an excellent choice for them. How to grow egg plant in a clay pot? By simply adding two seeds in the soil and then watering them. The clay pot absorbs more heat which speeds up the growing process and is the best for your egg plant growth.

5) Make a draining hole in the clay pot on the bottom. Clay pots are also heavy and durable and so they can withstand the growing pressure of a mature eggplant. Many people may not know how to grow vegetables successfully, and this tip can be very beneficial.

6) Before planting the eggplant in a clay pot, first wash it properly and then leave it for one day under sun to dry. This is important otherwise the bacterium or their eggs present in the pot will grow and destroying the eggplant. In case of insect attack, the grower can use the chemicals and pesticide to kill the insects. It is necessary to kill the insects and pests.

7) You can add two part soil and one part sand which should be mixed well for growing the eggplant, the medium will be balanced. Container vegetable gardening can be a great work, nothing is better than having vegetables grown in your home.

8) Add a support stick or cage on the pot so that the eggplants can grow. The egg plants grow very fast to maintain good condition. These plants just require some effort and work to grow fast in the pots.

9) Plant the eggplants seed when the temperature is 13 degrees or higher, spring is the best time for the panting of eggplant seeds.

10) Always keep the eggplant pots outdoors; this is the best option for learning how to grow eggplant.

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  1. There’s a baby eggplant called ‘Ophelia’ that is super for pots.

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