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21 DIY Pole Barn Plans And Designs For Your Homestead

A DIY pole barn is the ideal choice for any homestead because it is adaptable to the terrain and to the need. Sturdy, strong, and versatile, these type of barns have been a popular DIY build for centuries for these reasons and more.

DIY pole barn can be adapted to suit any homesteader’s need, and can be built for use as a garage, workshop, shed or barn. These structures can be designed to fit the natural slopes and angles of the terrain since not all homestead property is level.

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Check out these 21 DIY pole barn plans to discover which design will meet your needs and fit your homestead terrain the best.

1- Pole Barn Workshop

These free pole barn plans and designs will show you how to build a cost effective building on your homestead than can be used for multiple purposes.

A pole barn is a permanent, solid shelter that can be used to store equipment, house livestock or function as a garage or workshop. The solid construction can even become the starting point for building a new home on your property.

Building a pole barn is faster and cheaper than traditional new home construction and it’s a good option for home building on a homestead.

However you decide to use a pole barn, take these detailed plans and customize them to the size that will meet your family’s needs.

DIY Pole Barn Plans

2- DIY Shed Barns

Barns are meant to provide a dry space for whatever you need to put inside of it. You may need a garden shed to store garden tools, or a run-in shed for hay, fire wood, or tractors. Perhaps DIY barn plans to build a Shedrow barn is what you need for your next building project on the homestead.

Whatever type of outdoor storage structure that you need, you can find the plans to build it on this website. Look at the many different styles and what you can build on your own land to make your adventure in homesteading easier.

3- DIY Garage Barn

Homesteaders need equipment to keep their homestead growing and running efficiently, and the equipment needs to be stored out of the elements. This garage barn can meet the need for storing large equipment, plus provide loft storage.

This pole barn garage design will be an attractive asset to any homestead. Large enough to drive a truck, tractor, bailer, mower or other large equipment into, and still have room inside after the equipment is parked.

The downstairs and overhead loft storage area has windows to allow natural light to come in, large exterior doors and solid building construction that will last for decades. Down loadable PDF file is easy to follow.

DIY Garage Barn

4- DIY Barn Shed

This pole barn shed is attractive and just the right size for any backyard or any homestead. The gambrel roof design doubles the interior space so you will have plenty of floor space for a work area and an overhead loft space for storage.

These free plans will show you how to build a basic barn shed with storage loft in a 12 feet by 16 feet size. Whether your homestead is out in the middle of nowhere or in the middle of town, this barn shed will provide you with lots of storage space and take up very little land space.

how to build a basic barn shed

5- $600 DIY Pole Barn

Can you believe that you can build a pole barn quickly and cheaply? You can. These free plans will show you that building a pole barn does not have to break the budget or require a lot of time.

$600 worth of building materials and one afternoon is all you need to build this functional DIY barn that is large enough to shelter a lot of homestead equipment and animal feed.

Poles, wood rafters and a metal roof can be put into place quickly and the design fits in well with  a country style homestead.

building a pole barn

6- Pole Barn Studio

This design will provide you with a large, fully insulated work space that can have multiple functions. These free pole barn plans on YouTube will show you how to build a large 32‘x48‘x12‘ DIY pole barn that can be used to park vehicles, store equipment and provide ample space for working on projects.

7- Three Bay DIY Pole Barn

Simple, sturdy construction that provides lots of storage space. Keep your tractor, mover, and other large homestead equipment dry and secure in this three bay pole barn.

This large pole barn plan is 10 feet tall, 24 feet deep and 32 feet long, plenty of room for lots of big pieces of equipment, the open front makes it easy to drive the equipment in and out.

Use two bays for equipment storage and one bay to store firewood and keep it dry during the winter. Fence wire can be installed around one bay if the need arises so it can be used to keep animals safe and out of the elements. Ideal for pregnant animals preparing to give birth.

Three Bay DIY Pole Barn

8- DIY Pole Barn House

Pole barn construction can be used in many ways, and the versatility is shown in these free plans for building a modern house.

This two bedroom, one bath design has a loft and plenty of windows to allow natural light to flood the interior living space. The pole barn house looks nothing like a traditional barn, but a modern home with clean line construction.

If your are considering homestead living and want an affordable, sturdy, versatile home design to build on your homestead, check out these free building plans.

DIY Pole Barn House

9- Horse DIY Barn

Create a safe economical space for your horses, tack and feed by using these free pole barn plans. Several styles to choose from and one should be just right for your homestead. A two-story horse barn might suit your homestead if you have several horse and need to store lots of hay in the loft. For smaller homesteads with fewer animals, a lean-to horse barn might be the best DIY build.

The plans are free to download and the results are amazing. With so many to styles to choose from, you may want to get more horse just so you can build more pole barns on your homestead.

free pole barn plans

10- YouTube Instructions

If following video instructions is the easiest way for you, then this YouTube video is for you. Detailed video instructions for building a DIY pole barn covers everything you may encounter during the build. These instructions are on several videos and contain many tips and tricks to enable you to build an ideal pole barn for your homestead.

The presentation of the pole barn build is excellent, speaker is easy to understand and all the details are easy to follow. The various video instructions allow you to choose the exact portion of the pole barn plans that you need instructions for so you don’t have to watch all of the videos to get the information you need.

11- Four Minute DIY Pole Barn

This YouTuber put the entire build into fast motion so you can watch the build from start to finish in just four minutes. While the actual build on your homestead will take longer than four hours, this short YouTube video will give you a good idea if you want to build the style pole barn or not.

The design is simple, but it’s a tried and true building method that will produce a strong structure that will last for decades. This video will take you through the entire building process at a rapid pace, but you can always hit pause so you can get a better look at what’s going on.

12- 16 X 24 DIY Pole Barn

Here is another YouTube video that will show you how to build a DIY pole barn from the ground up. Watch how the land is prepared, hole for the poles are dug, poles places, trusses put up and roof installed. Nothing has been left out of fast forwarded in this video.

Easy to follow video instructions along with great questions and answers from viewers of the video. Nothing has been left to chance for this build. There’s even a material list you can print and take with you to the building supply store.

This design is easy to adapt to the specific size you need and can be adapted to the terrain on your homestead.

13- Large Pole Barn

Homesteads typically need more than just a barn to house livestock, the barn must serve multiple purposes. This large 40 x 70-foot pole barn will provide lots of space and can serve as a multi-functional space.

Build this large pole barn so you have enough space to house all the equipment needed to keep the homestead running smoothly. It will keep the equipment out of the elements so it will last longer, plus the large pole barn will provide ample space for a mechanics shop so you maintain the equipment.

This YouTube video will show you how this large pole barn was built in just 3 days. It will also help you to determine what size pole barn you should build on your homestead.

14- Home Milled Lumber

This YouTube video will show you how to build a pole barn using lumber you mill yourself.

You can save a ton of money, plus clear off some land on your homestead property, with home milled lumber. Cut the standing hardwood trees and mill them yourself using a portable sawmill. If you don’t have standing hardwood, felled trees can be purchased for this DIY project.

This DIY pole barn is 32 x 48 feet and has ample room for storage and a workshop. The exterior and roofing are metal so the barn will be able to withstand the elements.

This easy building project and budget friendly price may enable you to build more than one of these pole barns on your homestead. It would be great to have one to use as a shop and to store equipment and a second one to house livestock and feed.

15- Cedar Pole Barn

These pole barn plans will provide you with step by instructions for building a 16 x 20-foot cedar pole with double doors on the front.

This is a great size for a small homestead and will provide plenty of room for sheltering basic equipment and give you space to use as a workshop. The large double front doors provide a wide enough opening to get equipment through and will allow plenty of natural light to enter the barn when the doors are open.

The cedar wood used for this DIY pole barn will last for decades and is rot and pest resistant. The PDF plans are free and can quickly be downloaded and printed out. The free plans also include a detailed material list to take with you to the building supply center.

Cedar Pole Barn

16- Basic DIY Pole Barn

These free barn building plans will walk you through the building process with ease. This basic pole barn is a no-frills, solidly constructed building that measures 16 feet by 20 feet.

When you just want a solid barn on your homestead that can be used to keep animals, feed and/or homestead equipment out of the elements, then this design is for you.

Quick and easy to build, adaptable to the terrain, this DIY pole ban will provide you with decades of uses.

Basic DIY Pole Barn

17- Small Pole Barn

Your homesteading needs will determine what size pole barn you will need. And sometimes, a small 18 x 32-foot indoor space is all that you need.

This YouTube video will provide you with pole barn plans so you can build a small DIY pole barn. There is plenty of interior space to house equipment or small livestock and still have a little space left over to use as a work shop.

This video is filled with good information so you will be able to complete this DIY building project with confidence. Every homestead needs a barn, and this DIY pole barn is budget friendly and easy to build.

18- Three Month Build

This DIY pole barn took a few months to build but it was well worth the time invested. The large 30 x 40-foot structure took 3 months to build and the results will last a lifetime.

The pole barn has lots of sheltered interior space and there is even a covered exterior space for times when you want to work outside on a project but need a little shelter from the sun or rain.

The windows allow ample natural light to shine inside the pole barn and make the barn look more like a house. The barn has electricity and is insulated so it will be comfortable to work inside even on the coldest winter day.

This YouTube video will give you all the building details from start to finish so you can build this large pole barn in 3 months on your homestead.

19- One Man Pole Barn

If you don’t have anyone to help you with homestead building projects but you need a pole barn, watch this YouTube video for a great idea.

This simple pole barn can be built by one man and is plenty large enough to house equipment or to be used as a workshop. The slanted roof allows for fast rain runoff or snow removal and it’s an easy design for one man to build.

This pole barn plan would also be good to use for building an outdoor kitchen or BBQ shed. It’s a simple design that is budget friendly and easy to build.

20- Pole Barn Shop

Every homestead needs an outbuilding that can be used as a shop. A shelter that will keep all the equipment out of the elements and a place that will keep you out of the elements when DIY projects and repairs need to be done.

This YouTube video will show you how you can build a pole barn shop that will help make the homestead more efficient and better protected. The building project can be done by one person, but it’s always nice to have a few helping hands.

The building cost is reasonable and the pole barn will be an asset to the homestead.

21- Watch The Barn Build

This YouTube video has captured professionals at work building a pole barn. Watch it to discover tips and tricks that will make building a pole barn on your homestead easier.

Any homestead will benefits from having a pole barn because the structure is so versatile and can be used for a multitude of things at the same time.

Storage and a cover workshop usually top the list of reasons to build a pole barn. Homesteads must have expensive equipment to keep things running smoothly, and that equipment needs to be protected from the elements and maintained so it will last many years. A DIY pole barn will provide safe storage space and a warm, dry indoor workshop for all the things that need to be worked on.

Pole barns also can be used to provide shelter for livestock, feed storage, and a dry place to store hunting, fishing, and camping gear. If the pole barn is large enough, you may be able to create a little space for yourself so you can sit down and enjoy a cup of coffee at the end of a hard day.

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