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15 DIY Welding Table Plans-Build Your Own To Do Welding Projects

A DIY welding table will make all of your welding projects much more enjoyable. Instead of spending time bent over to reach the project, a homemade welding table will bring the project up to a comfortable height for you.

It’s an affordable way to eliminate back pain and body aches while you continue to enjoy welding. A DIY welding table is easy to build, and you will probably spend more time on welding projects since it will be more comfortable when working at table height.

More time spent welding will make you a better welder and help you earn more money. Check out our list of these 15 DIY welding tables that will enable you to become a better welder and have less back pain at the end of the workday.

1- Ultimate Welding Table

Every DIYer calls their creations ‘ultimate’ but this one we are sharing with you really is – pull outs, holes for clamps and other tools across the tabletop, bottom shelf, electrical outlets, and casters on the bottom of the  legs for easy mobility.

And if all that isn’t enough, this welding table by homemadetools model has been painted to make it look as good as it works. Follow these free plans and build yourself one, then paint it your favorite color with some leftover paint in the garage.

DIY Welding Table Plans
DIY Welding Table Plans, Image via: Homemadetool

2- Easy Welding Table

Building a welding table Family Handyman will not only make welding more comfortable but a worktable will also make welding safer. Welding is intimidating for many DIYer’s and safety must always come first for an experienced or novice welder.

With all the safety equipment in place, like leather gloves, a welding cap with a helmet on top, a long-sleeved shirt, long pants, hearing protection, safety goggles, consider a welding table another piece of safety equipment. It will keep you in a comfortable position and enable you to see what you are working on so you will be less likely to make mistakes.

Building a welding table
Building a welding table, Image via: Family Handyman

3- Multi-Function Welding Table

Pull outs, slide outs, slats for clamps, and a bottom shelf makes this more than just a DIY welding table on youtube, it’s a must-have multi-function table that is ideal for a workshop. This YouTube video will show you how to build one for your workshop.

Weld, build, create, repair, file, restore, and much more on this unique work surface.  All the tools are right at your fingertips for DIY projects, plus there is a large surface that can accommodate whatever you’re working on.

At the end of the workday, put all the tools back into their place and roll the welding table out of the way. You may also like to check out DIY gaming tables.

4- Steel Welding Table

Get these free plans that will show you how to build a welding table by extremehowto that is 4-feet long, 2-feet wide, and 3-feet tall. This homemade welding table is a comfortable height and generous size so it can accommodate all types of welding projects.

The steel table also has a bottom rack for storage for keeping all your welding tools located in a handy location. This table is very sturdy and can easily be built with these detailed instructions.

how to build a welding table
how to build a welding table, Image via: Extreme how to

5- Wood Storage Shelves

Keep the building cost down and eliminate some of the table weight by using OSB board to build bottom shelving in the DIY welding table like in this YouTube video.

Watch this informative YouTube video that will show you how to build a diy welding table with a metal slat top, built-in vise grip, and two bottom shelves for storage. The slatted top provides space to use clamps to keep larger items secure when welding them, and smaller welding items can be held in place with the vise grip. 

This easy to build, inexpensive welding table is a must-have in any workshop.

6- Flat Bar Welding Table

These free plans will show you how to make a welding table like this one by instructables with flat bars and spaces on top. The spaces between the sturdy metal flat bars on top of the table create ideal places for clamps so you can easily clamp down and stabilize any items that you’re working on.

This is a sturdy DIY welding table with locking casters on the bottom of each of the four legs. The worktable can be moved around as needed when welding and makes it easy to place the table back into its’ storage spot when the workday is finished.

Ideal for a small indoor workspace, the wheels make it easy to move to a suitable welding location outdoors. Always weld in a well-ventilated area that is free of all combustible and flammable materials. Hot sparks will fly when you’re welding and you must protect yourself and the surrounding areas when welding. You may also like to check out DIY puzzle tables.

Flat Bar Welding Table
Flat Bar Welding Table, Image via:Instructables

7- Side Pull-Outs

Who doesn’t need more flat surface space when working on a project? Everyone, including welders, need a larger flat surface area sometimes for working on large projects. 

Storage and workspace sometimes prevent us from having all the flat surface area that we need when working on a project but a table with side pull-outs can solve the problem.

Watch this instructional video to learn how to build a safe, sturdy, metal bar diy welding table that has side pull-outs. The DIY welding table like this one on youtube is a great idea on its’ own but when the side pull-outs are added it makes the table perfect for large projects.

The welding table takes up minimal space when stored and creates a large surface area when the pull-outs are extended. 

8- Space For Everything

This welding table design on youtube includes space for everything plus casters to make it all portable. The only thing worse than not having a welding table is having one that is too small to work on. This fancy, high-quality DIY welding table will solve workspace problems, tool storage problems, and portability problems, and look good while doing it.

Watch this YouTube video that provides step by step instructions for building this homemade welding table that has space for everything plus retractable casters on the bottom so you can take everything along with you.

9- Metal Welding Table

A metal welding table is needful for anyone who welds often. It makes the task easier and safer because it lifts the item to be welded up to your level instead of you bending down to its’ level.

Good posture will keep your back and knees from becoming strained and painful while welding, and good ventilation and protective gear will help keep you safe while you weld.

A sturdy DIY welding table like this one by Lincoln Electric will help eliminate some of the hazards of welding and protective gear will help prevent you from electric shock, arc rays, and sparks. Use these free welding table plans for creating the DIY project and follow the safety suggestions to protect yourself. You may also like to check out DIY router tables and DIY table saws.

Metal Welding Table
Metal Welding Table, Image via:Lincoln Electric

10- Small Welding Table

A welding table is an essential piece of shop equipment for anyone who welds occasionally. For the occasional welder, a small table like this one will meet your needs and make welding easier and safer for you.

These welding table plans by mechanicable show you how to create a small table that’s sturdy, lightweight, and portable with bottom casters. The price is right too, just under $150 will buy the materials needed to build this small welding table.

Small Welding Table
Small Welding Table, Image via:Mechanicable

11- Welding Table With Clamps

Learn how to build a sturdy welding table in this detailed Facebook video and custom DIY clamps. The top work surface is large enough to handle any welding project you may have and the moveable clamps will hold items secure while you weld them.

A must-have for the serious welder who wants an inexpensive, large, secure welding table. Use these welding table plans to build a table for your shop that will be the envy of all your welding friends.

Welding Table With Clamps
Welding Table With Clamps, Image via: Facebook

12- High Tech Design

Ideal DIY welding table by hotbikeweb for a professional shop that needs to be able to fabricate parts and weld frequently. The size is perfect for shop use, the height is ideal for frequent quick welding tasks, and the bottom casters make it easy to move wherever it’s needed.

Follow these free step by step welding table plans and build this table for your shop this weekend.

DIY welding table
DIY welding table, Image via: Hot Bike Web

13- Welding Table Deluxe

Check out these welding table plans by wcwelding if you like a place for everything and everything in its place. This idea creates a large welding table and plenty of unique storage under the table. Download the detailed welding table plans PDF and get started building yours today.

Welding Table Deluxe
Welding Table Deluxe, Image via: Wcwelding

14- Pro Grade Welding Table

When you need a heavy duty professional grade welding table like this one by instructables that can handle all sorts of large welding jobs, then this table is for you.

A pro-grade welding table like this would cost around $2,000 but you can build it yourself for much less. Another great thing about building it yourself – you can customize the height, width, and length to your exact specifications.

Save some money and get that pro-grade welding table that you’ve always wanted with the help of these free plans.

Pro Grade Welding Table
Pro Grade Welding Table, Image via: Instructables

15- Homemade Welding Table

This design, unlike the ones we discussed above, looks like it was professionally made and you can use these free YouTube plans to make one just like it. Slatted top surface has plenty of space for clamps, two lower shelves for storage, and plenty of racks and slide outs to store all those frequently used tools. 

Locking casters on the bottom make this DIY welding table on youtube easy to move around as needed. Get started building your today so you can get all your welding projects done with ease.


Welding tables is a must have in doing different welding tasks. Do your repair or building anything new from scratch by using the surface of these welding tables. You can select from our list any of these plans to build your own welding table that suits your needs and custom requirements.

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