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33 Homemade Log Splitters That Make Cutting Of Firewood Easy

A homemade log splitter will save you time, energy and money when it comes to cutting wood for use in a fireplace or wood heater. With the trend moving towards living a more sustainable lifestyle, many people are looking for alternative heating sources and wood is a primary source. Wood is sustainable, renewable, available and inexpensive. The biggest drawback to heating (or cooking) with wood is the amount of work needed to prepare a tree for use as heating fuel. Wood splitting tools makes the job easier, but when purchased from the store they can be expensive. Check out these ideas and plans for homemade firewood processors so you can build your own homemade wood splitter and save yourself a lot of time and money.

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1- Screw Homemade Log Splitter

A giant screw can turn large logs into fireplace sized logs quickly and easily with this homemade wood splitter design. If you have a wood burning stove or fireplace, this is the ideal log splitter to own. The three-horse power motor make this DIY log splitter able to handle even the largest logs with ease.

This DIY project is simple and has several safety features that you will be building into the splitter. The motor that powers the large screw is activated by the push of a button, and it will quickly bore its way through a log.

This design also instructs you on how to place a safety switch on the machine for instant deactivation in case of an emergency.

Screw Homemade Log Splitter

2- Hydraulic DIY Wood Splitter

Keep your wood box full without a lot of effort with this DIY hydraulic system that will split wood with ease and help keep your home warm all winter.

DIY Wood Splitter

3- Small and Portable Log Splitter 

A log splitter can be both powerful and small. And the portability of this log splitter plan makes this one a winner for anyone wishing to heat their home with wood.

Small And Portable DIY Wood Splitter

4- Homemade Log Splitter

Great photo tutorial for building your own log splitter. Detailed photos walk you through the process so you can have your own log splitter that will do the wood splitting for you. Small enough to be towed behind a vehicle so you can take this splitter to the wood where it is located instead of having to bring the logs to the splitter.

The less you have to handle the logs, the better it will be on your back. Retire your old axe and build this new diy wood splitter that will do the hard work of cutting wood for you.

Homemade Log Splitter

5- Cheap Log Splitter

These free plans will show you how to build a log splitter very cheaply. The splitter is solid and functional, but the parts to build it were free because they were recycled.

The motor is an old freight motor that is still in good shape, wheels and axle from an old garden trailer, recycled steel tubing and I-beams and those parts made up the main components of the DIY wood splitter. A few smaller, inexpensive components to put everything together may have to be purchased, but the total cost will be very cheap.

The end result is a functional log splitter that is small enough to fit into a garage or shed, yet powerful enough to split logs into usable fireplace wood.

Cheap Homemade Log Splitter

6- Thirty Ton Powerhouse

It’s easy to turn large trees into stacks of firewood with this 30-ton powerhouse homemade log splitter. Follow this YouTube instructional video on how to build a log splitter so you can turn large trees into small pieces of wood ready for the fireplace.

30-Ton Powerhouse

7- Two-Way Log Splitter

Use these step-by-step instructions on how to make a log splitter and you’ll be able to build a powerful wood splitter that can cut both large and small pieces of wood quickly and easily.

Two-Way Homemade Log Splitter

8- No Lifting Wood Splitter

Here’s a diy wood splitter that will lift the wood for you and put it into place on the machine. Follow these detailed instructions for a DIY machine that will split your wood and save your back.

diy wood splitter

9- Unicorn Log Splitter

This DIY log splitter takes a different approach to the task by using a sharp-ended auger style splitter instead of a blunt edge.

Unicorn DIY Log Splitter

10- Homemade Portability

Sometimes it’s easier to take the homemade log splitter to the wood instead of bringing the wood to the splitter. These DIY plans will enable you to build a strong and portable wood splitter very inexpensively.

homemade log splitter

11- Scrap Metal DIY Log Splitter

A little scrap metal laying around your home can be transformed into a homemade firewood processor with this simple building plan.

Scrap Metal DIY Log Splitter

12- Manual Log Splitter

Easy to follow diagram will enable you to build this manual log splitter with very little out-of-pocket expense. This one requires some elbow grease to use, but still makes splitting wood a lot easier and quicker than just using an ax.

Manual DIY Log Splitter

13- Flywheel DIY Wood Splitter

Scrap parts and a little ingenuity created this flywheel wood splitter, and now you can build your own by following this instructional video.

Flywheel DIY Wood Splitter

14- Quick Working Log Splitter

Turn a pile of felled trees into neat stacks of ready-to-burn wood for the wood heater or fireplace in no-time with this quick working log splitter design.

Quick Working Homemade Log Splitter

15- Foot Power Design

This easy-to-build DIY log splitter does its work with foot power. Easy to build and easy to to use, just step down on the pedal to split the log.

Foot Power Log Splitter

16- Recycled Car Parts

This log splitter shows you how to recycle used car parts from a wrecked vehicle and transform them into a functional log splitter.

The rear axle from a small car is ideal to use for this DIY project, so are parts of the car frame. The steel can be shaped and welded into a sturdy frame for log splitter.

If you are tired of splitting wood with an axe and have access to a wrecked car, use these free log splitter plans to recycle those old car parts into a new homemade log splitter.

DIY log splitter

17- Hammer Log Splitter

This design is different, but just as effective for splitting firewood. This homemade log splitter does not have a motor and is operated manually.

These free plans will show you how to recycled old iron into a useful wood splitter. Even though it is operated by manpower, the design incorporates a heavy duty spring that does most of the work for you. This hammer splitter also gives you more flexibility in the size of wood you start with and end with. you can split even the widest log into small pieces of kindling wood.

When you’re done with the hammer splitter, it’s easy to put away.

18- Thirty Ton Log Splitter

If you need to split tough oak wood or large pieces of wood, then this 30 ton log splitter is for you.

This is not a build for a small time wood burner that only needs a half a cord of firewood each year, this is a big build for big wood.

An ideal homemade log splitter for someone who sells firewood and needs to split a lot of large logs into smaller logs. Also a great log splitter for a homesteader that cooks and heats with wood. This heavy duty homemade wood splitter can handle the toughest and biggest pieces of wood with ease. Make splitting lots of wood quick and easy with this DIY machine.

19- Scrap Metal Build Log Splitter

This YouTube video with show you how to build a 20 ton wood splitter from scrap metal. Cheap to build, keeps usable items out of the landfill and the splitter makes wood cutting a lot easier for you.

Don’t let the smaller size of the wood splitter fool you, it has a 20 ton motor that is capable of handling tough pieces of wood and splitting them with ease. The small size is ideal for storing or for taking into the woods for splitting wood on-site.

The small size also makes it quick to build, and by recycling scrap metal, the cost is almost nothing. Quick, easy, cheap, and effective, that’s a winning combination in any DIY project.

20- Take Your Pick For These Several Homemade Log Splitter Plans

This YouTube video shows several homemade log splitting designs and how they work. With many styles, size and designs, you can take your pick of the one that will work best for your log splitting needs.

This YouTube video and following comments will also point out some design flaws in some of the wood splitters. Along with the flaws there are also comments of ways to make the log splitters more effective. It’s always good to have feedback on designs so fewer mistakes will be made when you build your own homemade log splitter.

Safety must come first when building a log splitter and this very informative video and following comments will point out features that need to be improved on some of these log splitters. Making wood chopping easier and quicker is the goal of building your own homemade log splitter, but no one wants to lose a hand or arm in the wood splitting process.

This YouTube video is worth watching regardless of which design you choose to build. It will point out things you may not have considered and safety features you may want to incorporate into your DIY build.

21- Hydraulic Log Splitter

These log splitter plans will show you how to build a safe and efficient hydraulic log splitter for your home or business use.

When you need to cut and stack and a lot of firewood for winter use at home or to sell in a firewood business, this heavy duty hydraulic log splitter can get the job done quickly. This DIY machine can change large hardwood trees into piles of split wood that’s just the right size for a wood heater. Work smart and not hard with this homemade firewood processor.

Hydraulic Log Splitter

22- Off Grid Log Splitter

Off grid living means you have to find an alternative heating and cooking source that is sustainable and affordable. Wood is an excellent alternative fuel source but it has to be processed into a size that is small enough to fit into a wood stove, heater, and/or fireplace.

This YouTube video tutorial will show you how to build a log splitter that is ideal for an off grid homestead. This log splitter is safe, fast, and efficient to use for all types of wood.

23- Wedge Transformation

This YouTube video will show you how to transform a small wood splitter into a more powerful machine that can handle larger logs.

The wedge is beefed up so the small log splitter can easily split larger logs to make the cutting of firewood faster and easier for the homestead. When heating and cooking with fire wood, it takes a lot of wood to get through the winter, and this DIY transformation will help you stockpile firewood in a short amount of time.

Save time, money, and energy by re-purposing a small log splitter into a larger one with these free plans.

24- Old Car Wood Splitter

An old wrecked car with a good engine can have a second life as a DIY wood splitter. This YouTube video will show you how to make great use of an old car by recycling it into a homemade log splitter. Split even the biggest, toughest hardwood logs with this DIY design.

Transform a felled tree into a pile of ready to use firewood quickly and efficiently with this old car wood splitter.

25- Gas Powered Splitter

A small gas engine provides the power for this large log splitter. Great for use on an off grid homestead or cabin in the woods, keep the firewood stocked, and ready to burn with this powerful machine.

The two rear wheels make this homemade log splitter portable so you can move it around as needed. Hitch the log splitter up to your truck or ATV and haul it out into the woods where the trees are so cutting firewood is more efficient. This YouTube video tutorial will show you how to build this gas powered splitter.

26- Wood Chipper Log Splitter

It’s always great when one machine will do two different tasks. It will save money, time, and storage space, just like this wood chipper log splitter combination will do.

Watch this YouTube video to learn how to split firewood and create small pieces of kindling with one machine. One DIY build, two uses. It takes small pieces of kindling wood to get a fire started, then large pieces of firewood to keep the fire burning for a long time. This homemade log splitter provides both small and large pieces of wood so you can keep your home toasty warm all winter.

27- Two Way Homemade Log Splitter

This super efficient design will cut firewood both coming and going so the work gets done in half the time.

This design can basically split two logs at once when two people are operating it. One can put a log in the front and the other person can put a log in the back as the splitter moves from front to back.

Time is money and this log splitter saves time by cutting wood both ways. Simple design, very efficient, and easy to build with this YouTube tutorial. The rear wheels on this machine make it easy to take with you wherever there is wood that needs to be split.

Two Way Log Splitter

28- Three Point DIY Log Splitter

Tractors are a vital part of a working farm and they can do much more than just plow a field. Watch this YouTube video to discover how a tractor can be used to split wood for the fireplace or wood heater.

Cut enough firewood to get you through the winter with your farm tractor. The tractor usually sits idle in the barn during the winter months and this is a great way to put the tractor to use during that idle time.

Build this three point log splitter and let the tractor do the hard work of splitting firewood for you.

29- Three-HP Motor

This heavy duty log splitter is built to last and provide years of service. The 3-HP engine makes quick work of splitting big logs so you can get back indoors where it’s warm before your fingers get frost bitten.

It’s not fun to be outdoors in below zero weather cutting firewood with an ax, so build this DIY log splitter so you won’t have to spend much time outdoors in freezing weather. This YouTube video provides detailed instructions so the DIY project is very simple to build.

30- Manual Splitter With Four Blades

Four ax blades are used to create four cutting blades on the homemade log splitter. This splitter is a little different than the others because it’s a manual splitter. No gas or electricity is used to power this machine so it’s ideal for use on an off grid homestead or at a remote hunting cabin.

It’s a simple way to split firewood and it can be used anywhere you need to build a fire. Place the log in the metal frame on top of the four ax blades, then give the log one hard hit and the log becomes four perfectly sized pieces of firewood.

31- Homemade Log Splitter

A great YouTube video that provides detailed instructions for building a DIY log splitter. This heavy duty log splitter was built in the basement during a time when a severe snow storm had everything shut down.

If you live in an area prone to heavy snowfall and frigid winter weather, you will need a dependable log splitter like this one. Always have plenty of ready to use firewood on-hand for the unexpected winter snow storm with the help of this wood processor.

32- Wood Processor

If you heat your home exclusively with wood, then you need an efficient, fast, and safe wood processor like this one.

This YouTube video will show you how to build an efficient wood processor that is tractor-powered. Hook up the log splitter and the wood hauler to the tractor and drive to where the felled trees are located so the firewood can be processed on-site.

33- Screw Log Splitter

Small size but it has plenty of power to split the big logs. Ideal for small indoor spaces so you can stay warm and dry while processing firewood for your home.

Watch this YouTube video tutorial for all the detailed information for building this DIY screw log splitter.

Screw Log Splitter

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  1. I have a vertical splitter with a four way head. Trailer mounted and the mast lays down for transport and stands up for use via hydraulic rams (two small rams). Two hydraulic pumps. One runs with a propane engine or pop off the pressure line and the other pump is run with an electric motor.

    Two foot opening. I am splitting Douglas fir or larch or lodgepole. I have a pressure gauge and most stuff splits at ten ton or less. Top pressure gets me about twenty ton before the pressure relief valve cuts in.

    I have three very short videos.

    My splitting head is a flattened V shape and the other spit starts at about 1.5 inches after the first split so you never engage the whole block at one time.

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