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17 DIY Firewood Rack Plans-Simple And Easy Way To Store Wood

After the firewood has been chopped you need a DIY firewood rack to keep the wood neatly stacked. Using firewood to heat your home or to cook with is a great way to save money and reduce the usage of fossil fuels and electricity. Building a firewood storage rack will help to keep the wood easily accessible during the cold winter months.

Check out these 17 DIY firewood rack plans we have gathered for you that are simple and inexpensive to build and will provide you with a secure way to store wood for the winter.

Table Top Wood Rack Plans

The first one we have is a DIY firewood rack by bowerpowerblog that also has an attractive tabletop that will provide a surface for placing food, beverages, candles, flower pots, or anything else you want.

These free pictorial instructions show you how to build a firewood rack that is customized to fit your outdoor space and provides a tabletop surface. The rack is built with lumber, topped with a metal grate, then stained to make it look attractive. You can use any leftover building material to create the top tabletop surface.

Leftover flooring material, siding, countertops, plywood, etc., can build one and have two uses from the same finished product.

DIY firewood rack
Image via: bowerpowerblog

No Tools Needed

Use these free plans to create a sturdy firewood rack with a few concrete blocks and landscape timbers.

No tools are needed for this DIY project by instructables and it can be completed in 30 minutes or less. The sturdy rack will hold a cord of cut firewood and will last for years. The rack is easy to assemble and disassemble if you need to move it.

If you have some leftover concrete blocks and landscape timbers, this DIY project can be completed for free. You may also like to see homemade log splitters.

firewood rack plans
Image via: instructables

Rustic Firewood Rack

If you have firewood laying on the ground you need to build a firewood rack for it so it won’t get wet and rot. This easy to build rustic rack is constructed from a few long pieces of wood and can be built to any size desired.

These step by step instructions will show you how to create a DIY firewood holder by instructables that will keep your cut wood neatly stacked, easily accessible, and off the ground so it won’t rot or get wet. Best of all, this DIY project will not cost you anything to build.

DIY firewood holder
Image via: instructables

Small Firewood Rack

This is a great homemade firewood rack by uglyducklinghouse to have outdoors near a fire pit or outdoor fireplace. It’s a small rack but it will hold plenty of split wood for keeping warm on the chilly evenings when you want to sit outside and roast marshmallows.

It’s also an ideal size for keeping split firewood handy for those special occasions when you want a roaring fire in an indoor fireplace. The small rack will fit nicely on a back porch or deck.

These free plans show you how to build this DIY firewood rack so your wood can be off the ground, dry, and neatly stacked.

Small Firewood Rack
Image via: uglyducklinghouse

Double Deep Firewood Rack

Watch this YouTube video to learn how to build a double deep firewood rack that will allow you to store twice as much cut wood in one space.

Treated lumber is used for this DIY project so it can withstand the elements and protect the stored firewood from pests. The double size of this homemade firewood rack on youtube allows you to cut and store enough wood to burn all winter, so treated lumber is the best choice for this project.

The rack keeps the cut wood off the ground, neatly stacked, and easy to access. You can tell at a glance how much firewood remains in the stack so you can decide if it’s time to cut more firewood or if it can wait a while longer.

Modern Firewood Holder

Ideal size and design for a backyard patio with a fire pit. This modern shape and small size fits perfectly in a small space and holds plenty of split wood for several hours of a cozy fire.

This easy DIY project only requires you to have basic carpentry skills and can be built from lumber leftover from other DIY projects.

The size also makes this homemade firewood holder by projects.truevalue great for use indoors. The lumber used in the construction can be stained or painted to enhance the appearance and protect the rack from the outdoor elements.

homemade firewood holder
Image via: projects.truevalue

Interior Wood Rack

No one wants to go outside in the cold and snow early in the morning to retrieve firewood, and that’s why you need an interior wood rack.

These free plans will show you how to build an interior wood rack by ana-white that is attractive, functional, and affordable. The interior X design makes the rack extra sturdy and the lumber can be stained or patined to match any decor.

For under $100 you can build this interior wood rack that will keep your firewood handy and floor clean.

Interior Wood Rack
Image via: ana-white

Rolling Cart

Move the DIY firewood rack by thewoodgraincottage wherever it’s needed with this great idea. Wheels on the bottom of this rack make it a rolling cart so it can be rolled over to the firepit and unloaded so you won’t have to carry heavy split wood.

Easy to build, easy to use, and holds plenty of split wood to keep a cozy fire burning for hours. These detailed plans are easy to follow and you can add a top surface to this rolling cart so it can double as an outdoor table. You may also like to see homemade wood stove and heaters.

DIY firewood rack
Image via: thewoodgraincottage

Lean-To Firewood Rack

These free building plans will show you how to build a lean-to firewood rack that will blend in with your home’s exterior.

Built from wood, this large DIY firewood rack by suomela can be painted to match your house and it will hold plenty of firewood to keep you warm through the winter. The roof of the lean-to will keep the firewood dry and protected from the winter weather.

Lean-To Firewood Rack
Image via: suomela

Steel Frame Rack

This heavy duty rack is constructed with steel framing and has added wheels to make it portable.

Detailed YouTube video make this DIY project easy to build and the steel frame will make the rack long lasting. A secret interior rack built and placed in the middle of this DIY firewood rack on youtube was constructed to hold small kindling wood, and when the rack is completely loaded with firewood and kindling, it looks like a piece of art.

Build this homemade rack to keep your firewood neat and your yard looking nice.

DIY Firewood Rack For Fireplace

This is more than just a DIY firewood rack by domestically, this is a decorative fireplace accessory. The slim design takes up minimal space and is ideal for a small indoor or outdoor space. You can keep your firewood organized in style with this unique DIY firewood holder.

The small amount of lumber needed to construct this rack is probably in your leftover lumber pile so this project won’t cost you anything. This is such a decorative piece of furniture you may want to build two of them to flank an indoor fireplace. One could be used to store firewood and one could have shelves placed in it to be used to home decor items or books. You may also like to see homemade firestarters.

DIY firewood rack
Image via: domestically

Covered DIY Firewood Rack

Build this covered firewood rack near your entranceway so you can stack a week’s worth of chopped wood right outside your door.

Keep the firewood dry and have easy access to it with this easy to build covered firewood rack on youtube. It’s large enough to hold a week’s worth of wood yet small enough to leave plenty of porch space for other items and activities.

This YouTube video will show you all the steps needed to build this simple and functional wood rack. If you have leftover lumber and roofing material from other home improvement projects then this DIY build will be practically free. Using treating lumber or painting the lumber will protect the lumber from the elements and keep it looking good for years to come.

Movable Rack

If you just want a firewood rack for the winter months and then take it down during the summer months, then this DIY project is for you.

Easy to put up and easy to take down. This DIY firewood rack by instructables can be built to any size you need and no tools are required for the building process. Use concrete blocks to hold up treated lumber on each end and stack the firewood in the middle.

It’s easy to make this movable rack long, short, double it, or create an L-shape. Whatever length, width, or shape you need for DIY firewood storage these free plans will show you how to build it the easy way.

At the end of firewood season, the concrete blocks and treated lumber are easy to take down and store until they are needed again.

DIY firewood rack
Image via: instructables

DIY Steel Pipe Rack

This DIY project is great for someone who likes the industrial look and needs a small rack like this one by diy.dunnlumber for firewood.

Black gas pipes are used to create the rack and the bottom is made from wood, which can be stained or painted. The rack has wheels on the bottom so it can be easily moved as needed. The rack size is great for a small space and it would make a great gift.

Follow these detailed plans and build a couple of these industrial looking steel pipes racks – one for yourself and one to give as a gift.

Steel Pipe Rack
Image via: diy.dunnlumber

DIY Firewood Box

How about a decorative box that can hold firewood, provide a storage for the ax, plus give you a top work surface that can be used in many different ways? That is what these free plans will show you how to build.

The basic wood box is made unique by the paint color and industrial pipe rack on the side that provides a space to store an ax and other tools. Having everything at your fingertips in an attractive box is a good idea.

The top is covered with lumber and painted so it gives a flat work surface to use for decor or food and beverages. This firewood box by diypete is easy to customize so you can build one to fit your space perfectly.

DIY Firewood Box
Image via: diypete

Timber Frame DIY Wood Rack

This YouTube video shows you a great way to use leftover building materials to create something unique and that will tie in with your home’s appearance perfectly.

Beams that were leftover from building this lovely cabin were used to create a firewood holder on youtube to sit on the front porch. It ties in perfectly with the cabin since it’s made from the same building materials.

The heavy duty beams create a strong and sturdy rack that will hold plenty of firewood and the solid construction will last for years to come. A natural stain was applied to the beams to enhance the appearance of the timber and to help protect the timber from the elements.

Use What You Got

Take this idea and build a DIY firewood rack like this one on youtube from whatever building materials you have on hand.

This rack can be built to any size you want and the only tool needed is a hammer (or screwdriver). The end pieces of lumber are held upright by concrete blocks and they are stabilized by two pieces of lumber that run horizontally along the bottom.

The horizontal pieces of lumber are nailed (or screwed) into the bottom of the end pieces so they keep the rack stable and create the wood stacking rack on the bottom. The cut firewood is kept neatly stacked and off the ground with this DIY idea.

If a longer rack is needed, place concrete blocks in the center and add center posts in the middle. Shorten the rack or double the rack, it’s easy to do since carpentry skills are not required for this DIY project.

This wood storage rack is also easy to dismantle and put away at the end of winter if space is needed for something else during the summer.

DIY firewood rack plans
Image via: youtube

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