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12 DIY Archery Backstop To Catch Stray Arrows

A DIY archery backstop is a lifesaver during target practice, especially when those stray arrows escape the bullseye. I remember the frustration of constantly retrieving missed shots before I built my own backstop. Reflecting on my own journey with archery practice, I found that repurposing soft materials like old foam padding or carpeting not only saved money but also made for an effective backstop.

Additionally, using a bale of hay as a DIY solution proved to be both economical and durable, lasting several months of regular use. With these creative ideas and a bit of DIY spirit, you can save time and energy by building your homemade archery backstop, ensuring you spend more time perfecting your aim and less time chasing down stray arrows.

Check out these creative ideas and get busy building a homemade archery backstop so you won’t have to chase down stray arrows.

1- Archery Backstop With Roof

Utilizing this free plan, I embarked on constructing a large archery backstop akin to the design by standardamericandad, complete with a roof for uninterrupted year-round practice sessions.

Drawing from my own endeavors, I can attest to the effectiveness of the wooden frame paired with a roof cover fashioned from metal roofing material. This setup proved invaluable in shielding the target from the elements, ensuring consistent practice regardless of weather conditions.

Moreover, my experience with the backstop’s generous size allowed for versatile target options, from traditional bullseye targets to lifelike 3D archery targets like deer, turkey, or hog.

Crafted from a recycled rubber floor mat, the backstop showcased durability and reliability, effectively halting all stray arrows and sparing me the hassle of retrieving missed shots.

And with just a few spare building materials on hand, I found that this DIY project was not only cost-effective but also rewarding in its practicality and functionality.

DIY Archery Backstop
DIY Archery Backstop, Image via: standardamericandad

2- Portable Arrow Backstop

Drawing from my own experienc while going through this DIY archery target from ArcheryTalk, I can attest to its effectiveness in stopping stray arrows. The plywood construction, coupled with the roof to shield against the elements, provides a reliable and durable solution. As someone who enjoys target practice in various outdoor conditions, I appreciate the convenience and affordability of this homemade backstop.

It’s satisfying to know that with some scrap lumber and a bit of effort, I can set up a reliable target anywhere I choose, regardless of the weather.

Portable Arrow Backstop
Homemade Portable Backstop, Image via: archerytalk

3- Backyard Archery Range

As someone who enjoys the art of archery but lacks access to a nearby range, the idea of constructing a backyard range resonates deeply with me. Following the free plans provided by Surviving Prepper, I embarked on creating an archery range featuring two targets and a secure DIY backstop. It was an exciting endeavor, knowing that within just one day, I could transform my backyard into a personal archery haven. The design, tailored for suburban settings, was particularly appealing, especially considering the limited space required by the backstop.

If you enjoy shooting with bow and arrows but don’t have an archery range nearby, build one in your backyard.

Backyard Archery Range
Backyard Archery Range, Image via: survivingprepper

4- Horse Stall Mat

A horse stall mat is made from thick rubber and it will stop an arrow that misses the target. Learn how to build a frame from recycled landscape timbers and suspend a horse stall mat behind the arrow target in this idea by Fabville.

It’s a permanently placed backstop that is concreted into the ground. It will last for years as you hone your archery skills on the target.

Horse Stall Mat
Horse Stall Mat, Image via: Fabville

5- Exercise Mat

Learn how to take a large exercise mat and create a DIY archery backdrop like this one by Donald Porta on Youtube video. It’s easy to build and easy on the budget too.

The large mat is thick and strong, yet it has cushioning so stray arrows won’t break when they hit the backdrop. This backdrop will stop all of your practice arrows and broadheads that miss the target.

6- Foam Block

Having ventured into DIY projects myself, I found this video tutorial by longdread575 on YouTube immensely helpful in crafting a secure archery backstop. The ingenious use of lightweight foam blocks to slow down stray arrows, complemented by a thick rubber horse mat for added protection, instilled confidence in the safety of the setup.

Constructing the wooden frame to hold everything together not only ensured the durability of the backstop but also provided a reliable target for honing my archery skills in a controlled environment.

7- Under $50 Backstop

All you need is a few 2“x4“ pieces of lumber and a horse stall mat to create a safe backstop by diydanielle.

The target goes in the center and the mat is wide enough on each side to stop all the stray arrows. This is a great size for a small backyard and the price is right for any budget. Arrows are not cheap and you won’t be losing any more of them after you build this effective arrow backstop.

Under $50 Backstop
Under $50 Backstop, Image via; diydanielle

8- Carpet Backstop

Get an excellent idea for recycling an old piece of carpeting or rug into diy archery backstop like this one by Aaron Matters in Youtube video.

Carpeting and rugs are made from thick, soft materials and do a great job at stopping strays arrows. So when it’s time to replace your flooring, save the old carpeting and rugs for this DIY project.

The carpeting or rug is easy to suspend behind the archery target. If the space must serve double duty, then the carpeting or rug will be easy to take down and rolled up when not in use. The backstop can be put up in a few minutes and you can enjoy target practicing without losing any arrows.

9- Cardboard Backstop

Drawing from my own experiences, I’ve found cardboard to be a readily available and cost-effective material for crafting a DIY archery backstop, as suggested by Gateway To Airguns. Layering several sheets of cardboard creates a sturdy barrier that effectively stops arrows. Moreover, cardboard’s composition from trees renders it surprisingly durable, especially when packed densely in a cardboard box configuration.

Over time, I’ve learned that while cardboard backstops may not withstand harsh weather conditions, they can remain resilient if kept sheltered. Exploring shooters forums has been instrumental in discovering innovative ideas for building targets and devising secure methods to catch wayward arrows.

DIY archery backstop
Cardboard Backstop, Image via: gatewaytoairguns

10- DIY Portable Backstop

Learn how to build a portable backstop for your arrows like this one by TightlineTV in this Youtube video.

The backstop is created from 2“x4“ boards and a thick horse mat. Wheels are attached to the bottom so it’s easy to move around. The design creates a thin DIY archery backstop that is easy to store in a small space when it’s not in use.

The mat is thick and well able to stop stray arrows so you won’t have to chase them down after target practice. You won’t lose any more of those costly arrows either. This is a simple build and it’s budget friendly.

11- Homemade Backstop

Improve your archery skills for the next bow hunting season with your own target and homemade backstop in your backyard.

This project costs less than $50 and it will help you develop the arrow shooting skills needed to harvest a big buck or other wildlife. Practice with peace of mind, knowing your arrows won’t be lost or broken.

A horse mat seems to be the most popular item to use as a backstop for arrows. This backstop design by Clarks Outdoors on youtube uses a horse mat and a 2“x4“x8 wooden frame to create a perfect, cheap homemade backstop. Watch this YouTube video for complete instructions.

12- Anti-Fatigue Mat Backstop

Those cushiony anti-fatigue mats that are made for people who have to stand in one place for long periods of time make great DIY archery backstops.

These mats are relatively cheap and the backstop is easy to build. The thick cushioned anti-fatigue mats are sturdy and durable and will last through a few seasons of target practice. The narrow width makes the backstop easy to store when not in use.

Improve your archery skills and quit losing arrows with a backstop like in this Youtube video.


Ending Note!

DIY archery backstop helps you in target practicing to have a clear shot when you are on hunting. You can also use these 12 diy archery backstop we have shared with you for fun with your kids or teaching them art of hunting.


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