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23 DIY Archery Target That Are Easy And Inexpensive To Make

Build your own DIY archery target so you can shoot your bow anytime you want too. Going outside in the fresh air and shooting a few arrows is a healthiest way to release of stress and get some exercise.

A homemade archery target is much less expensive than a store-bought one and it works just as well. Plus, working on a DIY project is also good therapy and will help reduce your stress level.

I have prepared a list of 23 DIY archery targets that are easy and inexpensive to make a great way to de-stress at home.

1- Leaf Stuffed Archery Target

Use the fallen leaves this autumn to create a homemade archery target like this one by Kids Activities Blog for kids by using this idea I am sharing with you. A yard or two of burlap fabric is easy to sew into a square bag that can be stuffed with tree leaves. Paint the target on the outside of the lightweight, sturdy target bag, then enjoy an afternoon of arrow shooting with your kids.

DIY Archery Target
Leaf Stuffed Archery Target, Image via: Kids Activities Blog

2- Foam Mat Archery Target

I suggest this DIY idea to you as using a simple stack of foam mats you can convert it into homemade archery target like this one on Youtube in just one afternoon. This YouTube video will show you how to make an archery target that is inexpensive and easy to repair. The foam mats can be bought for a very low cost but if you have used ones, this is a great way to recycle them and keep building costs even lower.

This simple DIY project can be customized to fit any size foam mats and built as high as you want. The foam mats are stacked between two pieces of wood that are held in place by four threaded rods. The threaded rods are tightened to compress the foam mats and hold them in place to create the center of the DIY archery target.

The foam mats can be restacked as they become worn to create a fresh shooting surface. Easy to build and long lasting, this homemade archery target is an inexpensive and quick project for a beginner.

3- Paper DIY Archery Target

It sounds impossible, but this idea for a homemade archery target uses papers to stop the arrows.

Stacks of large sheet paper that were headed for the paper shredder were saved and recycled into a free, functional diy archery target by instructables that will provide hours of practice.

I think this would be a great project to get the kids involved with since it involves paper and glue. Sheet after sheet of paper is glued together with rubber cement to form the body of the archery target. A few more steps are needed to make this paper archery target usable, but it would be a fun project for the entire family. If you have access to used paper, this DIY build will be almost free too.

Paper DIY Archery Target
Recycle Paper Shredder Into Archery Target, Image via: instructables

4- Puzzle Mat Target

Puzzles mats designed to be used for children’s activities can be stacked in a different way and used for adult activities. Follow these detailed instructions by Instructables and discover how these puzzle mats can be stacked sideways and placed in a DIY wooden frame and used for hours of archery practice.

Puzzle Mat DIY Archery Target
Puzzle Mat DIY Archery Target, Image via: Instructables

5- Plywood Frame Archery Target

Learn how to build a DIY archery target in this Youtube Video with a heavy-duty plywood frame. Follow this instructional video with the family so the DIY build can be a time of family fun, followed by family archery competition on the new homemade archery target.

6- Target on a Stand

This idea will show you how to create a DIY archery target in this Youtube Video on a stand so you won’t be shooting arrows downwards. Improve your skills of shooting arrows upwards by practicing on this DIY  target on a stand.

This YouTube video will show you how to create a target on a stand at just the right height for you.

7- Cheap DIY Archery Target

This cheap archery target I am discussing with you is easy to build and fun to use. This DIY archery target on Youtube can be made in minutes, plus it’s easy to take with you on camping trips.

If you have old clothing and a bag on hand, this homemade archery target can be free to make. Watch this short YouTube video for instructions for this cheap archery target.

8- Carpet DIY Archery Target

Inexpensive carpet and carpet padding can be transformed into a functional diy archery target like this one by Mamas Geeky. A wooden box for a frame and carpeting are about all you will need to make this simple target. The instructions even show you how to add a handle to the top of the box to make lifting and transporting the target easy.

Find some family or friends who are replacing their carpeting and this DIY project will be practically free to create. Carpeting is an excellent shock absorber and will stop an arrow with ease so you can get in lots of arrow shooting time.

Carpet DIY Archery Target
Transform a carpet padding Into Archery Target, Image via: Mamas Geeky

9- DIY Crossbow Target

If you like to shoot a crossbow for fun or hunting, this target will provide you with years of practice. This DIY crossbow target by life-out-there is large and thick, well able to stop the arrows aimed at it with a crossbow. I love this diy crossbow idea the most!

These free plans for the archery target also give you an idea for building a shed covering the target so it will be out of the elements and last longer.

Get in some good practice time with your crossbow when hunting season is closed, so when the season re-opens, you will be ready to take down that trophy animal.

DIY Crossbow Target
free plans for the archery target, Image via: life-out-there

10- Foam Floor Homemade Mat Archery Target

Here I am showing you a great idea for using those inexpensive foam floor mats in an unexpected way – use them to create a homemade archery targetlike this one by Instructables. These soft, thick floor mats are like large puzzles pieces and are often used on the floor of a child’s playroom. When the child has outgrown the playroom, use this idea to recycle those floor mats into something for yourself. The foam floor mats are inexpensive to purchase if you don’t have any on-hand.

The stack is also easy to rearrange to prevent the center of the homemade bow target from getting shot out too soon.

Foam Floor Homemade Mat Archery Target
Foam Floor Homemade Mat Archery Target, Image via: Instructables

11- Stacked Foam DIY Archery Target

Stacks of foam held into place with cheap metal rods will create an awesome diy archery target like this one at Archery Talk that will last for years.

The threaded rods create a clamp that holds the stack of foam in place and recycled cardboard on the front of the stacked foam create a flat surface to hang or paint a bullseye target. The target on this website was made for under $30, a very inexpensive DIY project for anyone who likes to shoot a bow and arrows.

This type of foam can be found in any home improvement store and is typically used as flooring in a garage.

Stacked Foam DIY Archery Target
Stacked Foam Archery Target, Image via: Archery Talk

12- Cardboard Archery Target

This DIY archery target by instructables is completely free to build which most of us would like to do. It is made from cardboard and that can be obtained from a dumpster behind any retail store.

All you need is a large box that is a suitable size for an archery target, then a lot more corrugated boards to go inside the box. The corrugated cardboard can be from any type of appliance box, shipping container, or grocery item.  The corrugated board needs to be larger than the box so they can be cut to fit tightly within the box.

Large cardboard boxes that appliances or TVs are shipped in are ideal for this DIY project. A free homemade archery target is hard to beat, just go find some cardboard and you can easily make one with these simple instructions.

Cardboard Archery Target
Cardboard Archery Target, Image via: instructables

13- Chicken Wire and Old Clothes

It’s amazing how a little chicken wire and some old, unwearable clothing can be transformed into a DIY archery target like this one by instructables.

A narrow wood frame is first constructed and covered with chicken wire, then the interior is filled with tightly rolled clothing. The exterior is covered with a layer of black ground cloth in these plans but you can use whatever you have on hand to cover the exterior.

The old clothing inside the chicken wire will absorb the shock of the shot arrow and prevent it from going through the target.

DIY archery target
Chicken Wire and Old Clothes, Image via: instructables

14- Leftover Carpet Target

Leftover carpet scraps are ideal for using to create a DIY archery target like this one by Sole Adventure. Instead of throwing leftover pieces of carpet away, use these free plans for creating a homemade archery target you can enjoy in your backyard.

Save money, recycle carpet scraps, reduce stress, and create something that will help you spend more time outdoors with the kids. This is a great way to recycle and to use DIY skills, plus having your own archery target in your backyard will enable you to keep your bow and arrow skills sharp so you will be ready when hunting season rolls around.

DIY archery target
Leftover Carpet Target, Image via: Sole Adventure

15- Archery Target And Stand

Having an archery target at home for practice will help you hone your skills as an archer. Become a more accurate bowman and hit the bullseye consistently by building this archery target and stand to go in your backyard or shooting range.

I suggest this idea to next level hunters. Practice makes perfect and having a DIY archery target like this one by Instructables readily available to you will encourage you to practice more. Whether you shoot arrows at stationary targets or wild game, having a DIY archery target is an inexpensive way to develop your arrow-shooting skills.

Archery Target And Stand
Archery Target And Stand, Image via: Instructables

16- Wood Box Target

Stop wasting your money on those soft-sided, corn-filled archery targets that only last one season and build one of these long lasting wood frame archery targets.

Learn how to build this large, sturdy homemade bow target in this Youtube Video for under $50. Inexpensive and easy to build, this DIY project will save you money and help you become a more accurate bowman. Ideal for bow hunters that are after the big game animals like elk and moose.

The wood box is a simple DIY construction and can be made with leftover OSB board. The filling inside the archery target box can be created from a variety of materials, including old blankets and pillows, to keep the costs low.

17- Round Archery Target

A large round DIY archery target is easy to create from one roll of foam and an old rug. Follow these step by step instructions that will show you how to cut one roll of sheet foam into four small rolls and roll them up into an inexpensive target.

This would make a great DIY crossbow target by Guides Brit or a practice target for game hunters. This target will help you become a more accurate bowman and is inexpensive to create. If you plan to replace old carpeting and padding on the floors of your home, don’t discard the old material. Use this idea to recycle the old carpeting and padding into a new, sturdy round archery targe

Round Archery Target
Round Archery Target, Image via: Guides Brit

18- Lifetime Archery Target

This sturdy wood framed homemade archery target will be the last one that you will ever have to build.

These easy to follow instructions will show you how to make an archery target that will last a lifetime. The interior filling of the target will need to be replaced from time to time but that’s an easy thing to do.

The wood frame stand is covered with chicken wire and filled with material, new or used, that can stop an arrow. Cheap and easy to build for a lifetime of archery practice.

Lifetime Archery Target
Lifetime Archery Target

19- Compressed Paper

Great way to recycle stacks of paper! Use them to create a free DIY archery target like this one at Instructables. These detailed instructions will show you how to stack sheets of used office to create a target for bow practice. This compressed paper target is ideal for a hobby archer or a beginning archer.

Even if you don’t shoot bows and arrows but have a lot of used paper in your office, consider donating the paper to an archer so they can build this target.

DIY archery target
Compressed Paper As a archery target, Image via: Instructables

20- Portable Archery Target

I recommend this idea to you as its lightweight, portable homemade archery target by Wiki How that can be made in less than an hour and cost almost nothing.

Transform a cardboard bow and recycled shrink wrap into a cheap, portable target that is great for kids. A large cardboard board box and shrink wrap that was used to hold freight can be obtained from a retail store for free.

Stuff the cardboard box with the shrink wrap, seal with duct tape and mark the target on the outside of the box with a marker. This easy to build, cheap, and portable archery target will provide an afternoon of fun archery practice for all ages.


Portable Archery Target
Portable Archery Target, Image via: Wiki How

21- Carpet Target

I like this archery target idea that is using recycling stacks of carpets. A stack of carpet scraps can easily be transformed into a homemade archery target like this one by Rokslide that will last for years.

Home builders and remodelers in your areas typically have leftover carpet scraps from their work that have to be hauled off and discarded. You would be helping them out by taking some of the leftover carpet scraps off their hands.

The carpet is easy to stack and compress with a couple pieces of wood and threaded rods. Replace the carpet scraps as needed and enjoy the carpet target for years.

homemade archery target
homemade Carpet Target, Image via: Rokslide

22- Large DIY Archery Target

If you hunt large game with a bow and arrows, then you need a large target to practice on. This easy to follow video will show you how to make an archery target like this one by Elk101 that is large and inexpensive.

You can even use the alternative idea given on this website to re-purpose and recycle an old archery target to create a new homemade target.

Large DIY Archery Target
Large DIY Archery Target, Image via: Elk101

23- DIY Archery Range

Having an archery range in your backyard is a way to enjoy family fun anytime. But it needs to be safe and have a secure backstop.

These detailed instructions will show you how to build a safe and secure archery range that will stop the arrows after they’re shot. You can use one of the free plans to create a DIY archery target by Surviving Prepper for the range and the entire DIY project will be inexpensive and quick to build.

DIY Archery Range
DIY Archery Range, Image via: Surviving Prepper

Ending Note!

So these were my collection of homemade archery targets made from different scrape items such as shredded grass, cardboard, and a bag of cloth. Of course there are endless junk items you can use to make your own diy archery target with your creativity. Hope you like our article. If you anything like to share please use our comment section below.


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