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How To Make A Bow And Arrow-17 Easy DIY Ideas

Learning how to make a bow and arrow is a fun DIY project that will create a useful tool. A homemade bow and arrow cost very little to make and the finished product will provide hours of enjoyment when used for target practice, plus it can be used to harvest animals for food.

Sustainable living involves hunting and harvesting wild game and a DIY bow and arrow will enable you to that as humanely as possible. Many of these bow and arrow ideas use recycled parts and that keeps unwanted material out of the landfill, which is also part of sustainable living.

Check out  these 17 easy DIY ideas we have gathered for you and choose the design that will work best for your hunting needs.

1. Recycled Ski Bow

Learn how to make a bow and arrow set by instructables using an old cross-country ski. The proportions are perfect and so is the curve and bend of the ski. With so much of the work already done for you, this DIY build will be very quick and easy. Plus it will keep usable material out of the landfill.
Follow these detailed instructions to create an adult bow that is designed to be used to take down wild game. Ideal for homesteaders or hunters who want to keep hunting costs down to a minimal and are looking for ways to create new items from something old.

how to make a bow and arrow
how to make a bow and arrow, Image via: instructables

2. Bow and Arrow Made From Found Material

Use this tutorial to learn how to make bow and arrow for hunting by industrytap from materials you can find in the woods. The very place you want to hunt for wild game can also provide you with the material to create the needed weapon for hunting.

The bow and arrows are made from wood harvested from a local tree and the bow string was made from the fibrous inner bark the tree. The bark was separated into thin strips and left to dry, then twisted into cordage.

This is a great project for a homesteader or someone who is desiring to get back to the basic way of life that our ancestors lived. The primitive design is classic and functional and will enable an adult to harvest small game.

Bow and Arrow Made From Found Material
Bow and Arrow Made From Found Material, Image via: industrytap

3. Stick Bow and Arrows

At number third we have a fun DIY  project for kids and the instructions will show you how to make a bow and arrow easy  by artsycraftsymom. Great for a kid’s party or as a craft project for kids that are home-schooled. Many of the materials needed to create this tick bow and arrows can be collected while taking a nature walk with your kids.

A straight stick around 12 inches long will be needed to create the bow, and several sticks that are around 6 inches will be needed to create the arrows. Feathers to decorate the arrows are needed and might also be found while on a nature walk.

Stick Bow and Arrows
Stick Bow and Arrows, Image via: artsycraftsymom

4. Bike Wheel Bow

Here we have a great way to recycle an old bike wheel and transform it into a new useful bow. This bow very lightweight, making it easy to carry long distances. It’s good for hunting small game, like rabbits. This bike wheel bow by instructables is also good for bow and arrow fishing.

The rigid frame provided by the bike wheel allows for a longer draw so the arrow can easily reach a target up to 65 feet away. It’s easy to create an arrow holder on the frame so bow and ammo are carried together and ready for use in a moment when wild game is located. You may also like to check out homemade crossbows for hunters and survivalists.

DIY Bike Wheel Bow
DIY Bike Wheel Bow, Image via: instructables

5. PVC Pipe Bow and Arrow

Learning how to make a bow and arrow for kids by skiptomylou using PVC pipe with these detailed instructions.

The arrows have foam tips and it will provide hours of outdoor fun for children. We recommend this bow and arrow to make for kids. Just one 10 inch PVC pipe will make 3 bows so it’s a cheap enough DIY project to make for all the kids in your family. Paint each of bow and arrow set a different color so each child will know which ones belong to them.

Add some nylon string and duct tape to the PVC pipe and that’s just about all it takes to create the DIY bow. The arrows are created from wooden dowels and foam cut into a triangular shape.

PVC Pipe Bow and Arrow
DIY Bow And Arrow Image via: skiptomylou

6. Kid’s Wooden Bow and Arrow

Again we have another great project for kids. Cold winter days make an ideal time for DIY projects with the kids. This kid’s wooden bow and arrow set by carrotsareorange is easy to make and will provide hours of indoor fun creating it followed by hours of outdoor fun using it.

This bow and arrow design is for small children and uses craft sticks to create the bow and straws for arrows. Craft sticks, glue gun, tape, wooden blocks, and a few straws can be fashioned together to create a fun toy that would great to use for some Valentine’s Day fun.

Line up targets of empty water bottles or other lightweight items so kids can target practice indoors on wintry days when the weather is too bad for outdoor activities.

Kid’s Wooden Bow and Arrow
Kid’s Wooden Bow and Arrow, Image via: carrotsareorange

7. Kid’s PVC Bow and Arrow

A kid’s bow and arrow like this one we are discussing not only provides fun for the kids, but it also helps to improve motor skills, accuracy, and patience.
In addition to the skills learned while making a bow and arrow by theimaginationtree, children will also improve on other skills while they learning how to aim, draw, and line up a target so their arrow can hit their target with precision.

Short lengths of bamboo canes are used for arrows in this easy DIY idea. Squares of felt fabric cover the arrow tips and are held in place with rubber bands. Quick and easy to make, safe for children to play with.

Kid’s PVC Bow and Arrow
Kid’s PVC Bow and Arrow, Image via:theimaginationtree

8. Cheap PVC Bow

Learn how to make a bow and arrow in this youtube video tutorial for less than $7. The bow is made from PVC pipe and the arrows are made from fiberglass rods, and both materials can be purchased from any home supply center.

The video maker is very personable and takes you through each step of build slowly and thoroughly so even a novice DIYer will have no problem building this cheap PVC bow.

9. Bamboo Skewer Bow and Arrow

Learn how to make a bow and arrow in this YouTube video using bamboo skewers, craft sticks, and twine . While the finished project won’t be suitable for hunting wild game, it’s a fun DIY project that will provide a suitable weapon for use during target practice.

Learning the mechanics of how a bow is built and works will help you become a better archer so you can make accurate shots with a more substantial bow and arrow set.

Get out those old, unused bamboo skewers and turn on this informative YouTube video and build your own DIY bow and arrows set today.

10. Homemade Archery Bow

This homemade bow by artofmanliness is created from PVC pipe and is very inexpensive to make. The low cost makes this bow great for use during target practice but it’s also powerful enough to use to harvest dinner in the wild.

Follow these steps by step instructions so you can create this homemade archery bow that will be fun to use in the backyard and accurate enough to use in the woods. You may also like to check out homemade archery target to get shooring practice.

Homemade Archery Bow
Homemade Archery Bow Image via: artofmanliness

11. Native American Longbow

This free tutorial will show you how to make an authentic Native American longbow that is 68 inches long and powerful enough to take down wild game.
Plans for this DIY longbow by popularmechanics have to be made in advance because you will need to cut down an 8- inch tree and allow the wood to dry out for up to one year. If you have a piece of dried wood on hand, then you can begin this DIY project sooner.

Written instructions combined with detailed drawings will enable you to create your own longbow as soon as your selected wood has dried.

how to make a bow and arrow
how to make a bow and arrow, Image via: popularmechanics

12. Bamboo Bow and Arrow

Learn how to make a bow and arrow from bamboo by instructables that appears so natural it looks like it grew in the woods instead of being created by human hands.

Lengths of thick and thin bamboo are used to create the bow and the arrow quiver that is attached to the bow. The handcrafted are also made from bamboo and can be used to harvest small game.

If you have access to growing bamboo, this DIY project will be almost free to make.

how to make a bow and arrow from bamboo
Bow and Arrow Image credit: instructables

13. Cardboard Bow and Arrow

This free youtube video tutorial will show you how to make a bow and arrow from cardboard in this youtube video. Cardboard is a very sturdy material and can be used in building many things, including a functional bow and arrow.
This is a fun DIY project for creating with your kids and this bow and arrow set is best used for target practice.

14. Mini Bow and Arrow

This is a great rainy day project that you can do with your kids. The materials needed to build this mini bow and arrows by thebroodinghen are items you probably already have around the house – popsicle sticks, dental floss, Q-tips and a sharp knife.
Create several of these mini bows and arrows and have fun ‘hunting’ each other around the house on rainy or snowy days.

Mini Bow and Arrow
Mini Bow and Arrow Image credit: thebroodinghen

15. Hunger Games Faux Weapons

This DIY bow and arrow by sophie-world can be part of a fun game for children called Hunger Games. Instead of fighting till the death like in the real Hunger Games movies, make up your own game rules and use these faux weapons as game props.

Part of the game can also be sending the kids out into the woods to find their own sticks for building the bow and arrows. You will also need cord elastic and duct tape for this DIY project.

DIY bow and arrow
DIY bow and arrow Image credit: sophie-world

16. Plastic Bow and Arrow

Lightweight and easy to build, this plastic bow and arrow set by thecosplaychronicles will provide hours of fun for kids. The bow is fashioned from plastic that is designed to hide electrical wires and the arrows are created from lengths of bamboo with aluminum foil arrowheads.
Add some string and feathers and the finished product will resemble a real longbow.

how to make plastic bow and arrow
Plastic Bow and Arrow, Image via: thecosplaychronicles

17. Coat Hanger Bow

Make a toy bow from a plastic coat hanger with this easy to follow YouTube video. This will be fun for all ages and the homemade arrows are made with cotton-tipped swabs so they are safe for shooting inside the house.
The plastic coat hanger is not damaged during the building process and can be re-used for hanging clothes after playtime is over.

Ending Note!

DIY bow and arrow is not only used to hunt small wild game birds but you can also make one to provide hours of fun to your kids. From any of the above ideas we have shared you can make a bow and arrow that you find fit for your hunting needs or to provide as a fun activity to your children.

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