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Small Space Gardening – 20 Clever Ideas to Grow in a Limited Space

Urban gardeners have to face quite a few challenges in order to nurture their love for greenery around them, and one of the biggest is shortage of space. Well, it’s about time to smile if you are interested in urban gardening, because we bring you these 20 Clever Ideas to Grow in a Limited Space.

1-  Hanging Pots Idea

These hanging pots can serve as one of the best small space garden ideas. Even if you are not an avid DIYer, you can still succeed in erecting few wooden bars with a reasonably strong chain running through them to support the pots in which you can grow something.

Hanging pots Idea

2-  Raised Container Gardening Idea

This idea can also be very helpful for gardening in small spaces, brought to you by Raised Urban Gardens. You can save some money if you are able to construct the tables yourself. Otherwise, you can also buy these readymade.

Raised container gardening idea

3-  The Garden Tower idea

This is also an increasingly popular urban gardening technique shared with you by PREPARING YOU FOR SHTF, which can help you yield significantly despite scarcity of space in contemporary urban living.

The Garden Tower idea

4-  Two More Small Garden Ideas

Lowe’s NEVER STOP IMPROVING have 2 more small garden ideas to share with you.

  • This is one of the most popular vertical garden ideas using pvc pipes nowadays, which can be done even with very small space at your disposal.

vertical garden ideas

  • And this is another variation of square foot gardening, helping you get variety of plantation in a small space.

square foot gardening

5- Simple Triangle Stand

If vertical garden ideas inspire you, this might be the best of them to please you.

Simple Triangle Stand

6-  Container Mound Garden Idea

This pile of containers neatly stacked on top of each other will surely turn your garden into a greener and more beautiful place, which will make you thank TIPSAHOLIC.

Container mound garden idea

7-  Three Superb Urban Gardening Ideas

  • Personal Liberty are delighted to share 3 more of urban gardening ideas with you, beginning by “Rain Gutter Lettuce Garden”.

Rain Gutter

  • “Cinder Block Stacked Garden” is another way to pursue your dream of urban gardening.

Cinder Block Stacked Garden

Or you can have some wonderful fresh and green salad grown through “Pallet Gardening”.

Pallet Gardening

8-  Hanging Garden Idea

Gardener’s Blog have something totally unique and beneficial for you if you are urbanised but still love gardening, i.e. the Hanging Garden.

Hanging Garden Idea

9-  Patio Transformation Garden Idea

And this is undoubtedly one of the best ideas for small gardens, which can literally transform your whole patio space. You will be compelled to appreciate and thank AOL HOUSE for this.

Patio Transformation Garden Idea

10-  Rooftop Garden Idea With a Twist

It is hard to believe that you haven’t heard of rooftop gardening, but this one shared by Garden House Design just gives a whole new meaning to the concept.

Rooftop Garden Idea With a Twist

11-  Planter Box-On-Railing Garden Idea

Unlike its name, Pots-on-railing, this idea is quite simple in reality, requiring a railing and some old window boxes like this ones by iHaveNet to provide you with a little gardening space of your own.

Planter Box-On-Railing Garden Idea

12-  Dwarf Tree Pot Gardening

The world of dwarf tree pot gardening will simply amaze you once you indulge in its beauty. The Get Wonderful Ideas at Micro Gardener.

Dwarf Tree Pot Gardening

13-  Mini Garden Idea For Small Spaces

 Get wonderful mini garden idea by AngloInfo to help you grow 21 varieties of vegetation only in a 3 squares meter space.

Mini Garden Idea For Small Spaces

14-  Salvaged Shutters Gardening Idea

If you really want to make your outdoor space look lovely, lively and green, Here is great salvaged shutters idea by Sunset to amaze you.

Salvaged Shutters Gardening Idea

15-  Garden Wall Idea

This garden wall idea by thesleuthjournal gives you another way of transforming your outdoor ambiance.

Garden Wall Idea

16-  Vertical Salvaged Lumber Garden

A bit of creativity and hard work with salvaged lumber can help you amazingly in carrying out gardening in a small space.

Vertical Salvaged Lumber Garden

17-  Window Box Garden Idea

Window box garden idea by onehundreddollarsamonth is also a fascinating way of gardening for urbanites, this one shared by One Hundred Dollars a Month.

Window Box Garden Idea

18-  Mini Grow Bag Garden Idea

You can also fulfill your urban gardening inspirations with this wonderful idea, courtesy seeitgro.

Mini Grow Bag Garden Idea

19-  Hanging Planters Garden Idea

Moosey’s Country Garden inspire you with these hanging planters to pursue urban gardening in some style and ease.

Hanging Planters Garden Idea

20-  Balcony Gardening Idea

3bp blogpost introduce you to this balcony gardening idea to add some colors and freshness of nature into your urban life.

Balcony Gardening Idea

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