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13 Creative and Innovative rain Gutter Garden Ideas

The rain gutters are installed at the top of the roofs so that it can provide drainage to the rain water and voids them to pool on the roof which may cause them to leak or become moist which can also be dangerous for the house. These rain gutters are made from different materials such as plastic, PVC and other metallic material like aluminum. While the rain gutter can be very beneficial for protection of the roof and drainage of the water, but do you know that they can be excellent for gardening too?

There are many rain gutter gardening ideas present on the internet while others can do it by just using their creativity and imagination. They can be excellent planters for different types of plants and can actually be an amazing decorative piece for the exterior and interior of the house as well. Many people prefer gardening in the rain gutters because they don’t take much space and either can be hanged or fixed with the walls. These ideas are highly recommended for those people who have limited space in their house but love gardening. Moreover you can also decorate and paint these rain gutters to look even more attractive. Below mentioned are 15 gutter gardening ideas which will surely light up your house:

1) Strawberries in a rain gutter trees

The strawberries are one of those fruit plants which don’t need a deep space to grow. Since they can be grown in a shallow space and the rain gutters are shallow containers they can be very ideal for the growth of strawberries. You can make the complete area with these decorative rain gutter trees and enjoy fresh berries right at home.

strawberries in a rain gutter trees
Img via gardenbytes

2) Plant seasonal flowers in your rain gutter

One of the cutest small gutter garden ideas includes planting different flowers, especially the seasonal ones such as marigolds, violas and pansies. These flowers are small and may bloom beautifully in their seasons. The bright colors and the lovely smell can be an excellent decoration for the exterior of the house. You can hang these rain gutter lines on the walls and plant a variety of these flowers so that they can make your house look bright.

seasonal flowers in rain gutters
Image via : purelightwindowcleaning

3) Hanging  gutter garden can be a great outdoor decor

The rain gutters like this one at huffingtonpost can actually be a great container for hanging pots. This is one of the best vertical gardening ideas where you can plant those plants which don’t need deep containers and can grow well in a shallow area. You can hang these rain gutters in a vertical position, especially by attaching them to the ceilings of the house. They look the most amazing with the seasonal flowers hanging by the patio.

Jamie Rector Photography

4) The in budget rain gutter gardening

The rain gutter is a great in budget gardening idea. If you are on a low budget and space, then simply use unused rain gutter, add some soil in it and then plant some seeds of those plants which don’t require much area to grow. They can be hanged by the ceilings or can be hanged on different trees and also drilled in the wall.

The in budget rain gutter

5) Herb gardening with rain gutter

Many people love growing herbs in their house, after all it is a great idea to grow herbs right in your house and not to go to the market to purchase a certain herb. With rain gutter like this one by huffingtonpost, you can actually make a wonderful herb garden right in these pipes. The best idea is to hang them outside the kitchen window. You may just have to reach out and pluck a few herbs whenever there is a need.

rain gutter herb garden

6) Aquaponics or self watering rain gutter garden

If you’re interested in raising fish and also want to enjoy some fresh veggies too then you can build this aquaponics or self watering rain gutter system that works together. Read the instructions at here farmxchange.

Aquaponics or self watering rain gutter garden

7) The red chili rain gutter garden

Red chilies can easily be grown at home. When it’s time to harvest, the entire plant can be full of red chilies. If you want to add some spice in your home food, then making a chili garden can be a great idea, especially if planted in the rain gutter. You can make an entire area for these red chilies.

The red chili rain gutter garden

8) Lettuce in rain gutter garden

Lettuce can be a great leafy vegetable to be grown in the rain gutter garden. They can be planted vertically on the lines and you will be able to produce the lettuce right in the comfort of your home. You can now enjoy fresh lettuce salad every day.

Segmented rain gutter for lettuce1

9) Gutter garden plants for indoor planting

There are many gutter garden plants available in the market. Many of these plants can be planted in very small containers and then those containers can be kept in line on the rain gutter. They can be excellent for indoor planting.

indoor rain gutter

10) The pvc rain gutter garden

You can use pvc rain gutters and joint them around a two stand vertical frame. Make a small holes in the upper portion and fill them with soil.Now you can plant peas in them. They can be excellent addition to your garden and will look unique.


11) Rain gutter or Trough garden.

This is stunning gutter gardening idea for those who live in apartments or in a limited yard space.You make rain gutters as a base of colorful plant buckets and their roots will grow towards water source so you don’t have to water overhead.

rain gutter or trough garden

12) Self watering rain gutter garden

The rain gutter garden at facebook can be made with different small rooted plants. However another idea for these rain gutters is that it can have an automatic watering system, especially for those plants which require a lot of watering.This page link has lot of self watering rain gutter gardening ideas.

Self watering rain gutter garden

13) Cactus rain gutter garden

You can easily grow a variety of small cactus in your rain gutters. These rain gutters of small cactus can then be mounted on the side of home,near a window or on a balcony.

Garden of Lorene Edwards Forkner, Seattle, WA

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