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12 inspiring and creative flower and vegetable planters ideas

Spring is around; it is the time to start planning for developing the garden into a little heaven. The lovely flowers, catchy fruits and vegetables grown in the garden area tempt everyone around. It also tends to induce peace and relaxation in the home. Therefore, start gardening so that you indulge in an activity that contributes to better living. Not only this, this garden planter ideas and tips, you can increase the aesthetic appeal of your adobe. If not this, you can use flower planter ideas to flaunt the appeal of your guest rooms, walkways and main door.

Interestingly, diy outdoor planter ideas never cost you much. Most of the time, you end up locating each type of stuff from your storeroom or kitchen, maybe. However, you would need to spend in buying the particular type of plant, flower or vegetable you are interested in growing. You can even use the mentioned plans as vertical gardening ideas, because more or less, they relate or facilitate each other.

Spice up your mood and leisure time while working on some lovely, creative and unique vegetable and patio planter ideas. The gist is listed below, but more detailed information you have to go through the process and instructions:

1: Old lights planter:

Like seriously, now old lights can be used to make lovely, hangings in the garden. Place some of the grouse flowers in them so that you can have a gorgeous looking floral light hanging in the garden.

Old lights planter

2: Wooden garden planter:

The old wooden stacks or lumber lying here and there in the backyard can be used effectively to form a wooden planter. You can even use this type as a hanging planter on a safe side. You can even add vegetables like coriander or Spanish to this planter. Only flower would work well too. There are many other creative ideas for using pallets for garden and house beautification.

Wooden garden planter

3: Colorful curtain planters:

If your aim is to have some garden wall planters, these types would be the best choice. These are gorgeous and look wonderful after months even. Make sure you take waterproof curtain material, which has bright colors. Place taller plants inside so that they mingle well and fulfill your need.

Colorful curtain planters

4: Big tire planter:

If you are interested in knowing about larger planter ideas, go for the rubber tire plan. This would help you plant some of the tall growing shrubs and trees. Old tires from the tractor or big wheels can help you in assembling this planter. These can be used on the entrance or the main door. Paint the tires with lovely colors so that it blends well.

Big tire planter

5: Boot Planter:

Use your old boots as the container and place lovely flowers in it.

Boot Planter

6: Tin/can Planters:

You can use only cans with proper depth and add soil and your desired plants in it. It would act as a tiny garden in itself. These can be used as decorative pieces in the dining hall.

Tin can Planters

7: Window planters:

You can use your old windows to place vegetables and plants inside it. It can be used as a stylish, unique and a tall garden planter. Go through the proper tutorial over the internet to know more about it.

Window planters

8: Tree Stub Planter

This is the only, natural solution to your problem. Plant your flowers and short shrubs in this natural vase. Look for a hollow tree stub in your garden, and start your lovely gardening experience.  It is one of the cheaper planter ideas ever.

Tree Stub Planter

9: Toilet Tank Planter

You must have an old toilet tank somewhere in your house, if not; buy it from the scrap dealer. You can place your desired plants and attach it to some old bicycle. On the other hand, you can place it on the wall and surrounded by smaller planters. It will look mesmerizing.

Toilet Tank Planter

10: Old Chair Planter

You can place an artificial or real planted bucket inside the chair and use it for decoration in the garden. The options are available to you easily; simply make your way by being creative.

Old Chair Planter

11: Bath tub planter:

Your bathtub can provide you an edge in growing some of the lovely flowers in your garden and it provides the advantage of loving more sophisticated. You can always look for recycled options, if the budget not flexible enough.

Bath tub planter

12: Old book planter:

Ever thought that old, ugly and fat books would be ever used to enhance the house beauty? Never, right? Well, this is the right time of doing so; you can use old books to add some flowers in its center and using it as a simple planter. You can place it in your study room, library area, or in the office space.

Old book planter

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