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 21 Fun DIY Bean Bags And Chairs You Will Love To Make

DIY bean bags can be part of game-time fun and comfortable DIY chairs made with colorful fabric can be used in any room of the home. Cover bean bag chairs with weather resistant canvas made for exterior furniture and enjoy the chairs outside while taking a break from game-playing.

Check out these 21 fun DIY bean bags and chairs and get started making your favorites this weekend.

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  1. DIY Small Bean Bags

Several outdoor games need small bean bags in order to play. These instructions will show you how to make bean bags so that you will always have some on hand for playing corn hole or juggling.  It’s a simple sewing project that will enable you to use up small scraps of fabric that you have on hand.

DIY Small Bean Bags

  1. Juggling Chooks DIY Bean Bags

Fun to make and fun to play with! Great for a child’s birthday party, the instructions for these juggling chooks create bean bags that look like little chickens. This is a simple sewing project and would be a great way to teach a child how to sew. These small DIY bean bags can be made in bright colors and given various animal faces with this easy to follow pattern.

juggling Chooks DIY Bean Bags
diy bean bag image via: redtedart.com
  1. Football DIY Bean Bag Chair

Show your team spirit by making this large bean bag chair with a football design. This easy to follow pattern will show you how to create this football chair without sewing a stitch. The fabric and ribbon are glued into place with fabric glue. Make a soccer ball or baseball chair with this idea.

Football DIY Bean Bag Chair

  1. T-Shirt DIY Bean Bag Chair

Create a giant bean bag chair and cover it with those old favorite T-shirts you just could not get rid of. A great way to memorialize old sports teams your children use to play on or to create a reminder of concerts attended in the past. The giant bean bag chair will be personal and unique.

T-Shirt DIY Bean Bag Chair

  1. Educational DIY Bean Bags

These are DIY cornhole bags with a twist — they are for education as well as fun. Use these instructions to make the small bean bags, then create numbers or letters on them to help your child learn during playtime. An easy way to make learning fun for little ones.

Educational DIY Bean Bags

  1. DIY Cornhole Bean Bags

The popular and fun game of cornhole needs new bags far more often than the cornhole board needs to be replaced. Learn how to make cornhole bags with these easy to follow instructions so you can keep the game time fun going until the wooden board wears out. You may also like to check out 17 Ideas for diy corhole boards.

DIY Cornhole BagsDIY Cornhole Bags

  1. DIY Bean Bag Chair for Two

These step by step instruction will show you how to make a bean bag chair that is large enough for two people. Great for a shared bedroom or apartment. Easy to make, easy to move, this large bean bag chair is inexpensive and can be covered in your choice of fabric to coordinate with any room in your home.

DIY Bean Bag Chair for Two

  1. No Sew DIY Bean Bag Chair

This DIY bean bag chair required no sewing skills to create. The high back and wide bottom make it comfortable for young and old alike. Curl up in this comfortable chair with a good book and an afternoon nap. Your choice of fabrics will create a fashionable no-sew chair for any room.

No Sew DIY Bean Bag Chair

  1. No Sew DIY Bean Bags

Use these simple instructions to create DIY bean bags without sewing a stitch. A hot glue gun seals the felt fabric closed and creates a soft, colorful covering for the small bean bags. Perfect for use in several games or you can glue numbers or letters on the felt and use for learning time.

No Sew DIY Bean Bags

  1. Bunny Burrow Game

Here is a fun game with a tongue twisting name – Bunnies in Burrows Bean Bag Game. You can create the small bean bags and learn how to play this fun game with the instructions provided on the web page. Cute little Bunny Bags make soft toys for children too.

Bunny Burrow Game

  1. Kids Bean Bag Chair

This is a very simple DIY bean bag chair for kids. Child sized, comfy and sturdy, this bean bag chair will be a favorite seat for a child until they outgrow it. Beginners sewing skills are required to create this kids chair, but this instructional video will walk you through the process with confidence.

Kids Bean Bag Chair

  1. Baby DIY Bean Bag Chair

A soft place for Baby to rest, this small bean bag chair has straps that will prevent baby from rolling off the chair. Small and lightweight, easy to carry along with you. Easy to follow instructions are on a down-loadable PDF file. Remove straps when Baby reached toddler stage.

Baby DIY Bean Bag Chair

  1. Juggling DIY Bean Bags

Fun for all ages, create juggling diy bean bags with these free instructions. Use colorful fabric to create these juggling bags and everyone will be as amazed with your DIY skills as they are with your juggling ability. Beginners sewing skills are required to make these small bean bags.

DIY Juggling Bags

  1. Sock DIY Bean Bags

Get creative and bring out your colorful side with these no-sew sock diy bean bags that can be used for a variety of games. I-Spy is always fun for toddlers, while juggling and cornhole is fun for older kids and adults. Create these no-sew sock bean bags in minutes for hours of fun.

Sock DIY Bean Bag

  1. Hamburger DIY Bean Bag Chair

Create this fun DIY bean bag chair that looks like a giant hamburger. Fun style for kids and makes a great conversation starter for all ages. So comfortable, you may have to make an extra one for the family pet. Great to create for birthday or Christmas gifts.

DIY Hamburger Bean Bag Chair

  1. DIY Giant Bean Bag Chair

This tutorial will show you how to create a comfortable chair that is 50 inches in diameter and 28 inches tall. So much fun for a child to snuggle up in with a snack and a good book. The large size also makes it a great place to take a nap or for use as an extra child’s bed.

DIY Giant Bean Bag Chair

  1. Therapeutic DIY Bean Bags

Small diy bean bags can be used for much more than just playing games, they also have therapeutic uses. The small bags filled with beans or rice make an excellent pain reliever when heated in the microwave and placed on aching joints. The warm bags are also prefect for warming cold feet.

Therapeutic DIY Bean Bags

  1. Easy DIY Bean Bag Chair

It doesn’t get any easier than this pattern when it comes to creating a comfortable and affordable diy bean bag chair. The high back makes it a comfortable seat to snuggle with Baby, so you might want to make one for the nursery and one for the family room. Colorful fabric makes the chair inviting and fun to sit in.

Easy DIY Bean Bag Chair

  1. 30 Minute DIY Bean Bag Chair

This fun kids bean bag chair can be created in just 30 minutes. The wide bottom and low back make this a fun place to lounge and a colorful fabric choice will make it the most popular seat in the house.

Beginners sewing skills and 30 minutes of work will create this comfortable chair.

30 Minute DIY Bean Bag Chair

  1. Animal DIY Bean Bags

Here is a great way to teach kids about nature — create different diy bean bag animals for them to play with. Colorful, soft frogs, turtles and owls will provide kids with hours of educational fun. The patterns for the animals can be downloaded and are easy to follow.

Animal DIY Bean Bags

  1.  Balloon DIY Bean Bags

Use these instructions to create balloon diy bean bags that are tough and durable. The round shape makes them great for a variety of games. A great way to use up leftover balloons from birthday parties. Easy to makes with these step by step instructions.

DIY Balloon Bean Bags

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