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13 Homemade Humidifiers To Improve Indoor Air Quality In Winter

A homemade humidifier can ease health problems that are caused by dry air. By releasing water vapor or steam into the air the moisture level in the air is increased. The increased moisture will help prevent dry, chapped lips, nose bleeds, sinus problems, dry skin, and dry, brittle hair.

A DIY humidifier for a room also improves the health of houseplants and helps reduce the cost of heating the home. Moist air is warmer than dry air and will retain the indoor heat better.

Improve the air quality in your home with one of these 13 home humidifiers that are easy and inexpensive to build.

1- Small Office Humidifier

Office workers spend much of their workday inside of a small office where the air gets very dry and stale during the winter. Commercially built humidifiers are often large and bulky, taking up too much room in an office and producing too much moisture for a small space.

This small office humidifier is an ideal solution and will improve indoor air quality this winter while you work.

A baby wipe container and a water bottle can be recycled into a desktop humidifier with these free plans. Step by step written instructions along with detailed pictorial instructions will show you how to build this functional little homemade humidifier.

Homemade Humidifiers

2- Guitar Case Humidifier

Humidity is essential for keeping your guitar in good condition. Damage caused by dry air during the winter months can be costly to repair and could create a situation in which your guitar becomes unrepairable.

Protect your investment by building this small and effective guitar case humidifier. An ordinary kitchen sponge and travel case for soap are the main components needed for this DIY project. Follow these detailed instructions and protect your musical instrument from dry air damage this winter.

Guitar Case Humidifier

3- Floor Register Humidifier

This is a perfect location for a room humidifier – at the source of the airway into the room. As the heated dry air comes up through the floor register it passes through the DIY humidifier. The air comes out of the humidifier and enters the room warm and moist.

Ideal for a bedroom so you can sleep warmer and have reduced nasal congestion when you awaken in the morning. The increased humidity in the room will also help prevent dry mouth, dry eyes, and dry skin in the morning. Watch this YouTube video to learn how to create this homemade humidifier.

4- Disc and Fan Humidifier

An old compact disc and recycled computer fan are the beginnings of a new DIY air humidifier. Easy and inexpensive to build, this device will help improve indoor air quality this winter and helps to keep you healthier. The moisture this device will put into the air will keep the air you breathe cleaner, helping to reduce sinus problems and breathing issues.

A humidifier like this one is also useful in a greenhouse or in an incubator to help hatch eggs. The design is simple and effective, plus this YouTube video idea will show you how to install a gauge that alerts you to the amount of humidity in the room.

5- Homemade Tornado Humidifier

When you see this one, you will want to build it just because it’s cool. This homemade humidifier works as good as it looks and keeps the air moisturized during the winter.

Easy to build and safe for indoor use, this DIY humidifier creates a visible tornado-like vortex that keeps spinning as long as you keep water in the reservoir. Stay healthier this winter and create an attractive, functional item for your home with these detailed instructions.

Homemade Tornado Humidifier

6- Bucket Humidifier

How to add humidity to a room with a bucket and PVC pipe? These free instructions will show you how. This is a great DIY humidifier for an indoor plant growing room.

All the components are cheap and easy to assemble on this bucket diy humidifier, and it can be built in about an hour. It will keep the humidity in a grow room at just the right level for optimum plant growth.

Bucket Humidifier

7- Under $10 Humudifier

This YouTube video will show you how to add humidity to a room for under $10. Create this cool mist ultra-sonic humidifier with a plastic bottle, and mist module, and the free video instructions.

Small enough to fit on a desk, powerful enough to add humidity to any room of your home. Low humidity indoors during the winter time can lead to several chronic health problems, like hacking coughs and dry, itchy eyes. Keep the room humidity level up and improve your health with an inexpensive DIY humidifier like this one.

DIY humidifier

8- Container Humidifier

Recycle a few old containers that you have around the house into a functional, inexpensive homemade humidifier that will improve the air quality in your home. Breathe better, have healthier hair and skin, and keep houseplants thriving during the winter by using a diy humidifier. A few plastic containers, a sponge, and a small fan are the main components of this simple DIY project.

homemade humidifier

9- Smart Humidifier

You can build a homemade humidifier that connects to the internet and is controlled by cloud technology.

Easy to build with these free instructions, you can take your DIY project up to the next level by creating a Smart humidifier for your home. Turn the humidifier on and off from where you are or set it up to automatically turn on and off while you’re away from home.

Keep plants thriving and improve indoor air quality with this Smart device you can build yourself.

homemade humidifier

10- Ultra-Sonic Mister

How to humidify a room just became very easy to do when you build the DIY humidifier shown in this YouTube video.

This ultra-sonic mister runs quietly and will fill a room with beneficial moisture. Great design for use in an indoor grow room and makes growing mushrooms easy and profitable.

Easy to build, easy to use, and costs very little to operate. Increase the profits of your indoor garden this winter with a DIY humidifier like this one.

11- Glass Jar Humidifier

Small humidifiers like this one are ideal for use in small indoor spaces. A glass canning jar, or recycled pickle jar, can be transformed quickly and easily into an effective and cheap humidifier.

This is great for use in a small room or near a chair or table where you spend a lot of time during the winter. Many people are working from home now and spend long hours sitting or standing at the computer desk, and this small jar humidifier will help keep the indoor air healthier for them. Watch this YouTube video to discover if this glass jar humidifier is right for your indoor space.

12- Pet Water Bowl Humidifier

How to humidify a room with a pet water bowl? It’s easy with these free plans. The water bowl holds plenty of water that is automatically dispensed as the pet drinks, that’s perfect for use in a DIY humidifier.

A sponge and a bowl will also be needed for the DIY project but both of them are cheap and easy to come by.

Pet Water Bowl Humidifier

13- Baby Wipe Container Humidifier

When you’re growing mushrooms or other plants indoors during the winter months you will need a way to keep humidity in the air of the grow room. A simple DIY humidifier created from a baby wipe container and water bottle will do the job and keep the cost very low.

These step-by-step instructions will show you how to build this cheap humidifier that will increase the air moisture and improve air quality in any room of your home.

Baby Wipe Container Humidifier

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