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13 Off Grid Cabin Plans-Build One For Your Homestead Living

off grid cabin

Building an off grid cabin can provide you with a vacation home or a year-round home. Whatever your living needs may be, off grid living can improve your lifestyle without costing a lot of money. By doing the construction yourself, you can customize an off grid cabin to meet the …

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13 Owl House Plans To Attract Owls To Your Backyard

Owl House Plans

Use one of these owl house plans to build a nesting box to attract an owl or two to your landscape. Not only are these nocturnal feeding birds beautiful to observe, but they also provide benefits for your outdoor living space. Owls provide natural pest control and will reduce the …

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21 Garage Workbench Plans To Make Your DIY Work Easy To Do

DIY Garage Workbench Plans

A DIY garage workbench plans can help you be more efficient with all the projects on your ‘honey-do’ list. You will be able to keep all your tools in one location so you won’t waste time trying to find the screwdriver or drill bit. You can customize a DIY garage …

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17 DIY Lean To Shed Plans That Are Inexpensive To Build

Large Lean To Shed Plans

Any of these 17 lean to shed plans will show you how to build an inexpensive storage shed that is ideal for placing against another structure. This type of DIY outbuilding is simple to build and will provide lots of safe, secure storage on your property. These lean to shed …

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15 Different Types Of Pine Trees To Grow In Your Garden

different types of pine trees

Small pine trees make a great addition to your home garden and with so many different types of pine trees to select from there is one just right for your landscape. The small size of these trees makes them easy to maintain and their evergreen nature will provide living greenery …

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17 Waist High Raised Garden Bed Plans For Easy Gardening

Waist High Raised Bed Garden

Waist high raised garden bed plans will show you how to create a productive garden that is easy to take care of. Bending and kneeling becomes more difficult as we age (or develop chronic health conditions) and since gardening requires a lot of both, sometimes growing fresh food and flowers …

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