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40 DIY Solar Pool Heaters-An Efficient Way to Heat Your Pool

DIY Pool Heater

A DIY Solar pool heater will make your swimming experience much more enjoyable and will extend the number of months each year that you will be able to enjoy an outdoor pool. Warm pool water also provides therapeutic benefits that can help you relax and ease the pain of arthritis. …

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30 DIY Sawhorse Plans That Are Simple And Easy To Do

DIY Sawhorse Plans

A sawhorse is a vital tool every woodworker should have. DIY sawhorses are very helpful in the workshop or when on sight jobs. There is a long list of things you can use it for, from a makeshift scaffold, table and several others. In as much as you can purchase …

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35 Homemade Hummingbird Feeders From Recycled Material

homemade hummingbird feeder1

A homemade hummingbird feeder is an inexpensive and creative way to attract hummingbirds to your landscape. These tiny birds are always hungry and will come back again and again to a favorite feeding spot. Hummingbirds are enjoyable to watch as they fly swiftly between flowers, trees and feeders. They are …

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21 Cheap DIY Sauna Plans With Tutorials    

diy sauna plans

A DIY sauna will not only warm you up, it will provide a multitude of health benefits. Saunas have long been used to deep heat cold, aching muscles and causes users to sweat, but they were also getting improved health without being aware of it. Build a DIY sauna and …

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12 Wood Greenhouse Plans You Can Build Easily

wood greenhouse plans

These easy plans for building a wood greenhouse will enable you to build a decorative and functional outbuilding that will not only allow you to grow food and flowers in the off-season, but will also add value to your property. A DIY wood greenhouse can be built as a permanent …

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23 Waist High Raised Garden Bed Plans For Easy Gardening

Waist High Raised Garden Bed Plans

Waist high raised garden bed plans will show you how to create a productive garden that is easy to take care of. Bending and kneeling becomes more difficult as we age or develop chronic health conditions and since gardening requires a lot of both, sometimes growing fresh food and flowers is …

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15 Best Types Of Sprouts to Grow For a Healthy Diet

Types Of Sprouts

If you are looking for an easy and affordable way to improve the nutritional value of your diet, sprouted seeds is the answer. Edible green sprouts are loaded with vitamins, proteins, minerals, and enzymes, and they taste great! If you decide to get benefits of growing sproutig seeds at home, we …

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